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  1. Detel

    July Roll Call

    Staying in the fight. Keep your chin up!
  2. Once my claim was decided, I received my BBE after a couple weeks. In the meantime I printed all available letters from ebenefits. They should update over a couple days, depending on your rating. V/r Detel
  3. Nick, I am sorry to hear of your current situation. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of that area for representation. I am positive that there will be some good suggestions on here. There is a good group of individuals, who will help in any way they can. Stay positive, and the community should be able to assist you. V/r Detel
  4. Welcome, Becky! Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. There is a good group of people on here, who will help you in any way they can. V/r Detel
  5. I would think that they are two separate processes.
  6. Rootbeer, I am happy to hear your good news! I am still curious how the numbers/statistics are adding up for recent claims completed, as far as accuracy and fair ratings go. Are you still compiling these numbers? V/r Detel
  7. You can figure out your retro pay quite easily. Simply take the number provided in your letter section and multiply it by the number of whole months following your separation/retirement to get your total retro. Keep in mind that you will get paid following the completed month (ie May gets paid out in June). Let me know if you have any other questions. V/r Detel
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, Navy4life.
  9. The Disabilities section should show your rating percentage, and it is quite possible that you will receive your retro before the arrival of the BBE. That was the case for me, as bassrunnin1 said. I will keep my fingers crossed that you hear something today or tomorrow. At the very least I would hope that you know by the end of the week. Also, keep in mind that normal payments arrive after the completion of a month (ie June is paid out in July). V/r Detel
  10. My vote would be for a giant group hug. Everyone likes hugs.
  11. My understanding is that the VA will reimburse costs you paid for work, if a condition is found to be s/c.
  12. Navy4life, I am not a fan. I am going to start doing a decision dance for you. If it works for rain, then it could work for the VA. V/r Detel
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