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  1. air1, Hey brother read the whole thread, we talked about the ellis clinic in depth...go to ellisclinic.com There you can find all the info you need, wish us luck Out !!!! and more to follow....
  2. Good morning brothers / sisters, I've got my appt. on Sept. 1. I will be flying out of Jacksonville Florida to Oklahoma. The lady that called my from The Ellis clinic seemed very nice, and professional. I will keep you all posted on the results of the appointment, and claim. God Bless you all Ole Crusty Drill Sergeant , Iraqi Police Advisor, Paratrooper, and a lil bit of Commo Sergeant. "Airborne all the Way"
  3. Hey ru, The website is Ellisclinic.com. I filled out the packet, sent all copies of Dr. notes along with exams, and MRI's. In 6 day the called me from their office, my appointment to go see them is good to go. I'll keep you guys posted with the examination and actual IMO / IME. Ole Crusty Drill Sergeant / Paratrooper and you can throw in some Commo Sergeant Duties...."Airborne All the WAY"
  4. Hey Tankerman / Rootbeer I get where you're coming from. I've been around many, and worked along side many of good tankers. I even assisted with breaking tracks back when I was stationed at Fort Knox with the 2/10 Cav. / 194th Armored Brigade. Those guys were a trip and worked their Arshes off. I was the Commo guy / wire guy in the Unit. We as the commo section had our own track a 577. Good ole days, way before my Bragg Days and being on the trail. Look brother glad it's all working out for you. We are both in the same situation 80% SC for me at the moment, and working on some increases due to conditions getting worse. The Asthma that was denied which was BS, but Im gonna beat it!!!. it's all gonna be alright....God willing. "Airborne All the Way"
  5. Hey Rootbeer hope you're doing well brother, I went to the website ellisclinic.com and downloaded the packet info. I took me a few days to get all paperwork squared away. I had to make so many copies. According to the packet it's $500.00 for the 1st disability, and $50 for any other disability. I sent the packet 2 days ago, awaiting on the appointment info. I'll have go thru an exam for my Psych issues. I'm PTSD SC already, going for the increase. My Asthma claim was denied upon retiring in 2011, with plenty of proof and meds in my medical records both active duty and VA. I hope my info helps you. The Crusty Ole Drill Sergeant 1991- 2011... God Bless......"Jumpers Hit it" " Rootbeer 22 this is rcor how copy over? "
  6. Just the type of response I needed. I will making a trip from Jacksonville Florida once I finish my packet, and a date for exam is given to me. Thank you, Ole Crusty Drill Sergeant / Paratrooper / Commo Sergeant here.. God Bless us All.
  7. Anybody ever use Dr. Ellis from Oklahoma for any type of IMO. I need a Asthma related IMO. I returned from Saudi Arabia & Iraq with Bronchial Asthma, well documented, but was denied SC. Any comments please....thank you Brothers / Sisters
  8. Hey RU, first of all hope you're doing well brother. My situation is I Acquired Asthma in service after deployment to Saudi Arabia in 1995 diagnosed with Asthma ever since, with meds albuterol, advair, , inhalers, pills, . Have about 30 pages worth of SC Asthma stuff. I was also deployed another 2 times after that, I was denied upon retiring in 2011. Didn't know anything about Appeals and what not. What Dr. did you use for the IMO in florida? just curious , thank you... "Airborne all the Way"
  9. Thanks for the info RU. I will look into that. I want to also thank Mrs. Berta for the info and advice. I'm looking into an IMO, and I will also attach and highlight the 30 pages of Asthma related issues that I had while in active duty along with MEDS listing and test results. I should of done this from the get go, but was ignorant and didn't read into the appeal stuff. I'm sure I can beat this...my VSO is waiting on the paperwork that I have for him i.e IMO / SMR'S that were never looked at. They didn't not mention the SMR's as as evidence in the denial. And yes, Asthma was listed inmy SMR disabilities listing. Thank you all..... "Dios los Bendiga a todos"
  10. Good evening brothers/ Sisters / family members, I was denied a SC for Asthma back in 2011, I was diagnosed during and after returning from Saudia Arabia in 1995 after a 8 month Patriot Missile deployment. . I've been on Meds ever since .... Advair/ Singulair / Albuterol / Montekulast, and was issued a Nebulizer. I have many of documented visits to the ER for shortness of breath and attacks. I retired in 2011 after 21 years. I didn't know anything about appeals and so forth. I am hoping someone can suggest a good Veteran friendly Asthma / Allergy Dr. in Jacksonville for a good IMO so I can re open my case. Will my service records suffice , I know they couldn't of looked at them, since it was clear as day that I am Asthmatic and that is was indeed SC. Muchas Gracias God Bless each and every one of you. The Big Commo Chief
  11. rcorluvpr

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Reduction To My % For Ddd?

    God bless you Berta..and yes I have both DJD and DDD. I had barely any ROM..and dis noticw that the examiner was rude and in a rush. My Ptsd is Combat related OIF twice and a deployment to Saudi Arabia back in 1995. I'll be asking for some assistance from the members here once I receive the envelope. But why did my disabilities list show 10% before any letter. Id be glad if it's all a mistake I hope. It all went wrong. I wonder if anybody here has seen anything like this? Thanks for the support.
  12. rcorluvpr

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Reduction To My % For Ddd?

    Good morning brothers / Sisters My situation, applied for increase / IU back in May 2014. I am currently rated at 80% SC, 40% DDD, 30% PTSD, about 8 at 10% and 5 at 0%. I went to the C&P's on Oct 2014, went to PFD on 12-15 April 2014. This morning checked Eben. and under disabilities it states that my DDD is now at 10% with no changes to my PTSD. The total is still at 80%. My VA disability letter has no changes. Still haven't received a BBE. I never did want to see my C&P's I was hoping for a fair rating / increase or IU. Instead this happens. I am on Pain management, and am attending group counseling for my PTSD. I've been to the ER over 6 times this year for the back. I guess the VA has decided to lower my rating.. I can't believe it. I originally received it for injuries while Airbprne status, cracked my tail bone and have spinal Arthritis and few bulging and protruding disc as well as sciatica. I am very concerned here. My VSO is DAV , no one form the office has ever called my for any follow ups or updates. I retired in 2011 after 21 years of service. How do I proceed with an appeal after receiving the BBE which I haven't gotten yet. God Bless....just an Ole Drill Sergeant here.
  13. That is Great News...enjoy... enjoy.. did I say enjoy. God Bless
  14. That's Outstanding Brother...God bless you and your loved ones !!!
  15. Good morning fellow Vets and families, Finally got what was owed to me and my family. I brief email to Sec. Mcdonald made the difference. My College sons Dependency claim is finally closed after 3o plus months. Rating pay has cnanged , as well as the money in the bank. Now have to fight for my IU/ Increase for Arthritis of the back, neck, shoulders and knees. God Bless you all.... Keep the fight, keep that claims Ammo locked and loaded. " Airborne all the Way "
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