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  1. I am 100% P&T and I am going to be getting married soon.I would like to know what benefits she will be eligible for.Thank you.
  2. 100%P & T

  3. Since I am 100% P and T,i am totally exempt from all property taxes.dont know if its a new law.
  4. Since I am 100% P and T,i am totally exempt from all property takes.dont know if its a new law.

    No future exams,good for you,bud.
  6. ptsd Uncle recieved 30%

    how do you go about doing that? we are talking 20 plus years ago?
  7. ptsd Uncle recieved 30%

    My uncle just got awarded 30% for ptsd today.He is a Vietnam veteran,but never received care from the VA since leaving Nam.All his care was outside doctors and hospitals,he has been diagnosed with major depression and has been fighting it ever since leaving Nam.He has been on meds ever since.Plus he has had 12 shock treatments.Alot of his outside medical records could not be retrieved because they told him they don't exist anymore.I feel he deserves more then 30% ptsd,can he reapply or appeal,thanks.

    Good for you,its about time,congratulations.
  9. C And P Exam On 8 July 2015

    It takes a lot of courage to share this,but its the best thing you can do,now the healing can begin and you can get on with your life,wish you the best.
  10. 100% T&p

    Good for you bud,check out your state benefits as there are many.Happy dance.
  11. Miami305.I was on the suboxone program with the VA for a couple of months for an opiate and heroin addiction.It was a long process getting into the program.No way will they give a 2 week supply to bring home without any kind of treatment,my suboxone doctor anyway.It is a very highly controlled substance and a limited amount of doctors are able to prescribe it.I'm glad you want to get off these opiates and stop dancing with the devil.You don't need to be fighting this demon ever again and you can get your life back as long as you choose to,it's all up to you,and no one can help you until you start helping yourself.You can get off these opiates,its not easy,but you can do it,i did,one day at a time.Suboxone is not the answer to get off opiates,it is an evil drug and the withdrawels are way worse then any opiate including heroin when you want to get off suboxone.All it is is putting a bandade over a bandade,believe me I been there.Talk with your doctor about this.For me to get clean I had to fight this demon cold turkey.Im sure I don't need to tell you what I went through.The first week is the worse then you will start to feel better,it is a process.I really hope things workout for you,i know what your going through.If I can help you with anything or you just need to talk,message me anytime and I will get back to you,keep your head up,goodluck.
  12. Topiramate

    They had me on gabapentin for anxiety,did absolutely nothing,but made me gain weight.
  13. Ridicoulos,yes we got to hope this doesn't have The domino effect.The republicans I know look to make cuts,but it seems they are always cutting the wrong things.You will never hear about them cutting there salaries.