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  1. ardodd, I’ve been reading along, but haven’t chimed in as my own experience is more along the lines of yours, than not. I just wanted to let you know that I support you.
  2. I finally told my therapist about some of the CSA/R from my earliest years. I'm not convinced at all, that it won't blow up in my face, and cause my rating to be reduced.
  3. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    @Michigander, you're welcome. I'm so happy for you. You deserved at least that rate.
  4. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    I think it's just asking if you have any additional info to give them while they review everything before deciding your claim. I had the same message too, and I had nothing to give to begin with. Hope you hear from them soon!!!
  5. Oh yes of course, I hadn’t even thought of that. I was thinking about treatment options. Thanks, @Tbird
  6. Now that the VA is officially recognizing CPTSD, or complex-PTSD, does anybody have any understanding or knowledge regarding this? And if so, How do we get our therapists to assess us for cptsd? Thank you for reading this. Info regarding CPTSD can be found here; https://www.ptsd.va.gov/professional/ptsd-overview/complex-ptsd.asp
  7. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    @Michigander, LHI did mine as well. He told me that I have ptsd and in fact would recommend me for an impatient program if I was one of his patients. You have to keep in mind, the VARO is the one who decides. They gave me 50% because suicidal thoughts/ideation, was the only symptom noted in the higher brackets. Which then they also put in the letter that higher rate would be warranted for things like...yep, you guessed it, suicidal ideation. I don’t understand how they can say that. Anyway, ummmmmm, I knew my decision in almost exactly 90 days from date filed. Hope yours goes as quick and hope you don’t get lowballed. You got a Police report in your favor. Again, glad your exam was safe.
  8. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    I do hope it goes quickly for you. Glad to hear that your exam was better than expected. I agree with @Buck52, you deserve 100% for this.
  9. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I had those same listed on my exam letter. While it did list the DBQ, I don’t recall him asking me questions specifically off of it. I do hope it went as well as mine did. I did have that previous nightmare experience several years earlier, to compare against, though.
  10. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Hi @Michigander, Yes, it was to DX my ptsd due to personal trauma(MST). No, don't need DX. File claim for ptsd secondary to mst. They send you papers to fill out in regards to your mst. At my exam, which was by an outside examiner, he didn't fill out dbq, or even ask too many of those kinds of questions. You will have to go over at least one MST event, which will be the link to ptsd. Hopefully you'll have markers in your service record. You don't have to have even one report of the mst, I don't. But do have alcohol related Article 15 and resulting ETOH counseling. My exam was rather pleasant. I had already had one for MH a few years ago, at the VAMC, by a contractor, done in house. That guy was a greasy slimeball..who was 100% out to discredit Vets. He just ooozed hate and discontent towards me. But for this...totally opposite. He never even questioned the validity of my claimed event. And at the end he told me that not only do I have ptsd, but quite severe at that. However the Phillly VARO screwed me out of 70% because they decided that suicide ideation was the only 70% symptom, while the rest were in the 50% box. And then said higher rate would be warrented if I had things like Suicide Ideation...WTF? So be prepared to be lowballed. I do expect you'll get at least a 50% rating. Will be praying for you.
  11. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Hi Michigander, If you have someone you can truly lean on, ask if they can go with you. They can't be in, of course, but will be quite welcome support after your exam. I was alone, because I had nobody at that time, that I could have relied on. Really sucked trying to regroup and drive home, all on my own. My exam was by outside provider, and yours most likely will be, as well. The VA just isn't equipped to honestly and fairly give exams on MST. I was expecting a shitbag like I had several years ago...but was blown away by the truly concerned and quite competant and pleasant psychiatris/tpsychologist...not sure which, that hosted my C&P. I mean, he even asked how I was at the end, and was quite concerned when I said I wanted to jump out his 3rd floor office window. And was even more concerned that I only see my VA therapist once every 6 weeks, due to patient load. He thought I should be minimum, seen once a week, preferably 2-3 times a week. The exam was very much controlled by me. He asked questions to prod conversation, but not prying. If asked about childhood, unless they already know, tell them it was average/normal, as best as you thought at the time. Ummmm....He asked me what I wanted to talk about, in regards to the purpose of the exam. So, I told him about one of my experiences which took place over a 3-4 month time frame. At the end he did tell me that I do, in fact, have PTSD, and they would certainly grant me SCD based on his opinion...and I hadn't asked, he just volunteered it. The VARO lowballed me at 50%, claiming most of my symptoms were only in that range. And that Suicide Ideation alone was not enough to give me 70%. Which is proof of the lowball. But I can't fight it at this time...just too much...
  12. This is just my two cents worth in my State, PA. I spoke with a divorce lawyer to weigh my options for when I leave my abusive wife. In PA, your VA comp is only considered towards alimony or spousal support if you don't have any other income or are retired, and the VA comp is the only or main source of income. Otherwise generally not allowed by law for settlement. Child support is a whole nuther animal all together. In PA, VA comp IS included in tabulating amount of child support. Also, in PA, child support gets re-evaluated every 3 years, and is adjusted up or down as needed. But, if you are working and/or have joint custody(even if the kid/s reside with other parent, and have kids in your health insurance, that gets factored in as monies you are already paying. Like already mentioned...lawyer up!!! Protecting yourself will ALSO benefit your children. Even if only indirectly...they would be better off emotionally if Daddy isn't destitute and homeless cuz mommy screwed him over. But seeing you making it and doing okay, with even just a few bucks to spend on them when they are with you, would do them wonders.
  13. MST Claim - I have started the journey

    Would chime in, but just be in the way. Everyrhing I did myself, always mailed paper copies. Even when had benefits counselor scan claim into system, I still mailed in paper copies. Wish you complete success. Andy
  14. Bad PTSD/MST C&P...HELP!!!

    I agree with you on that! My exam was done by an outside provider. And we didn't do any those stupid biased tests! He asked me some questions and was quite concerned about my welfare.
  15. First Claim for PTSD from MST

    @babs, I do wish all the best for you.