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  1. It also stated a grant for Major Depression, I know from reading your wise knowledge and others that you can only be rated as one mental health, so do they look at the highest and rate? Also.do they after rating for the mental health deposit back pay in my account or wait until they adjudicate the remand? Can expect them to rate in 30 days or more considering how BVA are fastly gonging through there docket.Thanks!
  2. Not sure how to post redacted copy. My brain comes and goes.
  3. It states: The issue of entitlement to a TDIU cannot be decided until the Veterans now service connected PTSD and major depressive disorder is rated to determine the Veterans combined schedular rating. The TDIU issue is thus remanded to allow the AOJ an opportunity to rate the newly service-connected PTSD and major depressive disorder. It doesn't say 100%. The IMO from MD Valette recommended IU, which my first private psychologist stated also along with recommending major depressive disorder but the local office denied the claim and refute the first private psychologist. Then I got an IMO after the regional office denial and sent it to BVA ,In the BVA opinion all the things that MD Valette stated in his IMO that was wrong with the VA examiner evaluation was used in the opinion of me being granted service connection, but they credited to the other private psychologist that they denied at the regional office.
  4. The decision says "Granted service connection PTSD and major depressive disorder". Remanded: TDIU with instructions for the regional office to rate the granted service connection and then adjudicated the appeal for TDIU. After regional office finish, they are to send me SSOC of the decision to give me time to respond. The exact words are in my previous post. Thanks!
  5. Just received BBE.it stated that I was granted entitlement to service connection for PTSD and major depressive disorder.REMANDED(TDIU) to allow AOJ an opportunity to rate newly service-connected PTSD and major depressive disorder. 1)Issue rating decision that implements the board's grant of PTSD and major depressive disorder and assign initial rating therefor. 2)After the above development and any additionally indicated development, has been completed, readjudicate the issue of entitlement to aTDIU on appeal. So how do they rate my grant as one mental issue or separate.
  6. Thanks for the info. My regional office works pretty fast and hopefully, my attorney will be able to get more info once she gets the BVA packet which was mailed a couple Friday. this was an appeal of denial for PTSD, no rating has been given on initial claim for PTSD.
  7. I had no initial rating, this was my first claim for PTSD. My IMO that was done stated that given all the info and review of files that I should be entitled to 100% IU along with PTSD, so the judge agrees and it stated on vets.gov that I was granted PTSD and my claim was closed but remanded appeal (100% IU)back to RO. Also, my lawyer argue for IU at video conference hearing.
  8. How long and what is next step.I was granted PTSD but remanded 100% total disability
  9. The VA says its reviewing cases of August 2015, my case was given a docket number July 2015. Would this mean that they have look at my case because are now doing the next month August 2015? If so, how long will they take to review my case and give to judge?
  10. If you ate getting 100% pay rate why continue to apply for more. You get health care and the continue appeals after 100%or more hurts other servicemen who have to wait years because people with 100% are still filing claims or appeals.I sorry for your health issues but when is enough enough.

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