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  1. Buck, I was denied secondary SC for MDD due to chronic back pain, because the examiner felt my depression was due to other factors just as much. Even though those other factors he cited were years after the back injury occurred. One such issue was marital problems, however, I was injured in November 1992, married April 1999. And marital issues didn't begin to effect me until mid2000s. But the back pain was there, constantly since 11/21/1992. Not that this matters now, since I have a lowball 50% for PTSD anyway. How do I go about filing or refiling claims that were wrongly denied due to the VA's illegal stance of pain not being disabling? All of those claims are well past the 1 year NOD time frame. Is this now a good time to revisit the lawyer issue? Now that this ruling has come down, there is potential for 5 figure retro compensation. Honestly I do feel some level of vindication. Only in the sense of me knowing the VA was wrong on this, from day one. Yet, I also feel taken advantage of and dismissed by the VA as well. Because now it's been legally determined that the VA was illegally denying millions of Vets their SCDs on the false premise of pain not being disabling. Andy
  2. Stay safe Berta! We got same advisory here in South Eastern PA. I do hope this does in fact, open the door for SC for pain and include clear pathways for EED as well.
  3. Berta, I get Ben’s e-letter, which is where I saw this. According to what he said, based upon the Fed circuit, I could possibly refile over a dozen claims that were Denied due to no DX, but noted and treated in my SMR. I’m really hoping that I am understanding this correctly. Andy
  4. How does this new ruling from the fed circuit court effect claims denied because pain was ignored or dismisssed?
  5. @VN-Vet I’m so sorry that happened to you. Happened to me too. For PTSD due to personal trauma(MST), you need not have any proof whatsoever. They can use why they call “markers” which are changes in behavior that would have been noted by others at that time. The MST May be easier to get SC for, as you don’t have to have documentation for it. The VA does recognize that many of us never report for fear of reprisal or worse. Never mind the overwhelming shame and self blame factors. The VA also uses outside contracted forensic psychologists to conduct the exam. I was terrified that I was going to be railroaded, but was quite surprised that the examiner not only believed me but was rather compassionate about the whole thing too. If you wish to discuss more personally feel free to pm me. Semper Fi, Andy
  6. I used the female MST rep for my area. She was kind and compassionate. And basically just helped me get the ball rolling as far as sending me the correct forms to fill it and such. My claim was decided in 89 days from date filed.
  7. @Buck52, thanks again for sharing your knowledge on this topic. Andy
  8. L, not only do I agree with you, but I think it's time women got their due in all aspects of life. Semper Fi
  9. Broncovet, I think 4 separate incidences of MST would certainly be a candidate for cause of my ED. Thanks for your input, Broncovet, always informative and supportive. Semper Fi.
  10. @Buck52 thank you for that info. I will call and get that ball rolling. I only noticed the change in performance after recovering the memories of my MST. I think it's more psychological than physical. And haven't had relations with wife in 18 months or longer now. Kind of a moot point as we're no longer together. But our physical intimacy was always weak at best. She won't lift a finger to help anyway. As for meds...not on any for ptsd from VA. I am prescribed something from private dr, but that's only been 4 months now. The loss of function predates that by a wide margin. AS always Buck, I appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions. Semper Fi
  11. Andyman73

    MST with PTSD or PTSD

    You're welcome. Hope it makes all the difference.
  12. Andyman73

    Male Mst

    Yeah, I know what you mean. She was the only one who ever did anything for me, as well. None of us should ever get burned out dealing with the VA. The fact that we do, just goes to show how much the VA is truly against Veterans.
  13. Andyman73

    MST with PTSD or PTSD

    @tazntaylr, if you haven't learned already, it would be filed as PTSD due to personal trauma. The trauma being the cause and the PTSD the effect. As an example, I filed for PTSD due to personal trauma (MST). I hope you can get all that info you're requesting, and that your claim will be handled and processed post haste with favorable ratings. Semper Fi. Andy

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