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  1. All I just wanted to update my status. I received my brown envelope last week confirming the 100%. There are a few of my conditions that I was service connected at 0% that I disagree with. For example my HBPI have been taking medication of 8 years. As long as I take my MEDs It's stays around 125/90. But if I don't it s145/120. The way I read the CFR I should have received 10%. Additionally I was very surprised that the VA stated that there was evidence of other Benifits in my SMRs that I didnt claim and to return an included claim form if I wanted to claim the additional 3 items. My AB8 letter has been updated with the Net Amount Paid with an effective date of 1 March 2015. After talking with my VSO she stated I should get my first check the 1st of April. I have my fingers crossed but I have not word on my retro pay yet. Thanks again for all your help and support!
  2. Hello all I received my Big Brown envelope a few days ago and I was rated at 100% but I do have a question about 1 of the paragraphs. the states " We have reviewed your records and they suggest you may be entitled to an additional benefit. We first need a claim form (VA 21-4138) from you or your rep. Please tell us on the enclosed statement in support of claim that you want to file a claim for a residual scar on your right calf from a laceration, varicose veins, and bilateral plantar fasciitis and bilateral calcaneal spurs and return the form to the appropriate address listed on the attached "where to send your written correspondence chart" We recommend you return this form as soon as you can in order to ensure the earliest possible payment date, if an award is authorized." Do I just simply. State on the form that I would like top claim these conditions or do I have to justify them? Thanks Again for all the help
  3. Navywife thank you very much for the info. I was worried about the reduction statement. Should I waiit to add my dependents until I recieve my brown envelope or can I go ahead and process it?
  4. Thanks you all . I have also included the below info Summary of benefit informationYou have one or more service-connected disabilities:Yes Your combined service-connected evaluation is:100 Your current monthly award amount is:$0 The effective date of the last change to your current award was:December 01, 2014 You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities at this time because your case is scheduled for review on:February 01, 2020 You are not considered to be permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities at this time because you are scheduled for a future reduction in rating on:February 01, 2020
  5. I retired from the USAF with 24 yrs of service due to back,knee and multiple other issues verses being forced out due to not being able to run. I had a lot of concerns about the VA and then I stumbled on to this website. Although I had not posted very much I have been reviewing all the forums for about 2 years. I filled under the BBD program in July 2014 with an official retirment date of 1 Sept. I have been looking at E Benifits about once a week for the past couple of months to see my status jump back and forth many times then on 8 Feb it jumped to prep for decesion. So I started checking everyday no change until I checked on 15 Feb and to my amazement my claim was closed on 14 Feb 2015. I checked my VA letters and below is what my AB8 letter stated Dear Mr. Xxxx This letter certifies that XXXXXXX is receiving service-connected disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The current benefit paid is as follows: Gross Benefit Amount $3,187.60 Net Amount Paid $0.00 Effective Date December 1, 2014 Combined Evaluation 100 percent 1. I retired on 30 Aug. shouldn't that be my effective date? 2 . Once the VA figures out my back pay from my understanding the net amount will reflect the back pay amount .Am I correct? I want to thank everyone who contributes to this website It has made this process almost painless for me. I feel a little guilty that mine claims were painless and so many of my Brothers/Sisters in arms are having such a difficult time. I wish you all the best and will keep you updated once I recieve my brown envelope and payment. Thank you all !!!!!!
  6. All could not attach file because it was 7mb. I will re scan and repost with the next couple of days. Thanks again
  7. All, Can you please take a look at this DBQ and give me your thoughts? Thank you in advance ----------------------------------------- sorry all my attached file is to big
  8. Thank you very much for the advice. I have spent the past couple of weeks reviewing 38 CFR with my DBQ's. My C&P exams were completed by MSLA so I currently do not have an electronic copy to post I just have the paper copy I recieved from the records section at the North Las Vegas VA. I did check my healthly vet and they are not loaded. The paper copy is 187 pages and I don't believe anyone's really wants to read that much. I have DBQ's for bilateral shoulder, knees, right ankle, and right elbow for limited ROM but I know the VA does not just rate on ROM but are the other key points to look for on the DBQ,s Thanks again for all the help
  9. Hello all I am new to this site and recently retired from the USAF. I filed my disability claim using the BBD program but since I retired from an overseas location I had to wait until I arrived stateside. I completed all of my exams in Aug 2014 and finally recieved a copy today but after looking at the completed DBQ's. I realize I don't fully understand them fully. What info should I post to find out what percentage for my different claims?
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