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  1. Went in today and had my first 2 hour session. I think it went very well, as the rater actually had done his home work on my disease. So it looks like it should be favorable. I now have another 2 hour session on the 29th and this should finish my claim. The rater told me my claim was one of the largest in his docket. He is squeezing me in early in the morning at 6 am. So I was very impressed that he actually cared to get this done sooner! Also i think the PTSD review went well, and I am hoping it goes up also!
  2. Thanks so much for all of the input! I see these longer visits turn out to be better and I am hoping to have the same result! I will update this on Wednesday! Thanks again for all of the support!
  3. do you think they will schedule more exams? Or could this be the last one? for now that is as I am sure they will miss something.
  4. I am needing some help understanding why the VA is going to take all of this time. Let me explain I have a current claim for multiple issues and I have 2 NOD in with the regional office. They called me a month ago and ask me if I could reschedule and come in for a 2 hour session. I asked why I could not do 2 different times and the person told me they had to do it all together even though the NOD's and the claim they are working are not the same. I am trying to figure out why they need 2 hours when I have already been to the specialist for everything and only 1 new item came up with the DRO. I am very confused here, because they have settled half of my claim deferred 4 items and I am still waiting on all of the bigger issues. Items like CFS-Dercum's disease-Sleep disturbances-joint pains and unknown illnesses. Does anyone know why they need this long? and are they going to make me wait to see another specialist? BTW this is going onto it's 2nd year. thanks for the help!
  5. You are right about them going forward with the easy ones. So I was told i had depression with severe anxiety. So they will join the two together into one rating? How high could it go? I am currently at 30% Also any idea of the 40% for undiagnosed illness, but is there a rating for CMI? or are they rated under the condition they are? Thanks!
  6. I am in need of some guidance here. I currently have a claim in with the VA and this what is throwing me off. Disabilities Claimed: joint pains (knees, elbows, ankles, cervical, wrists) (Secondary) Deferredright knee condition (Secondary) Deferred Fibromylgia (New) Not service connected due to no record in service IBS (Secondary) 30% because i have seen a doctor for this and they used the presumptive headaches (New) 0% CFS (Secondary) no denial or anything else vascular disease (New) denied not service connected sleep disorder/disturbances (Secondary) no denial or anything else gastrointestinal problems, signs or symptoms (New) rated with the IBS muscle pain (Secondary) no denial or anything else skin condition (New) Dercum's disease psychophysiological disorder (New) no denial or anything else-The evaluator told me i had depression and anxiety. Gulf War veteran with unexplained chronic multi-symptom illness (New) no denial or anything else Gulf War veteran with diagnosed illness as qualifying chronic disability (New) no denial or anything else Gulf War veteran with undiagnosed illness (New) no denial or anything else depression to include cold sweats (Secondary) no denial or anything else dercum's disease (New) no denial or anything else-I am service connector for Lipomatosis Dolorsa which is the same thing but they do not rate it. shortness of breath (Secondary) no denial or anything else low back condition, back injury, back pain (Secondary) Deffered numbness in both legs (Secondary) denied not service connectedPTSD at 30% NOD filed for this and the dercum's diseasetinitus 10%left knee 10% My first question is why would they why would they only rate certain things and do nothing with so many other things? Could the DRO have stopped them from claiming them as they normally do? I talked to my rep from the VFW and he stated my DRO was looking at a bigger issue. not sure what this means Next question, I see you can get up to 40% for undiagnosed illness, but is there a rating for CMI? or are they rated under the condition they are? Last has anyone been rated for Dercum's Disease? Thanks in advance for the help!