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  1. I'm looking for the same answer but I'm P&T getting 100% for TDIU 70% rating for disabilities. I think the P&T could mean permanent and temporary. They could easily get pissed and change it. There are claims I should appeal and I have a few months left for that and a NOD. I am preparing everything while I decide. I think ASKNOD would probably tell me to file everything.
  2. Gastone Have you seen another connection between SA and CAD? IM please, I don't want to hijack. To add to this discussion. My ED was secondary to CAD but at 0% but SMC was added because of it. I was surprised.
  3. A seminar would be a great idea. It took me a year to understand what was needed for a hopefully successful claim and some group training would have sped things up. I'm glad I did it my way. The DAV had quickly filled out some forms for me in less than an hour and wanted to submit them right away. I hit the pause button to try and understand the process better. Looking back at what they did I would have gotten 10% with all other claims rejected because the forms don't make it easy to show secondary conditions. I got 100% connecting the dots myself. VSO's should have classes to h
  4. How did you get something for malignant melanoma? I submitted that in a DBQ just thinking it may become presumptive or secondary to something I already have.
  5. Maybe the Veterans Choice program can help you. https://www.hnfs.com/content/hnfs/home/va/home/provider/veterans-choice-program.html
  6. Exactly right. Not many people would help the way you do. You gave me the momentum to keep going. It worked.
  7. What was found and how did they find it or test for it? Of course, I agree to do anything you can that is invasive outside the VA. Stress tests and echo are fine IMO.
  8. The lower resolutions don't behave very well either. I will have to look for the best workrounds.
  9. I have a new Toshiba laptop with 4k Ultra HD and windows 10 screws up many to the toolbars and text in some of the windows needed to run programs. The text is so small it's impossible to read, so I continue to use a Surface Pro with Win 8. Microsoft has been relentless in pushing (forcing) the upgrade which can take over an hour to download and install and another half hour to restore Win 8. Everytime I turn on the win 8 computer it tells me it will be upgrading in 15 min. My old win 98 machine died a few months ago and forced me to try to make the new machines do what I need. I use
  10. Thank you all, Went in todayfor the exam. It was just an hour and she said it was preliminary and there could be more. It was in fact enough time for her to get some of the general information which they already know and I'm sure is really to see your demeanor, how you dress and groom yourself, eye contact and we just need to size you up stuff. She was really attractive and was pleasant to talk to. I hope I didn't stare at her boobs to much. <- I almost never use those emoti-things. I don't know if it went well or not but that part is over for now. She did bring up SA but I
  11. I am only some percent PTSD and as much as they all have scammed us with a great big xxxx you for your service, I will do my best to leave them with the crap we all deal with. Beyond that, this is the future. We know who you are, where you live and the members of your family. I'm tired of being spit on.
  12. And, you took the time to write an excellent book that helped me with my claim in addition to this site and some of Chris Attigs ebooks and claim workshop.
  13. I'm going to bring copies of sworn statements from friends that describe how I am. I submitted these with my claim and I want to make sure the Dr. has them and KNOWS that I submitted them. Who knows? Hope for the best and expect the worst, remove round from chamber.
  14. Why so little time? Is this exam just to blow me off and say they found nothing? Department of Veterans Affairs Best Practice Manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Compensation and Pension Examinations III.Recommended Time Allotment for Completing Examination Initial PTSD compensation and pension evaluations typically require about three hours, but complex cases may demand additional time. Follow-up evaluations us
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