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  1. EBenefits is a quirky animal. With my claim, it went back and forth a couple of times over the course of 2 days.
  2. For my hearing C&P, I had the audiogram test, then a test where I had to repeat what I heard in the ear phones. Midway through the test, the examiner asked if my ears were ringing right then. I told him they always ring. I also wrote a comprehensive statement in regards to my rating and job in the CG: Along with the statement, I supplied the VA with 21 years of range reports, as well as 21 years of u/w records. I went into the process making sure I covered as much as I could.
  3. Already looking into it. Edited to add: donation made.
  4. This is good advise. I took it and paid off debt. I didn't have much, but it was enough to weigh on me a bit. I buy silver at least once a month and have been piling that up as well as lead. I will probably buy a little more this week, it was down again today. The rest is in an account. My wife and I have separate finances (extremely long story, but it's for the best), so she does not have access to it. This is a good question. I had filed for health benefits (?) a few years ago. It was to be able to use the VAMC with a co-pay, but I made too much money/had too much in savings at the time I guess, because I was denied. I have the letter somewhere..... Thank you everyone for the good karma. This site is invaluable!
  5. I'm going to add this: I received my retro and thought it was a mistake. I guess it was no mistake!
  6. Just got word from my VSO, it was no mistake! Holy poop.
  7. I had applied for insurance through the VA before but was denied due to making too much? That was probably 2 years ago.....
  8. I retired from the reserves 1 JUL 2011. Left active duty 14 APR 2004. I'm pretty confused. Also, eBenefits is a mess right now, and I can't log iin.....
  9. So, I'm pretty new at this. from start to finish, and last Friday, the VA marked my claim completed. Great! Now I wait for the retro and first payment. So, by VA math, my claim initiated on 10MAR2015, and I should get 3 months of retro, right? So at 60% with 2 kids under 18 and a spouse, my monthly payment should be $1275.09 a month, and the retro payment should be $3825.27, right? Well, to get on with the point, this morning I received a direct deposit of $xx,xxx.75. How do I contact the VA to find out if this is correct? Because as we all know, what the .gov gives, the .gov takes away as well.......
  10. Tonight my status changed to completed, 60%. First try out of the gate, I'll call it a win. 109 (? Quick Math) days. I'm going to ask for a reconsider on a couple of items, and claim secondary on a couple of others and see what happens. Will schedule meeting with VSO on Monday. All honesty, I'm pretty happy.
  11. Thanks folks. This morning my status changed to "Preparation for Notification".
  12. Today I got "unofficial" word that I was going to be rated at 60%. eBenefits had switched to "Pending Decision Approval" this morning, so I emailed my NH VSO, and she stated that my letter shows the following: 30% PTSD 10% Back 10% R Hip 10% Right Knee 10% Left Knee 10% Tinnitus 0%: Left hip, right hand fracture Denied: ankles, migraines, neck, eyes, hearing loss & acute depression I had made it a goal for this year to file and complete a disability claim with the VA. So I went into it like I do with everything, with both barrels. In January, I began collecting every scrap of information, medical records, buddy statements, etc, and by the time I sat with a State of NH VSO on March 6th, I had over 300 pages all in chronological order, and those documents didn't even include my SMRs; those had seemed to be "lost". I found out the following things during this process: a. People you may think are your buddy, and say they will write a statement will blow you off, make excuses and do whatever they can not to have to put pen to paper. The ones that do are your true friends. b. A senator who sits on the Armed Services Committee can be your best asset in regards to finding your medical records very quickly. c. eBenefits is a great asset, but it's also a cause anxiety...... Right now I am "OK" with my unofficial rating. I think I will probably appeal the rating on my left hip (that was the hip that was actually injured in service), as well as the neck. I'll talk to my VSO about it after I get "Official" notification. For timeline purposes: 3/6/2015 - Meet with VSO 3/10/2015 - File date in eBenefits 3/13/2015 - Letter from CG stating they don't have my records 3/19/2015 - Friend still in CG finds my records 3/23/2015 - Status changes in ebenefits from "Under Review" to "Gathering Evidence" 3/26/2015 - VA requests more detailed information on the stressors I listed for my PTSD statement 4/02/2015 - Sen Kelly Ayotte's office calls and notifies me that they have received my medical records 4/20/2015 - First C&P Exams (PTSD and Ears) 5/22/2015 - Second set of C&P exams (everything else) 6/1/2015 - eBenefits status changes from "Gathering Evidence" to "Preparation for Decision", skipping the "Review of Evidence" step 6/22/2015 - eBenefits status changes from "Preparation for Decision" to "Pending Decision Approval". VSO states in email that my unofficial rating is 60% 6/26/2015 - eBenefits shows "Completed" in status I kept a journal of this whole process to share with Sen Ayotte when it was completed....... I guess NH moves faster than other states, who knew. Still, I'm not out of the woods yet, like I always say; "If it ain't on paper, it never happened". So here I sit, on pins and needles waiting for the final approval, but somehow I think that will be in the next day or two...... Best to all, Ron Edited to add close date
  13. The site was down over the weekend for maintenance, maybe a glitch?
  14. Good luck! I'm still sitting in PFD
  15. This is fairly old news. WWP has been in the news for their actual donation percentage for a few years (less than 60%). The fact that they are suing other charities for using the word wounded when used in the same sentence as warrior blows my mind. The fact that our country's service members need charity because the government cant keep a simple promise is even more mind blowing.
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