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  1. Hello all. I have been out of the Navy for 7 almost 8 months now. I was rated 100% P&T late last year. I was recently diagnosed with Colitis. Like recently as in yesterday. I have no such cases or visits other than a couple of cases of abdominal pain from when I was in several years ago. I never claimed anything IG related aside from GERD which is rated at 0%. My question is should I file a claim for Colitis? It was discovered on CT scan. (Ulcerative). Will they even consider it since I have been out for this long? Thank you for any advice or related stories whether success or failure, all is requested. :)
  2. So this is a bit late, but I logged in a month or so ago and was again shocked to see that my deferred PTSD with symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia was rated at 50%. So I checked my letters and I have been awarded 100% Permenant and Total with no further evaluations! WOW, just WOW!
  3. thank you Berta. I was awarded SMC-k at 103.00 a month as well.
  4. I filed in January of this year. I retired 30 June this year. C and P exams July this year. Just received the following for a combined rating of 90% including SMC (2170.00) How should I proceed? UPDATE 12-30/2015 - Deferred was decided at 50% I am now 100% P%T no further evaluations! Happy New Year! Disability Rating Decision Related Effective Date migraine(also claimed as headaches) 30% Service Connected 07/01/2015 umbilical hernia status post surgery 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 bilateral plantar fasciitis 50% Service Connected 07/01/2015 cervical spine degenerative disc disease(claimed as cervicalgia) 20% Service Connected 07/01/2015 surgical scars, status right knee post fasciotomy and umbilical hernia surgery 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 thoracolumbar strain(claimed as lumbago and low back pain) 20% Service Connected 07/01/2015 hypertension 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 gastroesophageal reflux disease(also claimed as heartburn) 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 right hip strain(also claimed as degenerative joint disease) 10% Service Connected 07/01/2015 recurrent dermatitis/eczema Not Service Connected acquired psychiatric condition to include ptsd , depression, anxiety, and insomnia Deferred left knee patellofemoral pain syndrome 10% Service Connected 07/01/2015 sinusitis 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 right hip flexion impairment 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 tinnitus 10% Service Connected 07/01/2015 tinea cruris and tinea pedis 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 right hip abduction impairment 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 erectile dysfunction 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 allergic rhinitis 0% Service Connected 07/01/2015 right knee patellofemoral pain syndrome with tibial spine fracture status post ORIF and fasciotomy, status post arthrosopy, flexion contracture with loose bodies and and status post compartment syndrome residual muscle group XI 40% Service Connected 07/01/2015
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