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  1. Berta, also I have looked all thru the decision letter and cannot find anyone's initials on any page left hand or right hand sign. Do you think they forgot?
  2. Flow1972, I agree with what you said about taking the higher rating of the two. It looks like in my decision letter they didnt do that. It was actually kind of a dis-jointed decision letter.
  3. Berta, thank you for the quick response. I did not get retro. I think that may be correct because I don't know how I could prove that I was at least 10% disabled. I read in GWS IBS that they can only SC it if it is at least 10%. In my claim letter I didn't ask for an earlier effective date. I might fight that battle later on. More concerned with getting the right rating for now. I have a very good VA Rep here on island Okinawa (its our early morning here) and he agrees they made a mistake. He just wasn't sure what to do about it. He has a connection at the DAV Muskogee VA hospital tha
  4. Good Morning, Attached is my Decision Letter. I think they may have made a mistake. Background: Retired 2014. Claimed IBS in 2015 but was denied due to no diagnosis. Didn’t fight it. Starting in 2017 to today started having more and more issues. Was diagnosed in 2017 with IBS by Doctors at Naval Hospital. Leads us to Decision letter Oct 29, 2020 – Requested IBS Service Connection via Gulf War Syndrome 38 C.F.R.3.17 1. Received Decision Letter today 13 Jan 2021. 2. A 10% evaluation is established for IBS and added to the previously establ
  5. I have had two back surgeries (both in service) on L4/L5/S1. Rated 40% Static. I also have PN in Left Leg at 40% static and Right leg 10% Static. I now have arthritis in Hip/Knee and Ankle of Left leg more so than the right. When I injured my back in service there was a lot of damage done on the left side. Was recently diagnosed with arthritis in Hip/Knee/Ankle 7 years after getting out of the service. Has anyone ever claimed SC and was successful getting arthritis in the Hip/Ankle/Knee secondary to Back surgery/DDD? Its really my left side that is really bad. Right leg is much better
  6. Good Morning, Do Supplemental claims ever show up in E-Benefits? Using my DAV he submitted my supplemental claim thru the Muskogee OK VA. Had a C&P already and VES was the Dr. Will it eventually show up in E-benefits website? Thanks
  7. All, Taking everyone's advice, I put together my letter that I plan to submit with my claim. I think it would be a supplemental claim since they denied me in 2015 due to no diagnosis. I typed out my history and included notes from my medical records. If someone has time, can you read thru it and give me an honest opinion? I used Blast Daddys advice for the presumptive piece. Anything you would add or change or that I am missing? We don't have VSOs out here in Okinawa so working on this by myself. I redacted names. I also have to submit the medical records from 2014 to Present but t
  8. Thanks for the help. Now I know what all those numbers mean. Had no idea. Appreciate the timely response.
  9. Can someone offer an opinion. Notes From my medical records The IBS is noted/listed in all my past medical history from 2015 on to present. I just didn't realize it. I just now got my hospital records from 2015 to present. I am SC for Hiatal Hernia/GERD and GERD is causing some issues again. I have had two stomach surgeries since 1996. ------------------------------------- 16 May 2015 - Discussed his multiple issues (pain, depression, IBS) and reassured him that he does have characteristics of Fibromyalgia and that we are treating each issue as they should be as he is already o
  10. I have an E-Benefits account but no idea what MyEhealth account is. I will look it up and try to get one.
  11. Ddsr, I live in Okinawa so we have to be seen by the Naval Hospital. if they cant see us they push us out to Japanese Drs which makes things more complicated language wise. We don't have any VSOs out here so we are kind of on our own. There is a VES contracted Dr on island but cant see him till we get to the C&P stage. In my humble opinion the AD Navy Drs don't really understand the VA or DBQs. Generally we get the deer in the headlights look. I go to my PCM regularly, however as you know we change out PCMs every 3 years, generally less. In my 8 years out here, I have had 4 Doctors
  12. I found it. I found the NGWRC guide. it explained it nicely. Thanks again
  13. brokensoldier, Thank you. What is 3.317-3/4? do I have to provide some sort of records showing I was in the Gulf? They already have my DD-214sf and everything else is current and up to date. I was there a few times while AD. Thanks
  14. Shrekthetank, I did get a diagnosis back in 2016 by a real stomach Dr. My PCM told me that yesterday. I ordered my records from the Navy Hospital (Overseas Okinawa) to confirm all of the information so I would have documentation to submit. Thanks I will go the presumptive route. I have seen several topics on here where people have done the presumptive route. Thank you
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