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  1. Sorry for missing this. You deserved it. And so much more, I do hope life will be kind and generous to you from here on out. Semper Fi
  2. @soldierfromthe80s, I didn't even know any of this stuff happened. And was at the point of dropping out of therapy at the VAMC, because it wasn't helping me at all. Then the memories started to show up....40 years worth so far... Hey, once you filed for PTSD due to MST, how long did the whole thing take ? Thanks for checking on me, I appreciate it very much. Seem to be fadin away on it's real nice that someone can still see me.
  3. @L Thank you. Actually I've been seeing current therapist for over 2 years. But at least now I know the root cause of my ptsd. It has led me to question my own existence. What's the point? Why me? Sins of the father I guess. Why bother...
  4. @Tbird, thanks for the link. I checked it out. Seems pretty straight forward and easy enough.
  5. I won't start that until next year. I know these types of claims take time to figure out. Honestly I expect little to nothing out of it. I've only had 2 successful claims since 2000. And since I'm at 80% already, I doubt they will give me enough to even bump me to 90%. Yeah, I know it's a crappy mentality...but 2 wins in 17 am I supposed to feel?
  6. Thank you! I really appreciate it.
  7. I finally got my dx for ptsd last month. No info on my claim, though. I was sexually assaulted twice by a male predator, tackled by a drunk female Sailor who then sexually assaulted me as well. I attempted suicide 7 times in 18 months. Spent 3 days in a coma on the floor of my room in the barracks. Even got caught in the act of attempting suicide with a knife. No help offered or ordered. This was all between September '94 and May '96. Help was not offered because it did not exist. And male Marines dare not self identify or report being a victim of MST. That was a sure bet way to have your life ended physically or at least emotionally. Those of us of a certain age remember what it was like before Don't Ask Don't Tell. My marriage of 18 years is dead. My fault for chosing an abuser. She fulfilled that task quite readily. Then again, I didn't know then that I actually didn't deserve it. I know much about nothing. My dx is just verification of what I always knew, but never spoke up about. I would hazard a guess more Vets with honest ptsd keep quiet about it than don't. Same for war stories. Most of you that have them don't tell them. Most of the ones that go on about it are fakes. Most of us with MST keep even more quiet than you combat Vets.
  8. That's awesome news! I'm glad to hear it. I don't know when I'll hear anything. It's almost a month to the day, since my C&P exam.
  9. Tai, Hey man, hope you're doing okay today. My disclaimer...I am but a humble man, uneducated and not overly bright either. So these are just my opinions....however I do have some life experiences that differ from most others, as you have as well. IU = individual unemployabilty, means unable to work or work much due to the effects of your SCD and non-SCD alike. Such as in your case the effects of your ptsd makes it hard for you to go to work everyday. Those that say you're looking for a handout are jealous OR ignorant to the truth. To help you with that you will have to do a few things...ignore them, if possible. Don't tell people about this. My twin brother made that mistake, even though he certainly earned his 100% . Certainly don't make a single comment EVER, about trying to get all you can. Most will take it to sound like milking the system and such. Now, that has no bearing on the truth of the matter...which is you know your own medical history and they don't. Even my own wife throws that in my face and I never ever made those kinds of comments, but my brother did. You deserve the full benefit offered and allowed by law. Personally I think there should be a special category for MST survivors. Tai, I am quite amazed that you were able to speak out to request that transfer, even tho it never went through. That took huge guts and courage and bravery. Wow! Tai, I would like to share an online community that may be fit you outside of this one. It's called Pandora's Aquarium. It is the only online community for survivors of any type of sex based crime, where there is absolutely no victim shaming. It is totally anonymous and free. I have found it to be incredibly helpful. It's very much like hadit, in such that it is full of survivors that love and support each other in ways you can't even imagine. I know, as a guy, I felt completely and totally alone and invisible. But there, I am somebody. Even here I am so often alone. I know most here just don't know, so I hold them blameless...Ms. Berta is a wonderful grand Dame, a true national treasure. Buck is just an awesome all around good guy. And Tbird.....well, she is the creator and founder of Hadit...'nuff said! There are so many good folks here on Hadit. Anyway, hope something I said made sense somehow Andy
  10. Worse by than that Mike...for the men, they fear being re-victimized by the UCMJ, their own command, their peers, and then getting charged and convicted under the UCMJ, and then the BCD or DD. And never mind the worst of all, getting brutally assaulted by their peers as well. Trust me...that was my biggest fear back before Don't Ask Don't Tell was enacted by Bubba Clinton. So....not one single person would dare pick up a torch for the likes of me. It may be different for women, can't say, since I'm a guy. Who would risk being seen as gay or a gay sympathizer to help male MST survivors while still on AD??? That would have put them in the same spotlight as me.... why risk their life and career??? Sorry if my attitude is ugly...the fear of revictimization and criminalization was much worse than most can possibly imagine!!! Many can wear my shoes based on size.... but most cannot even put them on, much less walk in them. Andy
  11. Wish you and your husband all the best, with this claim.
  12. They are supposed to rate you based on the symptoms in the highest category. So, for me, suicidal thoughts, ideation and attempts should net me a 70 PTSD rating... Again..supposed to rate you for symptoms in the highest bracket. So you should get 70 for that alone. Should be. Others will chime in...