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  1. Congratulations!!!! Secretary Hickey really came through on my dads 40 year fight for compensation claim that he was just awarded today!!! Yay!! Justice is sweet!!! She was a god scent and we will forever be grateful!!!! Hate that she is gone too. They got her out of there because she was helping people like us. SMH!!! But I So want to thank her!!! But yes so happy to hear stories like yours!!! Congrats again and TY for your service!!!
  2. Thank you dear! You are so insightful and this is a very special site!!!! Thank You!
  3. I must start by saying what an amazingly wonderful site this is with so many wonderful caring people. The advice and support i have received from so many of you has helped me get through this long exhausting battle. After my almost 40 year fight for compensation I was finally graced by the good lord above with a disability raiting today. The VA has finally admitted that my service medical records we recorded incorrectly when I was injured in Vietnam. My right vs left leg clinical record error. ( please read my about me section to learn of my injury and my fight for compensation if u are
  4. yes bronco the recoil that hit my dads leg, ankle and foot has definitely caused all the issues he has with his right leg and foot today. His left leg is perfectly normal with no issues whatsoever. His right leg ankle and foot have numerous chronic conditions all caused from the trauma from the blow of the recoil. When you have time check out his profile. It basically tells his entire 35+ year fight for compensation. Along with pictures of his legs. And thank you for all your advice!!!
  5. Buck we have a VA vascular specialist that documented in dads file that his current leg conditions ( venous insufficiency venous stasis varicose veins and a venous leg ulcer) is most likely caused from his injury in Vietnam. Shouldn't that help his claim especially being stated from a VA specialist???
  6. Bronco we had a VA vascular specialist document in Dads file after his exam that his venous insufficiency, varicose veins, venous stasis, and his venous leg ulcer is most likely caused from his injury in Vietnam. Would that be considered a nexus?
  7. Thanks so much!!!! How do we go about getting his records amended? Can I print out the form online and send in all our evidence and our request to have his records changed from Left to Right? How should I proceed to start this process please?
  8. Great info USMC!!! Our attorney has requested some documentation from the archives. I am not sure what exactly all he has requested but I believe morning reports is one that he has requested and yes we have been waiting for months already and nothing yet. Before my dad was released from the hospital he was told he was being sent to Japan. He was so glad when they told him this. Knowing he wasn't going back out in combat in Nam was a relief. However when he was released they changed their mind a sent him back to his unit. Pretty crappy huh? However when he returned back to his unit they asked
  9. bronco did you read the buddy statement I uploaded?? This was from the solider/veteran that caused the accident to my dads leg in Vietnam. He had direct involvement in and was an eye witness to the injury. Can you view the buddy statement? TY
  10. TY Berta!!! Yes he has several medical opinions stating service related even one from VA vascular specialist stating most likely happened in service. We are making great progress with this claim and I truly feel justice will prevail this go around!!! TY Berta and God Bless You and all you do and provide for all these great members!!!
  11. TY buck!!!! Great info as always!!!! You all always have great input. Love Hadit!!! Some really wonderful people with tons of great info!!!! we are making great progress with dads case!!! God bless u and TY again for sharing!!!
  12. TY pwr yes the report was from VA CP exam in 2005. Examiner noted she would not go against the SMR's. Wouldn't even state it was a possibility. Just seems to me if left foot and leg was really injured in service there would be an old nonunion fracture in the left. Just seems like common sense to me. We are making great progress now in his claim. TY for sharing and God bless!!!
  13. I agree Bronco TY for sharing. All these years we have searched and searched for more records. All that exist are three cover sheets from the three hospitals he was in Vietnam. All three indicate L leg and foot and were written on a typewriter. That is all the records we can find. 3 months in 3 different hospitals and that is it!!! SMH!!! It just don't make since. But we have great representation now and some new and material evidence. We are making progress. TY and God bless!!!!
  14. TY GP!!! Great info!!!! But wouldn't you agree that if in fact the left foot was injured it would show an old non union fracture in the left foot in the X-rays? We have many medical opinions suggesting it is most likely this condition is due to his service injury. Thank u for sharing I truly appreciate your input sir!! God bless!!!
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