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  1. Thanks Master Chief! That's good to know and a great plan of attack. I will definitely do that but will stand by until I get my SOC/form9 and if they don't give me enough to satisfy my needs I will take it to DC and do exactly what you said. I have a great attorney BTW and would reccomend him to ANY vet filing a claim. Brian Hill is awesome and the top of his field... https://www.hillandponton.com/
  2. I think your right Senior Chief. They may not even have seen this document because I don't think it was even in the C-File but I don't have a copy to check right now. Best thing to do is wait and see what they decide first. To tell the truth in the statement she said I had "snorted" drugs which I never had and I am filing for contracting Hep-C in Boot Camp from the air injectors which caused liver cancer and ultimately a liver transplant and a whole bucket load of other problems. Just that one word could sink my ship but not really. Just have me have to wait another 2 years to get the compensation I am due... :(
  3. I have a major problem. I have a 4 issue NOD that is 24 months old now but I have been informed that it has gone to Ratings, the SOC has been written and is now under review. That's a good thing but now as I was surfing the e-benefits site I saw that there were 2 documents posted on my case which I had never seen before. The first and only two documents. One was a 21-4138 that was 6 months younger then my original denial/decision. Then the other was a homemade unsigned statement/affidavit telling my whole military sob story. With my address, SS# etc. It was pretty close to the truth but one thing that was said can xxxx up my whole case. I know what happened. My ex GF who was helping me with my claim and the computer, I was quite the Luddite a few years ago, Just turned 60, apparently took it upon herself to send a VA a letter w/o my knowing but I am sure she thought she was helping... BTW we haven't spoke for a year. Now my conundrum is how do I put the feathers back in the pillow? How do I get that statement taken down off the site and what ever hard copies of files of it destroyed? Like I said it is not a legal document and wasn't signed but just reading what she wrote could change a jury's mind. Just one single word she used makes me out to be a liar. And I am not. She is a writer and I guess she felt like embellishing the story... Any suggestions Guys? Thanks! :) David T Pike USAF 1974-78
  4. Im new here and I hope this is the right forum to ask this. I receive a non-service connected pension of $910.00 a month and am 100% disabled and unemployable. I was told the pension is calculated at 120% of the poverty level. Is this true? Also, if the Federal minimum wage goes up, will the poverty level and the pension amounts follow suit? Thank you....