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  1. after reading i do agree that all 3 parts are needed. even within 1 year of service release. thanx guys.
  2. got my update..... RO corrected there error and increased me... now on to get the correct E Date... thanks Hadit for all your Help once again... a win!!!
  3. my question is do you still need Caluza when Veteran was diagnosed with an inservice hip strain then 6 months after released diagnosed with same inservice hip strain from C & P. the Cand P did not give an opinion on it though described how it happend in service just 6 months prior. why would you need part 3 of caluza?
  4. i believe that i had to specifically send a request for the transcript and i got it within 3 months. i sent my request to the Appeals Management Center in Washington D.C.///// you had a video hearing so maybe you can send a Request to your local RO as well. but you should send to both.... as far as the advancement on docket im not to sure that transcripts are covered under that. like your advanced for the decision but not the transcripts. just my guess.
  5. no. you WILL LL HAVE THE RAISE TO 90. they just work on an earlier effective date and while they work it you will still have the retro and the monthly
  6. im praying for you and your husband. we both had simaliar bva docket dates. i wish you would put it again so we all could go over and help you more.... please dont forget that a remand is not a denial! and dont forget that there is only a small portion of people here on hadit that have gone up to the level of the BVA DC.... most only go thru regional offices and call it an appeal. we the small group know what its like to go All the way before cvac please remember an imo /ime is important but costs money...... if i was you i would take the entire remand and pay for an independent medical opinion/exam it will cost you less than 5k .... so if you did receive any money from this appeal id use it wisely on the remand. you will more than likely be scheduled for a new c and p exam within nest 2 months and the results most prob wont be good... so ,,, if you also have the imo/ime report to submit than you will win your remand to the date you want.
  7. got an update today. the person from the RO in San Diego called me today to apologies that this was dropped again... he told me that San Diego processed it for the new claim i had in system .... but that the request for an administrative reconsideration was dropped by the amc in washington and it was the 3rd time... he assured me that he will see it get done and hes asking his supervisor if because this keeps happening if they can just do it.. but assures me that he will call me at end of next week with better news. im waiting ...
  8. this whole ramp thing scares me. i feel like the va is forcing me to get into it... i applied for and was granted advancement on docket in 2017... 2 issues granted 4 issues remanded... so now im wondering if they want me to ramp my remand???? like why should i if i was already granted advancement ,,,, or are they saying that i have to re apply for advancement on the remand like ???? this whole thing is bothersome.
  9. i understand your question and my answer is ,,,, i was only told that this type of claim was put into effect.. in other words,,, someone in the San Diego reviewed my reasoning for an increase and decided that the original jurisdiction AMC D.C. should cue themselves. thats all i can think.
  10. i like your post... so then how do you find out if its still open and not fully adjudicated yet? so this morning i call both vso's i have ( 1 in D.C. that works the appeal 2nd that works regional stuff ) and of course neither are in the office today.... then i call 1-800 to try and track down this reconsideration claim and again im told that no such claim exists and that the newly opend claim on the 16th was was decided and i only won 1 part and that it was worked in the San Deigo regional office,,,. so the only proof i have that this thing even existed is 3 emails: this on from director San Deigo on May 16: Good afternoon Mr. Atkinson, The message was returned as undeliverable since the last “v” was omitted. I see that you inquiry to the Appeals Management Center went through. They have jurisdiction on your pending appeal at this time. this one from his office on may 9th: Good morning Mr. Atkinson, I know someone reached out to you yesterday regarding your reconsideration. I just wanted to provide you with the AMO DIR email address, so you can reach out to them directly. It is: dir.vbaamo@va.gov and this one from my vso in D.C. who obviously saw it in his computer may 13: if you want to challenge the ratings from August 2017 with any hope of success the request for reconsideration must be withdrawn and a Notice of disagreement filed by August 14, 2018. The standards for reconsideration are so high that we only know of five at the Board level in the last 30 years. Your local service officer should have gone over this with you.
  11. hello berta. if you havnt noticed this is the same issue that was prior post... this post is the up to date issues. im currently trying to get in touch with him now for any info he might have. im also hoping im waiting on an email from San Diego RO
  12. paulcolrain


    this is what im pointing out. you state you did this. then it was closed for a bad reason. from there did you appeal or ask for it to be reopened?
  13. paulcolrain


    ok so i would agree with you that the TDIU seems as if it was never properly adjudicated in 2005 or 2006... did you appeal that after? or maybe what your saying is that when the ptsd exam stated you cant work then va should have granted you tdiu. my question is then,,, could the va say that you filed the tdiu in 2005 and after it was closed you never asked for it to be reopened once the ratings didnt get lowered.?
  14. i was just doing same type of math on mine because i thought they made mistake in bilat... turns out that just like gastone said,,,, each is combined first then a 10% is add so ,,, two 20's are not 40...there 36 in other words.... if your rated for two 10's that combines to 19 (not 20) and then the 10% bilat gives you 21% (not 22%) and so on and so forth... it also seems as if you did what i did and group your bilats as 1 big disability instead of combining each then plugging into the va percentage math reduction process.
  15. paulcolrain



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