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  1. Thanks broncovet. Sorry for asking the question, I looked it up and just got more confused the more I read. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Buck. I don’t yet have a diagnosis of E.D., but after hoping things would get better for 2 years, I’ve decided to pursue it. I just had an appointment with my MH doc and he mentioned that the blood pressure meds could be doing it. I have an appointment with my primary care doc at the VA in a few weeks and I’ll make sure to discuss it then. Any idea on the SMC-S? If I’m understanding what I’ve been reading, then I don’t qualify because I do not have a single item rated at 100%, nor am I TDIU. I am 100% P&T though. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi everyone. I have a question about SMC S and K. I am 100% P&T. Am I entitled to SMC-S? I have the following ratings: major depressive disorder recurrent 70% obstructive sleep apnea 50% benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) 40% scar anterior neck status post tracheostomy 30% sciatica, right lower extremity 40% sciatica, left lower extremity 20% deviated septum status septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction 10% (replaced by next line?) allergic rhinitis with deviated septum status septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction (previ
  4. Hi everyone. I just want to make sure I'm not asking something that is a no-no. I just don't want to leave that housing allowance money "sitting on the table." Thanks.
  5. Hey everybody. I apologize in advance if this is not in the right section. I have about 18 months (give or take) of Post 9/11 GI Bill left. I am not eligible to transfer it to my dependents (they are getting Chapter 35 anyway.) I work PT and am 100% P&T. I have no interest in pursuing another degree to further my career because, God willing, I have no intention of working FT again. I'd like to use up the rest of that GI Bill and get that monthly housing allowance by taking some courses of interest. Otherwise, this benefit will go away and I will have wasted that income. Any s
  6. I am rated at 70% for MDD, permanent. Sounds like the DAV guy was full of crap.
  7. I clicked the button for one or two of my claims. Didn't seem to make a bit of difference.
  8. In my experience, you won't see the QTC exam info in MyHealtheVet. At least, I never saw mine there, and it was in Spring of 2015. I also clicked that button, but my made no difference in getting results. Emailing Sec. McDonald and UnderSec Hickey at the 15 month point is what generated movement on mine. I agree with Gastone. Read a book, find a hobby, just put your mind elsewhere, because the claims process can drive you nuts.
  9. I have used secure messaging to let my doc know when I have problems with meds. He usually calls me and we make a change without me having to wait for an appointment. That is usually with my psych doc, but I have also gotten prescriptions refilled through my PCP through secure messaging.
  10. So, what can obesity be rated as percentage wise? This OSA/obesity lines up very well with my experience.
  11. So, I went and looked into this a little more, and the VA website and form say that you have to be P&T and IU. I am 100% P&T, but not IU. Am I seeing this information wrong or is there something else I don't know? Thanks.
  12. Tbird, I think these changes look great. Things are easy to read and easy to find, which will be helpful to everyone looking for information.
  13. Awesome, so it sounds like CHAMPVA is just as convenient and helpful as my general doctor at the local VA. ***insert tons of sarcasm here***
  14. Hi Gastone. I actually don't know if they rated me IU. Is the only way to know that to wait on the BBE? Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone. Since I was recently awarded a P&T status, I know that we are eligible for CHAMPVA. I would like to know what your opinions are on having CHAMPVA insurance. Would you recommend carrying additional insurance as well? We currently have private insurance through my wife's job. Also, have you run into problems finding doctors that accept CHAMPVA? I appreciate any input you may have. Thank you.
  16. Hi everyone. I have been 100% due to MDD, OSA and several other disabilities for a little over a year. Recently I put in a request for increase on the MDD because I was advised to go part time at work and to prepare for the possibility of a residential treatment program. Anyway, the VA kept my mental health rating at 70% and they made it permanent and total. This now puts me at 100% P&T! I'm still reading about things that the P&T rating brings with it. Chapter 35 is huge because I have a 20 year old son and a soon to be 17 year old daughter. Are there any other things that I sh
  17. Hi everyone. Just in case anyone else reads this thread and wonders what the outcome was, the VA kept my mental health rating at 70% and they made it permanent and total. This now puts me at 100% P&T. I'm still reading about things that the P&T entitles me to.. Thanks to everyone that answered my questions.
  18. Hamslice, Thatmust be why I can't get my regular doc to ever call me back and follow up on lab results and X-rays. Part of me doesn't care though, because when I do get to see him, he just complains about how horrible the VA is. At least my psych doc is good.
  19. I'm sorry for your loss. To answer your question about ebenefits, its effectiveness is largely dependent upon it working correctly. It seems like half the time I log in to do something, it is down for "upgrades."
  20. It is common for this to happen when there is evidence to support the claim. While there are no guarantees, I don't think this is a bad sign at all.
  21. If you plan on getting her a green card, she can use that to support a request for a social security number. About 6 years ago, it took my now ex-wife no time at all to get a green card and social security number. We were stationed in Korea at the time and did everything through the embassy. I'm not sure about how long it takes in the states.
  22. Plus one on emailing Bob McDonald. I received very positive results after emailing him and Allison Hickey. Magically my claim started to move faster, C&P exams were scheduled and the retro was in my bank account. Your congress people may be able to help as well. Email your senators and representatives for your district. In my case I didn't hear back from the senator at all. However, the representative had someone on her staff that dealt specifically with constituent services. They contacted me within a day or two of emailing them and were very helpful in getting my VA money to
  23. Good luck with that. I usually wait 30 days for an appointment, and that's if they don't cancel the appointment a few days before the appointment.
  24. I agree with broncovet. I am still on my wife's insurance because treatment at my local VA is exactly like that. Some good (psych) and some bad (general medicine or whatever the regular doctor is called).
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