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  1. Hi, I am AF AD always been healthy no issues on my 7 years career. My PCM (on base) referred me to a cardiologist because of a small heart murmur. The echo results showed moderated Pulmonary hypertension and the Pulmonary function test showed moderated airway obstruction. My PCM is waiting on the Pulmonary Dr. final eval to submit the med board package. I really don't want to be separated. I saw people with asthma not being separated, but I never hear anything about Pulmonary Hypertension before and so far, didn't read anything good about it. I dont know if asthma and PH are treated the same way for the med board and VA. What will happen If I get diagnosed with PH? I would be separated? If I get separated, any chance of any disability rating and most important medical care for the condition? How difficult will be relate it with the job? I know many of you were here before going thru the same process. Any input ,advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I just got notified by the on base Dr. that the echo shows moderate pulmonary hypertension and also the pulmonary function test shows moderate airway obstruction. He is waiting for the pulmonary Dr. to submit my package to the board. I do not know what to expect. I will like to stay in but is hard to know if they will let me. If I get separated, there is any chance this conditions can be job related? I know many of you were been here before. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!