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  1. Andyman73

    RAMP questions

    I will be filing my RAMP choice ASAP!!! I sure ain't waiting 7-10 years!!!
  2. @poohthewinnie, hey, that was an excellent analogy! I know I couldn't have even come halfway close to how you explained it. And .... it's not that you don't want to remember....you can't forget....we just don't want to be triggered into remembering anymore than we already do. This crap sux...really really does.
  3. @CptDT, you can't claim secondary mental health conditions to PTSD, which is a mental health condition. The VA only grants one. However those you listed will be a part of the symptoms you are experiencing, which should help determine the % rating for the ptsd claim.
  4. @Destia22, I agree with above posters. I've only been going to my local Vet Center for about 2 months now. The therapist I have is a MST SC Army Vet. And she is my age, too. So that makes it not too hard to talk about my stuff. Especially knowing that she has been walking the same walk wearing the same shoes. They only deal with PTSD, And as far as I understand, all the therapists are Vets with PTSD. So...esentially they are us. Also can check out anonymous online survivor's community Pandora's Aquarium.
  5. Andyman73

    Two Claims- Awarded Separate or Together

    @deelaryn That's wonderful news!!! Every so often they get one right!
  6. For sure it didn’t hurt. She sent me the exact forms to fill out and said what to write. As far as how much detail and such. I didn’t have to wonder what forms and she actually initiated the intent to file, so that let did help.
  7. Hmmmm, good point! Wouldn’t surprise me if they did.
  8. @Vync, The ROM thing was always in my favor, but they denied anyways because of their whole deceiving mentality of pain not being disabling. So...hopefully the IMOs/DXs will be enough to convince them otherwise. Then...then the EEDs.
  9. Andyman73

    Is sketchy a technical term?

    Sketchy seems like vague and unclear....like a mist or fog...damp but not actual rain....sketchy. Perhaps they meant to befuddle the RO.
  10. @CptDT, Dude, I'm so sorry for what you been through. Me...only one page. Contacted my local MST coordinator first. Then filled out the forms she sent...the ptsd due to personal trauma form. Only gave enough detail to show that yep...certainly was MST...all 4 times. Somehow the fact I got caught in the act of trying to cut my wrists, at work, seemed to be left out of any official record. So...that's a big issue with me. Nonetheless...this should be a sealed deal. Yes, file the claim...you should be looking at a minimum rating of 50%, the suicide ideation is only in the 70-100% rating blocks, but you never know, they lowballed me even though it was written there for them to see. The VA handles MST claims differently than combat or other PTSD claims, so you should do okay with that. If you interested in more Q&A, I am open and willing to talk via private messaging. We MST survivors gotta stick together. Semper Fi, Marine. Andy
  11. Thats good! I'm all out of sorts now, after reading the rationale from the ptsd exam....the trauma is/was the MST...your symptoms all happened after ...Post. But hey...at least they granted you did infact experrience mst. I know I did, at least 4 separate occasions. AS for help...try your local Vet center. The therapists there are Vets and have also some level of ptsd too, so they do know how Military life is, especially with ptsd. I just finally got into mine, and after only 2 weekly seesions, can alreaady tell that this is most definitely better than the Dr. shrink at the VAMC. They just didn't get it, up there.
  12. Andyman73

    How can they VA examiner just lie?

    That's great to hear, DevilDog! It's such a huge load of validation and vindication to get that after the horrid exams! I've not been blessed in that manner. Hopefully you'll hear back about your PTSD soonest. Mine took about 90 days from initial claim file date to notification letter.
  13. Andyman73

    Male Mst

    @zuluvictor81, hopefully you'll score the hat trick this time.
  14. @Buck52, What’s interesting is that for many types of claims involving muscoskelatal ailments, the VA fates based on ROM, but totally ignores the pain that causes you to stop moving. They hypocritically deny the very pain that causes our ROM to be limited. They accept that pain is why our ROM is reduced, just not that the pain itself is also disabling. For me, this all means I will have to get DXs from private Drs to use as N&M to re-file claims for secondary to SCDs for the painful joint ROM.
  15. Hey @Buck52, how ya been? Guess I’m gonna have to go back to the drawing board with my secondary claims. They have all been denied based on the ‘pain itself is not disabling’ premise, or no in service dx. I never could understand how the VA had been treating me for a handful of various physical ailments that they would not dx. Now I know. I had asked the dr treating me for me back, the past few years, what was wrong with me. All he would ever give me was a runaround answer how it could be this thing or that thing. Now I know why, same for neck too. On a good note, since leaving wife, she can’t prevent me from go to dr/specialists to get dx and MOs. Just have lay out money is all. Earlier this week I discovered a shiv in my back, figuratively, from the VA. Was looking at eBenefits to add my adopted daughter as a dependent. I saw they had reduced my back from 40% to 20%, the “shiv”. Almost lost my temper!!! I don’t remember if I had mentioned it here, that I got a letter stating they wanted to. Based on erroneous data given by a PA while being seen for something not related to my back. Buck, right after that I scheduled an appointment with the VA dr who had been treating my back. I explained it all to him. So he gave me a once over, and used a goniometer to get measurements, which were solidly in the 40% rating range. I sent off a copy of his report highlighting his measurements along with a statement. But it seems that without even looking at me, they chose the PA’s opinion over the PhD MD who had been seeing me regularly. While my compensation rate didn’t drop, it can’t be too far from that. Just when I finally got to a place where I could start moving forward, I run into yet another obstacle from the VA.

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