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  1. Sorry, it took me so long to post. With my Neurocogintive Disorder I sit and stare at things before I can honestly understand. I forget things so It takes me a bit to realize what I have done with it. I notice that I have a date of 2014 on some forms, it was supposed to be 2016, April 2016 is when i filed NOD. With the MSR Summary I sent those Medical Reports of the VA and Military Service Records in with each document marked with signifying stamp. As I said, the only medical records I see missing are the assault in 1988. I was only able to provide a wittiness /buddy statement of a solide
  2. NOD.pdf All Treatment Summary.docx Ankle Treatment Summary.docx Audioology Treatment Summary.docx Breakdown of Each File.docx C&P Exams and Dianosis.docx Dizziness Vertigo Meniers.docx Respiratory Treatment Summary.docx Sinusitis and Rhinitis.docx
  3. Gadstone, The Veteran Service Office at the Biloxi Health Care System recomended me to have a DRO review, if I recall right he stated that it gave me a fresh look at the claim and still could have the DRO Hearing if there was no change in decisions. "Have you provided the VA Mandatory DRO Review required New & Material Evidence? When and what did you submit?" <---- I am unsure what this is. , I prepared a Notice of Disagreement a and submitted it a few weeks prior to the year deadline. In the NOD I broke down each contention and the medical evidence I had from my MSR. When I went
  4. I have a question. I received my Denials for Service Connected Disabilities in April 2015. I prepared my Notice of Disagreement in April 2016. I was unaware about receiving help from a Organization like American Legion,, Disable American Veterans and et:. I was told I should see a Veteran Service Office with the Biloxi VA Medical Center. I went in with my NOD and he sent it up to the Regional Office in Jackson. I requested a DRO Review. I check ed on Ebenefits today and still do not have a Date of Completion. Is this normal? It will be 2 years in April and assumed I would at least see a
  5. Ms Lotzaspotz thank you for the referal. I will look at their page. Buck, Thank you for the advice. When I filed the Claim in 1996 I did not know much about Veterans Benefits. I did not know there was such a thing as Compensation. I thought since I was being treated for free at the Biloxi VA that my claim had been approved. I just didnt understand while they were treated me for Seizures. My symptoms were loss of balance, vertigo, dizziness and spinning sensation, falling down. I told my neurologist 3 years later i had not gotten better. She did the ENG test in 1999 that showed I had a Bil
  6. Thank you everyone for all the advice. I have the C&P Audio test scheduled for May 26th. I am assuming this is for the Tinnitus since it was the only claim that was not updated to say Not Service Connect but to say Defered. I tried reading on testing for Tinnitus and I could not find anything to say a hearing test would do this. Since I went to an Audiologist to have the ENG test done in 1999 that provided the result of Bilateral Peripheral Dysfunction that said I had bilateral weakness to the greatest degree. Would they be trying to refute this with a Audiologist C&P Exam. Im sorry
  7. First thank you all three for the advice. I really appreciated it and the words of wisdom from you. Broncovet, with a DRO what are the percentages of claims and contentions being reversed? Will I have to wait for the tinnitus to be decided in order to request my C-File? I have requested my 1996 C-File and still have not received it. Gastone, yes in 1996 the American Legion filled a claim for me for dizzy spells and respiratory issues. I had developed a Acute Respiratory disease in 1987 and was hospitalized for 4 days. They ruled on my 1996 Claim in 1997 and denied it. In 1999 the VA f
  8. My claim yesterday went from Gathering Evidence to Preparation for Decision to Pending Decision Approval. I wake up this morning to have this. Now the Claim states back at Gathering Evidence stage. Rated Disabilities Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date left ankle condition (claimed as left ankle injury) Not Service Connected respiratory condition (also claimed as acute respiratory distress condition) Not Service Connected
  9. So let me get this straight. US backed Yemen has fallen to Iran backed rebels. We discuss Nuclear talks with them. US backed Libya is under siege US backed Iraq government has lost most of its country to ISIL. US backed Ukraine was being attached by Russian Forces. You honestly think our Military is this incompetent. STOP drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. Open up several unbiased news source and read what is actually happening in the world.

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      Helman, I am with you on this. This whole situation we are in is messing with my ptsd.... I am on super hypervigilence..my daughters think I am nuts because it all does sound like a conspiracy theory.

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