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  1. The DX will be for PTSD due to personal trauma(MST). MST is the cause, like getting hit by a truck. The truck then isn't the DX, the injuries caused by hypothetical truck are. PTSD is the result of the MST. Once you get that DX, I highly recommend you ask to be transferred to your local Vet Center. They deal specifically with PTSD, in their counseling therapy. And their notes are not accessible by the VAMC. So you can freely speak of all things pertaining to you, with no fear of big brother VAMC looking to find something to screw you over with. And it's a much more relaxed atmosphere as well. All the counselors will be Vets themselves with PTSD...which means they will understand what its like. As they been there and done that too.
  2. Hey everybody, Hope y'all had a nice Christmas. This was my first one since leaving wife. Was okay. Divorce should be finalized by end of January. I would have been back sooner, but had another death in the family. Second one in 3 months, 6th in 3 years. Now for the important stuff. Since I had Started this thread, I went through eBenefits and filed for increase for my back, and for jaw pain, secondary to my PTSD. I was on ebennies to print out a current award amount letter, for child support calculations, and decided to look at those claims. Saw they were closed and letters sent. So I went to the disabilities list option, low and behold....my back was restored to 40%. And they granted me 30% for my jaw secondary to my PTSD. Both exams were done by outside providers...LHI or something like that. The dentist was rather concerned at what he saw. And gave me full confidence this would be a win. The other, was a bit sketchy. She was too hung up on the reason the VA put for the claim....low back strain...saying that is a temporary injury. I kept trying to explain that I've been playing this game with the VA, for my back, since 1998...so...all I really needed from her was to take the ROM with the goniometer. Which she did. She told me I should look through all my VA treatment records and see what the names of ailments they used in referring to my back. Said those medical names would be the DXs and I should file claims based on them. Would that be a legitimate suggestion? Because Lumbosacral strain(the new name for my low back disability now) sure doesn't cover my SI joints. Still waiting to hear about my PTSD claim about them granting 50% based on symptoms including suicidal ideation...and that I could apply for increase based on the higher rated symptoms, to include Suicide ideation. Which is a symptom listed only in the 70 and 100% blocks. I had called the VA about that, I think before I started this thread. And they told me a decision was made and was in final authorazation/approval review...about 5-6 weeks ago. If they grant me the 70% for PTSD, that will put me to 100% for payout. And would be a welcome relief in relation to my impending alimony and child support payments. Thanks again @Buck52, @Berta and everyone else who commented.
  3. That’s what any reasonable person would expect, right? That the treating doctor’s word would carry more weight than that of a lesser qualified individual. @Buck52 Just got done reviewing myhealthyvet to see if there was anything I could see. Saw that I was seen by my treating physician in regards to proposal to reduce. That was in April 2017. Then saw there had been a C&P for June 2017, with correlating x-ray appointment, that had been cancelled. I remember that, the C&P scheduler has called me to schedule. Then was notified some time later that they had cancelled those appointments, as no longer needed. There is nothing in my notes or records indicating resolution of proposal to reduce. Even ebenefits shows several closed appeals, around same time frame, with no identifying information about claim. So I applied for increase for my back. Been having a lot of pain lately, that wasn’t there before. And now that the VA has to consider pain as a part of the disability, maybe this will help to right this wrong.
  4. Thanks Buck. I know I had my treating physician evaluate me and write a statement where he went over all the treatments I had been through in the 15 months he was seeing me. He also used a goniometer to take measurements of my ROM. Which were included in his statement. To reiterate, the proposal was triggered by a crooked PA, not PhD, who was examining me for something other than my back. She used no tools or devices to take any ROM readings of my back or the part of my body she was specifically examining. She gave ROM guesstimates based on her casual observation. Since the end result was a reduction, this proves the VA took the word of their PA, who never treated me, over the word of their PhD Dr, who had been treating me for 15 months. Who also wrote a statement reviewing my treatment history with him, and the ROM measurements he took as well.
  5. Buck, I did get a letter, to which I responded to. I recalled what others had said here in the past. I had my response back well within the 60 days. But never received the decision letter. Or anything else for that matter.
  6. True, however I am expecting a 20% bump in my ptsd rating, which now will just bring me back to where I once was. The PA is the one who wrote that my back seems to be better, while examine me for something totally unrelated to my back. Their bases for reduction is staked to the PA’s casual observations. She took no measurements of my back at all. However my Dr, who had been treating my back for a year or more, did use a goniometer to take measurements, which keep me in the 40% rating box. There are no increases anywhere else to offset that. What other explaination is there, for them to reduce, when my PhD wrote his statement in rebuttal to the claim based on PA’s observation? And with no exam or letter, I have no clue as to what or why.
  7. If you reread my post, you see that I wrote that I responded by seeing the VA Dr who had been treating my back. He did write a statement and I did send it in with additional exam notes from the treatments he had given/ordered in the year before hand. What I did Not get was a Decision letter stating that they overruled the treating Dr in favor of a PA, and that they chose to reduce anyway. I had no expectations of expediency, so I was not concerned when i didn’t hear back. As we all know the VA takes its own sweet time. And since there was no change to my compensation $$$ or overall rating, there was again no cause for alarm. I only noticed because I was checking on another claim that is nearly finalized. That 20% reduction in the back rating may well keep me from 100%, once the current claim is awarded.
  8. Hello all, Been a long time since I was here. Was checking ebenefits for current status on CUE claim that is in final review/authorization stage. I noticed that my rating for low back was reduced from 40%-20% back in August. There was no exam, or notification of this. I did receive a letter stating they were going to review with possibility of reduction. I scheduled appointment with the physical rehab Dr., at the VA, that had been treating me. He wrote up a letter stating that my back had not improved. And he did use a goniometer to take measurements...the ROM kept me squarely in the 40% rating. He also went over the various treatments he had ordered, that hadn't offered any improvements....pt, chiro, and accupuncture. I sent this all off. I received no notification of the results of the review, much less an exam to overturn the treating doctor's statement. Can someone please tell me what I should do from here? I am not in a mental state of mind for handling this on my own. Thanks in advance. Semper Fi.
  9. I will be filing my RAMP choice ASAP!!! I sure ain't waiting 7-10 years!!!
  10. @poohthewinnie, hey, that was an excellent analogy! I know I couldn't have even come halfway close to how you explained it. And .... it's not that you don't want to remember....you can't forget....we just don't want to be triggered into remembering anymore than we already do. This crap sux...really really does.
  11. @CptDT, you can't claim secondary mental health conditions to PTSD, which is a mental health condition. The VA only grants one. However those you listed will be a part of the symptoms you are experiencing, which should help determine the % rating for the ptsd claim.
  12. @Destia22, I agree with above posters. I've only been going to my local Vet Center for about 2 months now. The therapist I have is a MST SC Army Vet. And she is my age, too. So that makes it not too hard to talk about my stuff. Especially knowing that she has been walking the same walk wearing the same shoes. They only deal with PTSD, And as far as I understand, all the therapists are Vets with PTSD. So...esentially they are us. Also can check out anonymous online survivor's community Pandora's Aquarium.
  13. @deelaryn That's wonderful news!!! Every so often they get one right!
  14. For sure it didn’t hurt. She sent me the exact forms to fill out and said what to write. As far as how much detail and such. I didn’t have to wonder what forms and she actually initiated the intent to file, so that let did help.
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