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  1. Berte, I am sorry.'.... In one of my messages I type CSRD instead of CRSC. It does get confusing! Hammer's wife Lee
  2. Berte Thank you for the information. My husband is receiving CRDP. Now that he is rated 100% for Parkinson's and other problems due to Agent Orange herbicide exposure in Viet Nam, we are applying for for CRSC. Ref NVLSP- Corresponded with one of their attorneys back and forth and he held to the Nov 2017 effective date, even though I had sent back up to include the last two claims of "Denied" in 2014 and 2016!. I discussed with him the presumptive of 2010. Also included a 2017 DBQ, which they seem to use for the Nov 2017 effective date, ignoring our most recent Neuro's date of 2015 when he first diagnosed my husband. In 2010 his neuro at that time diagnosed the Parkinson's. His tremors (part of his 100% now) went back to 2002 on his VA records and private physcian's records. Somehow every note on his record seemed to want to put everything on the hemorrhagic bleed that occurred in 2001. I have filed the NOD with all the back up. We are hoping they will take another look at all the data and change that November 2017 effective date. I thank you for your input on the above. Thank you also for the Diagnostic code site. I appreciate so your work informing veterans of needed information and places and sites to go for help. Hammers wife Lee
  3. Berta. Still working on the Parkinson's disability ratings for my husband. Had no luck with the AO law group you mentioned on getting a previous effective e date. Submitted an NOD onb the effective date, and made my point on our other claims previously put in for Parkinson's and denied. Asked that the NOD be sent to a DRO and Ramp decision after. Still waiting to hear! Meanwhile I am working on my husbands CRSC. I am having trouble finding diagnostic codes for all the disabilities listed on his last approval. Could you go to my email on the items listed and give me some insight as to the coding? Would like to get this off ASAP! Thank you very much. Hammers wife, Lee
  4. Could someone tell me what coding sheets are? I understand they are a sheet that comes with your rating decision, listing all the illnesses that a veteran has and has not been service connected for, along with service connection date and percentage rating. I don’t think we have ever received one of these. Thank you, Hammer’s wife
  5. Berta, Good advice! Later, after all official VA documents are received, would we be able to apply for CRSP for the Agent Orange Parkinson’s? We applied in the past for his hearing loss due to artillery in the early days, (without adequate ear protection) and it was a smooth process. Thank you so very much for all your help. Hammer’s Wife
  6. Berta, Thank you do very much for your help with CRDP. I am not completely clear on this. I will go over it a couple more times, when it is quieter around here and maybe it will sink in. I was wondering if requesting an audit from DFAS would clarify it for me? Still awaiting the official VA decision letter telling me about the 100% decision for Agent Orange. Received a letter from the VA Health Dept expressing what Hammer qualifies for now that he had been declared 100%. Suppose the official letter will arrive soon. Hammers Wife
  7. Since you all have been extremely helpful with your answers to my questions. Here is another one for you. Noticed on my husband’s “My Pay “ account, where an entry from (statement of effective date) May 10, 2018 to (new pay due as of) May 14, 2018, there is a miscellaneous credit representing a CRDP called ....as a result of a special payment. Would this have something to with his recent 100% decisionby rhe VA due to her herbicide exposure? Thank you very much, Hammer’s Wife
  8. Buck, Thank you for your info. My husband had not worked since 2001, when the stroke/clot in brain occurred! What us TDIU P & T? what is SMC S 1? Sorry to display my ignorance. Little time to stay on my social media and learn these things. My caregiving has become a full time job. I am grateful you all are out there. I keep my IPhone with me and try to keep up with mail. Sorry if I am late responding sometime. Just bear with me! Hammer’s wife
  9. Broncovet, I just saw your reply. I thank you for your wonderful info. I will try to fill you in on my husband of 57 years. My husband is 84. He had been working on his claim for years with very little results. I took up the mantel as he could no longer handle this, however my time is limited due to full time care for him. He has had PVC, since his first trip to Viet Nam in 1967. Attacks were frequent! Often over before arriving to the doctor. Phenobarbital was prescribed for years. Ugh! What they didn’t know back in the 60’s! No wonder he tired so but kept on trucking! This med was a temp fix. Later in 70’s VA prescribed varopromile and several others. Non of those ever worked! Took more and more meds. Attacks continued frequently in the 80’s and 90’s. After he retired in 1977 his attacks became more frequent in the 80’s and 90’s. He searched for work, which was a trying situation. Hearing was ruined! Wrist impairment from lifting in military! There were years before he received any compensation for those! He now has 10% for PVC, 10% for Tendonitis/Ulnar nerve collapse and 20% for hearing. All were a lot of work and a long time coming! At age 67 he suffered a hemorrhagic bleed on the brain, in 2001. Craniotomy performed! Clot evacuated! Left right side impaired. Seizures followed as did a right hip replacement when he fell. Months of hospitalization and years of therapy (physical, occupational and speech)finally got him up walking with walker and talking again, then back on his computer but was never able to work again. He began to fade again around 2010. Gave up computer and seemed mind was gradually slipping away. Kept struggling! Another two or three hospitalization for PVST, AFIB, femur break, and several other things. He is now to the stage of not doing much for himself. I am his nurse. A full time job! After retirement, in the early working years, we knew nothing about unemployment benefits, when for a long time, he could not find a job or work due to disabilities he had upon leaving the military. He was so busy trying to find the job and keep up with his work and our educating our children. Never time for much else! When he did check with VA persons, he was received with a negative. Then the bleed came and our lives were shattered. Feel sure all the years of PVT caused the clot in brain. Surgeon could not identify how it occurred. I thank you so very much for your host of info. When the official letter arrives from VA, I have the Nehmer phone number out and I will be calling them. Hammer’s wife
  10. I have only received a letter from his VSO with the info I submitted on this site. A letter will follow, they said. VSO letter has effective date Nov 2017, when claim was submitted. I had filed a claim for the Parkinson’s a few years ago and it was denied. In that claim, my documentation showed doctors disgnosis in 2010. Thank you so very much. I was at the Nehmer site last night and have their number to call. You were right on time with your host of info! I thank you so much for your help. My husband is not well at 84 with numerous ailments other than Parkinson’s. If he were able, he would thank you as well.
  11. VA Percentages decision on recent claim. I am the spouse of the veteran and trying to understand how to add up the percentages. Could someone please assist me? Will there be back pay to Vietnam exposure for 1967-68 and 1971-72? SC Parkinson’s (Herbicide Expo)-granted 50% SC Muscle Rigidity & Stiffness, left lower extremity (Herb Expo)-granted 30% SC Muscke Rigidity & Stiffness, right lower extremity(Herb Expo) 30% SC Balance Impairment/Bradykinesia (Herb Expo) 20% SC Tremor w/Muscle Rigidity & Stiffness, upper extremity (Herb Expo) 20% SC Urinary Problems (Herb Expo) 20 % SC Speech Changes (Herb Expo) 10% SC Cognitive Impairment/Dementia w/sleep disturbance. 30% Thank you very much, for Hammer (Lee Ervin)
  12. Hello Berta,

    I have been in contact with Dean Terrell and he tells me that you are the one, who may suggest help to me about this situation.  I have been trying to get my husbands C-file for many months, as we have filed a NOD and may have an appeal in the future.  I wanted to be ready with all my husbands files.  My husband  is 82, a Viet Nam veteran, retired,  and no longer able to multi task, so Dean and I are trying to get through this next claim by the last of the month.  I had first written to the VA Records in St. Louis. They had little and suggested I write to the VA in Montgomery, Al, as when one leaves service, all of their records go to the VA.  No answer from them!  Someone else suggested I go through the VA Dept. of Evidence in Newnan, Ga.  Did this as well in July 2015 and no answer.   Do you have any suggestions that may help? I would appreciate your expertise.  Thank you, Lee Ervin

  13. Entitlement VA starts Entitlement VA stops Filing income tax for starts and stops
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