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  1. Yes indeed it is very very powerful especially if you bring it to the Dr. Office who has pledged to uphold his/her commitment of oath should document this in my healthy vet chart! It is Supernecessary and indeed helped me shed light and approve my case.
  2. Interesting, I have gone to qtc, lhi and a third other one and i can't remember the name. The third outsourced exam vendor i went to i have still not been able to get the exam notes. I was referred to send in a request for information act to the records department at the VA who in turn created a claim in ebenes very very very weird and no telling if the results were what i really requested (just the exam notes from the vendor) because the VA sent me a package with a CD with no instructions. Assuming this cd had the information i had requested there was no for sure answer because the CD had no data.... so pissed...ugh
  3. Where you at Gastone.

    1. Buck52


      Unfortunately  I don't think Gastone is with us any longer  IWe use to email each other as we became good friends here on hadit through out the years,.

      Gastone had his S.C. Disabilities and was 100%  P&T With some SMC's Added in.

      He came down with brain cancer last year the type of cancer Senator John Mccain Had.

          Gastone  was having surgery's  and he mention to me in one of his last emails  it don't look good for him and he said if he don't reply  it maybe that   he is taking the old dirt nap...This is the last time I heard back from him.

      ..I tried to email his spouse  but no response, if Gastone is still living  he most likely can't get on the computer /phone.

      ALL I Know is I sure miss him here on hadit  his post was well informed and he used most of the regulations  and he had personality that was just liking   I think everyone like Gastone that posted with him..I know I did.

      * Note I have looked up Obituaries in his Area he lived  SEVERAL TIMES  and always come up with nothing .  so he maybe still living but not know anything?? IDK?  

      God Bless him  and his Family,

    2. Valhalla0321


      Thank you for the update, 


      I kind of got that notion from some posts and replies , you and him both helped me out once upon a time and i wanted to tell him how much i appreciated that as well goes for you.



  4. Please Comment: My PTSD claim has been deferred, i have diagnosis and my MH with VA has connected ptsd as in service however i have a C&P outsourced in a couple of days- any suggestions please help me.
  5. This is good advice, My new claim of ptsd got deferred and i have another one of many i have already had CnP exam outsourced. I have been diagnosed years ago and taking medz, however VA asks for a lot more and even if you provide a couple records that show trauma they will still say then need something else.. i feel ya, im going through this to... And to make it more difficult .. my rep keeps saying " your maxed out" withdrawal your claim".. .aye yaye yaye..
  6. When i left in 99/2000 era they gave me my medical records so that being said i know how purging or non recording can happen back then. I'm not sure what your discharge was however Broncovet is right you will need an upgrade on that dd214. And yes, you need all 3 of what's mentioned and perhaps more. I myself waited almost 20 years to talk about my ptsd and when my Doctor created a nexus or diagnosed me i thought i could just file for ptsd based on that and other copious amounts of notes exams and records however the VA is strict, i still don't have enough proof yet.
  7. Valhalla0321

    SMC l

    Very helpful question with a great explained answered.
  8. I'm not exact on this but i would be surprised that a VA hospital does not have a Neurologist or a resident Neurologist. In most case i have always seen several per one hospital with a chief neurologist as well being the head in charge. All it takes is calling your local VA and request Neurology department and BAM!
  9. Yes' all of that and all of the above/ ive heard many stories about ssa 'SSDI' some good and most difficult. And it all depends on the Judge and the Vocational expert how they see your records and can they find you doing a job of a ampule sealer(basically if they can find a job you can do then denied!) You can have ime, dbq's letter from cogressman you name it, what matters is your record has to be consistent to what you claim and any bumps in the road then the train stops. One very very important thing and that is get a lawyer if you don't know the law or don't want to know it very well. And find out what the EOL is like.. the end of life of your insurance with SSA ' yes when you apply for SSDI" if this is what your doing, from the time you submit that application you have 5 years and five years only before it expires and if your not approved by that time is up then there is no more left.
  10. Does your friend have a POA, i'm not quite sure if he would qualify for back pay.
  11. I hope that you get the answers you need on this status soon and before holidays most certainly would be a blessing.
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