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  1. I have an update. First Claim: Entered December 2014 (This is award date given) First C & P: 4/06/2015 Prep for Decision: 4/13/2015 Prep for Notification: 4/15/2015 Claim Closed: 4/16/2015 Brown Packet Arrived: 4/20/2015 Backpay in Bank Account: 4/20/2015
  2. My claim updated again. It moved very fast. First Claim: Entered December 2014 (This is award date given) First C & P: 4/06/2015 Prep for Decision: 4/13/2015 Prep for Notification: 4/15/2015 Claim Closed: 4/16/2015 I was awarded 100%. Next review is 2020. I know I should be happy but for some reason I am worse today than before I got the news. I have an appointment on the 23rd and will ask to be committed until I am on proper medication. Good luck Valhalla on your claim.
  3. Today it moved to Prep for Notification. First Claim: Entered December 2014 First C & P: 4/06/2015 Prep for Decision: 4/13/2015 Prep for Notification: 4/15/2015 This does not bode well that it moved so fast. I am near breaking point and this month may be more then I can handle.
  4. I checked Ebenefits and it just changed to Prep for Decision. I know it can still be kicked back to gather more info but do not think I have any more info to give. The estimated completion date was 11/2015 to 5/2016 before and after update it changed to 05/2015 to 11/2015. A little time-frame on my claim so far. First Claim: Entered December 2014 First C & P: 4/06/2015 Prep for Decision: 4/13/2015 When it changes I will update the above for the good or bad. It all depends on how my C & P went.
  5. Some generics are pretty cheap so if needed I do not mind paying for them myself if I have the option of picking them up at a different location without VA paying for them. I just will just need to find out how much they cost then. Thanks for the response. I will ask what my options are when I go see the doctor next week.
  6. I had my C & P on April 6 and they wanted to commit me to the hospital until I got on meds and they got them worked out. Short story is I have no social contact other then when I go to the doctors because I feel I am dangerous. Any confrontation and I fear I would loose what is left of my sanity and harm others. This scares me but have been avoiding taking medication but the last week has been much more stressful so am now willing to begin taking meds. My issue is I do not want the VA to send me the meds in the mail or get the meds at a VA/gov location. I do not trust them and likely wont take them if that is the only source. Question: Can I get prescribed meds and pick them up at a pharmacy of my choice? Example: I get prescribed medication and pick them up at Wal-greens one month and Walmart the next month. Every month or two I switch location and even sometimes go out of town to pick them up. I know this sounds strange even to me but I do not think I would be able to fight the feelings otherwise. I would be good with having my blood test to verify I am taking them. Just don't trust the VA medication.
  7. My aunt has schizophrenia and always thought it was hereditary. She is the only extended family member or person i know with a mental illness and that was what I was worried I had. Talking to my mother about it she told me my father could of had it so assumed she knew what she was talking about. IE; I assumed she knew for a fact. So I told my psychologist my father had it and my primary doctor. A few weeks ago talking to my mother I discover the only reason she thought my father had it was because I had it and she thought it was hereditary and she knew she did not have it. No basis other then that which I know does not mean anything and does not mean my father had it at all. During the C & P I did not say my father had it because I do not know and have no reason to suspect he did have it. This has me stressed out though because I did tell my psychologist he did have it. Did not lie, but feel I mislead them which I did not mean to. I will try calling and seeing if the C & P doctor can add those notes.
  8. Thank you for the info. I had it and it was at the Columbia location. I am glad its over with and I am mentally exhausted and drained. I wont be leaving my room until my next doctors appointment on the 21st and will avoid even family until then. The doctor was very thorough and it lasted around two and a half hours. I was glad too explain everything and I gave info that I am normally afraid to share because I rather people not know what goes on inside my brain. I do not even tell family, but I knew I had to unload it all if I want help. I will be going over everything I said for the next few weeks and talk to my doctor about the appointment in detail. Some of the info I shared has not been told to my normal doctor yet and will hope everything that was said will be shared with her. I think I need to clarify a few things, but since everything I said was 100% true then I am not that worried about them comparing notes. Overall I will still be extremely worried until the process is over with. Told the truth to the best of abilities and can only hope they will consider all evidence. I am also still very confused on ebenefits and the entire process. Going to ebenefits I see I have "Requested Documents are Past Due" and nothing has been requested of me that I know of. I also see INTENT TO FILE and right below this I see: I applied at a VSO office and have no paperwork so unsure what is needed. If I can email the VSO rep I will but I know I wont be able to call them or go to office for the next few weeks as I can't deal with people for awhile.
  9. I have my first C & P appointment and am a little confused on the location. I want to make sure I go to right spot so I do not miss my appointment. This is how my letter looks: Dear XXX XXXXXXX You have been scheduled for the following Compensation and/or Pension Examination(s) at the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran's Hospital, 800 Hospital Drive, Columbia Missouri (65201) Edited etc. Now what is confusing me is it list Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran's Hospital and its location then it mentions the ABANES Clinic and other codes i do not understand. May seem silly to ask but I want to make sure. I could not find any info doing a google search on the ABANES Clinic. What I would assume is that this clinic is inside the Veterans Hospital at the 800 Hospital Drive, Columbia Missouri (65201) location but I learned a long time ago not to assume something. Any info?
  10. Yes. I appealed and had my ALJ hearing. Still waiting on the results of that, though the lawyer and my psychologist says I have nothing to worry about and I will get approved. I think the judge said I was approved during the hearing but by that time I was mental drained and could not follow the what was happening. The hearing lasted over an hour which I was told is normal with that ALJ judge). This was 2 months ago and I was told it would take anywhere from 3-6 months before I would get my decision from the judge. The denial of my original application came before I was diagnosed with anything. I did see a SSA examiner and they had listed my ability to work was greatly affected, but not enough to qualify. I hear they do this all the time and with no diagnoses I understand why I was denied. I appealed and before my appeal hearing (ALJ hearing) I was diagnosed Schizophrenia and a few other issues. Thanks. I was looking at my DD form 214 with discharge and see my Separation authority was AR 635-200 PARA 5 - 17 with Separation code JFV. It is good this code was not JFX as that indicates a personality disorder while JFV does not. It seems the first step I need to take is to gather my military files and sign up for the VA site. The lawyers office said they send it after my case is closed and I would need to talk to the cases paralegal to get any files sooner. I left a message but will likely be a few days before I hear anything. I just accessed benefits for the first time and exploring the site. Files I need to obtain: SARS VA Medical Records (discharged as well as current). Ill do some searches to find out what other files I need. Thanks john999 and Berta
  11. I am unsure what my medical records from the time say. I tried getting a copy but for some reason I never get them. I did file (thought it was for something else) and I have a C & P in early April. My VA psychologist has me listed with Schizophrenia and as psychotic disorder as well as many other conditions. The first time I was hearing my medical records was during my SSDI judge hearing and most of what I heard was new to me and much worse then I thought. My SSDI lawyer likely has all the paperwork, but unsure if I can ask him to make copies for me. Its likely too late to get copies in time for the upcoming hearing by sending off for them.
  12. Hello, I was wondering what my chances are for my claim. I feel guilty even applying but a VA nurse sent me to some office and I applied thinking it was for help with my SSDI case. At little background. I joined the US Army right out of high school and completed basic training and AIT without issue. I spent the rest of my enlistment without issue up until I had a mental break after my 3 year mark. In October of 2001 I broke down and attempted suicide. I felt everyone was out to get me, depressed, and overwhelmed. I sliced one of my wrist and took all the medicine I had (which wasnt much). I ended up slicing through one of the tendons though I still have full use of my hand. I was rushed to a off base hospital and spent a few days before being discharged. Less then a month later I was honorably discharged from the service. I felt I did not receive any of the mental help I should have during this time, instead they kicked me out as fast as they could. The next 2 years I was a mental wreck. I lived with my mother and slowly got better. I finally pulled myself back together and found a job I enjoyed though instead of coping with my issues I just ran from them. I avoided all stressful situations and at the first sign of any type of confrontation I escaped. I was able to do this for around 6 years before finally getting to the point where I could no longer interact with people. I quit my job (ran away again) and decided to try college I spent the next few years trying to get a degree but I still couldn't deal with people. I would go to the college but sit out in my truck many times or go to the library and self studied. I was able pass the majority of my classes that didnt have an attendance policy by just showing up for test and turning in homework during office hours. I got to the point where this became impossible even dealing with these short social situations though and had to finally stopped going. During this time i lost my savings and ended up homeless. Luckily I have family so am staying again at my mothers though this is just temporary. On January 2014 I applied for SSDI even though I have not been to a doctor since the Military. I do not like doctors, hospitals, medicine, etc so avoided them. It thus came as no shock that I was denied. I appealed and tried to find help which was hard for someone without insurance. I finally found a needs based mental health clinic that was attached to a college and spent a few months going to sessions. They told me I had Schizophrenia and a few other conditions was listed on the medical records. The student I was seeing graduated and I could not force myself to go back to see a new student. Finally my Uncle told my mother to have my check with the VA to see if I qualify for health care. I did and saw my first doctor who was able to refer me to a VA psychologist. After a few visits she diagnosed me with Schizophrenia and as psychotic. Do I have a case with VA? My aunt has Schizophrenia so can they say its genetic? I have a CP exam in 3 weeks and am worried because they may not have the suicide attempt hospital reports since it was offbase (suicide attempt was in barracks but I was rushed to a off base hospital).
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