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  1. Also to your point about concern that getting off or lessening the amount you take appearing to those reviewing your records that you're feeling better when that may not be the case. I have reduced to the minimum amount of meds for my condition not because I'm doing well but because any increase creates horrible side effects for me, and this includes any of the multitude of alternative meds I've tried. I make sure that all of my side effects are noted in my records because I do not want to leave open for interpretation why my med dosages are low. I agree with broncovet that it is your
  2. I suggest going to drugs.com. They have a fantastic drug interactions checker that allows you to add all of your meds at once. Then it provides potential interaction warnings and why. Of course your provider/pharmacist is your first line of defense, but it still never hurts to be the best advocate for your own health and double check.
  3. Mrkman123, I'm sorry you are going through this frustration. The separate files take a while to download. I believe you'll get more people to help if they're able to look at things all together. Are you able to access the C&P on Myheathlyvet.com? You could then copy and paste the pertinent info here (after taking out your name, SSN, etc...). I'm unsure the relavant parts people need to see, could anyone advise him on that?
  4. Hi. When I try to view attachments I get the message below. I have tried adjusting my computer settings and signing out and back in to Hadit.com to no avail. Thank you very much for any help! Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  5. My heart is breaking. I am a long time lurker but have never posted. My anxiety keeps me from reaching out, but I have found the strength to step out of my shell to say this: Please know, that the members of Hadit who work so tirelessly to help us all with your guidance, just how much you are greatly appreciated. This also goes for every other member of this virtual community. Carlie, you will be sorely missed. However, you left us all - and millions more veterans and their loved ones a gift - and that is your wisdom we can all continue to go back to and depend upon.
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