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  1. I got my retro today.it was three days after closing.Now can plan for daughters college in two years.
  2. The BVA granted ptsd and remanded TDIU in August, then regional office gave me 70% and denied TDIU in October.Sent back to BVA who then granted 100% TDIU in December and back to regional who gave me P&T.
  3. My last VA case was close and two months later I got retro and appealed the rating.My BVA appeal granted 100% and two months later in February was given p&t 100%.So I would say anytime now.Check bank account regularly.
  4. My case granted by board in December 100 %IU. Sent to regional,February 15 checked vets. Gov or va. Gov and it shows P&T with no future examinations and my pay rate at 100% under letters. Supplemental benefits listed with educational for children and Deers. How long before retro in bank considering everything signed off on.What state benefits entitled too.
  5. My appeal that was granted 100% at the board and sent back to the regional in December closed February 15.Permanent and total with no examinations. They also listed supplemental benefits for my children education. They mentioned DEERs also. How before Retro in bank account?
  6. My grant for PTSD was rated at RO 70%,so they sent my IU remand back to the BVA,November 2018,My retro for 70% disability was in my account when they close case and sent remand to BVA. BVA December 2018 granted 100% IU and its at RO waiting for retro pay.
  7. The BVA granted for PTSD and remanded IU back to regional office, that was August 2018 and regional office granted 70% PTSD and remanded IU back to BVA November 2018.Money in account when case was closed and remand sent back to BVA.
  8. Thanks to all on Hadit, and if any suggestions as to how I can donate to site etc. , would appreciate your wisdom.God Blesd
  9. I checked Vets .com to see the status of my appeal that was sent back to BVA because it was a remand.When I looked I saw this.Does that mean IU granted.
  10. The VA has those records because the rater use them as her evidence(MD E K) MD E.K. did not have MD Atkinson records because i saw him first and then MD Atkinson was referred by my lawyer, and I then with you guys help on Hadit found MD Valette who review my entire record and wrote a great IMO.MY docket #15-27-808.They also shorten my retro and I called Peggy and he told me to put in an audit ($3000).when does dependent money come? Thanks, everyone. I will support the site for others.
  11. My appeal closed and my money deposited today after closing yesterday, but I got nohingt for my dependent only for 70% disability me alone, even though I have my daughter as dependent listed which you can pull up on benefits. Do they do that separate?
  12. My appeal closed and my money deposited today after closing yesterday, but I got nohingt for my dependent only for 70% disability me alone, even though I have my daughter as dependent listed which you can pull up on benefits. Do they do that separate?
  13. I have not worked since 2012, I was working but got fired because always late to work overslept due to nightmares weekly. Lost several jobs during that time, written up, suspended etc. I then stress chest pain, heart cath. Later at VA for treatment afterward (mental and nightmares). I have been on 4 meds for the mental condition.
  14. The BVA decision deemed limited probative value to VA examination because it was based on inaccurate medical history and ignored competent and credible lay statements regarding continuous nightmares since service. The VA rater ignores the BVA decision on probative value and gives the VA examination value in its denial. It also states MD H. E. did not do an in-person exam because he had me total social and occupational impairment due to mental health conditions, but I saw him in office and was prescribed meds.SSA records Adult Function questionnaire in my records show statements of me afraid of police after assault and nightmares, me spitting on the floor in OR, not getting along with bosses and how I do not trust people, I just like being alone, all this in SSA records in my file. they did not read my file. I check vets.gov and my file shows sent to BVA.I thought they wait 30 days. Well, at least money maybe come now.
  15. My denial of my TDIU was given but they did not mention MD Valette IMO as the reason for denial or reason for approval even though he evaluates me over the phone and reviewed my records. MD El Khatib notes and records were part of denial evidence, VA came up with the assumption he did not do in person but I was in his office on several occasions and he even gave me medication. This inconsistency should not have been a reason for denial.
  16. Received SSOC and it granted 70% and denied TDIU.This is the reasons or bases for denial.
  17. My case shows under Benefit summary on Ebenefits-One or more service-connected disabilities(yes), Your combined service connection evaluation is 70%, Your current monthly amount award is :$1365.48. But it then says the effective date of the last change to your current award was December 1, 2017. What does this mean? Does it mean that my pay rate is based off the last rate of 2017 for veterans? My claim was filed February 2012, so this can not be my EED.
  18. Just checked Vets, gov and it states that my disability not fully granted and remand will be sent back to bva, Also, SSOC mailed, should i submit new evidence or wait and submit evidence when it gets back to BVA. It said that if I send evidence to regional office(NOD) it will take 3-10 months and then if I still disagree another 3 months to send back to BVA
  19. My appeal was granted and sent back to the regional office with a remand on IU. This was on August 2, 2018.I check on benefits and it shows a new claim, I did not file the new claim so when I checked it shows a claim for attorneys fees dated 10/31/2018. Can you tell me what this may be and is this a sign that my rating and remand has been completed.
  20. I was granted waiting on rating and then adjudication of remand at local office but I notice my therapist put in my medical records I'm part now of some "reengagement project" base off my need for medication therapy. I was trying to see if anyone heard of "reengagement therapy.
  21. My therapist at the VA enter in my medical record reengagement project and for medication therapy, what is this reengagement project and will it help my ratings. Thanks
  22. It also stated a grant for Major Depression, I know from reading your wise knowledge and others that you can only be rated as one mental health, so do they look at the highest and rate? Also.do they after rating for the mental health deposit back pay in my account or wait until they adjudicate the remand? Can expect them to rate in 30 days or more considering how BVA are fastly gonging through there docket.Thanks!
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