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  1. What's interesting Vets is that when I went on the C and P for my sinuses increase, the doc said that he noticed in my records that I had sleep apnea. I currently have OSA on appeal secondary to PTSD and was not thinking much about it that day. He told me that my sinus problems most likely contribute to my problems. He said that he would put a note in the system but was unsure what the VA would do. Well based on his probably note, I filed for secondary service connection. The claim is in the PFD phase so I have my fingers crossed but somewhat expecting a denial. I have well documented sleeping problems throughout my SMRs and currently rated 30% for Sinusitis and 10% for Allergic Rh. I had the ACE C and P with a different doctor but he failed to provide an opinion? He justed basically reviewed the records and filled out the DBQ but did not give an opinion? Wouldn't the VA ask him to do so? What's the point in completing that C and P and not providing an opinion whether or not they think it is likely or least likely that my SC sinus problems contribute to or aggravate my OSA? If an opinion was provided I don't see it in the Dr's notes. It is my hope that the "probably" note holds some weight because it's the only medical opinion, (as weak as it may be) by a qualified person on the subject. I was hoping the VA would go back to the doc that said probably and ask him to elaborate but from what I can see, that was not done. In a wait and see approach like many of you. Will keep you guys informed. I am currently rated at 70% with 100% total in disabilities. The OSA would help me to reach 90%. Holding out hope. calgon
  2. GP, the ACE exam was a C and P where the doc reviewed my records and filled out a DBQ. I did not receive a phone call. The C and P for my sinuses increase was an in-person review. Chuck
  3. Thanks Buck. The doctor was a qualified M.D. specializing in internal medicine. I am so hoping his opinion holds some value because the ACE C and P examiner never even mentioned the word sinusitis or rhinitis in his review. I hate those ACE reviews with a passion. CHUCK
  4. Hello Vets and Vet supporters, I have the subjected claim currently in the final stages of completion. I received an increase for my sinusitis and allergic rhinitis service connections recently and the C and P examiner opinned: "Veteran also suffers from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. His Service Connected Allergic Rhinitis /Chronic Sinusitis probably contributes or aggravates this. My question to the group is whether you feel that statement can be considered a Nexus for a connection between the two? I had an ACE C and P for the subjected claim but the examiner did not provide an opinion. I am confused as to why an opinion was not provided. With that being said, do you think that opinion from a previous C and P exam will hold enough weight to justify granting secondary service connection for OSA? Everyone have a safe 4th of July holiday weekend! Chuck