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  1. Agreed. You have an excellent forum and I am sure many benefit. I am certain that our mutual idealogical values differ in regards to the newt way to handle problems at VA, but at the same time I recognize that your friends advice to me seems to parallel that generally of what a major veteran service organization (VSO) would pass along. So whilst I might not agree with that approach I recognize the value of it. God Bless and Semper Fi.
  2. I took an oath to uphold and defend our Constittuion from enemies boh foreign and domestic. This is not a case of a bad apple my friend. This is a case of malfeasance across an organization that has the effect of killing veterans. I need no credentials or job designation other than "American" to call these guys out. If Roseburgs actions did no harm to veterans I would have no interest in pursuing and identifying corruption there. To look away or make side deals dispensing with my rights is to me pisssing on those who sacrificed all to secure those rights. What VA Roseburg is removing care for is because I excersized my rights to file complaints with whatever agency was involved. Normally when an agency dispenses with the rights of The People the harm done can take years to notice and impacts us in ways that limit our freedoms. When VA Roseburg dispenses with the rights of American veterans it can and does kill. The reason they toss out the accusations they do is to elicite responses like yours. However I suggest that those who have died at the hands of VA malfeasance have a right to hold me responsible as the man who took the oath to do my part as my heart moves me to make things right. This is what I own. I will not own the festering corruption as though it is part of my character defects.
  3. I have been a VA patient for years and am 100% sc for PTSD. After a three year investigation of VA treatment of me by the press, the press printed two back to back stories two years ago detailing deception, intimidation, and malfeasance. The VA Roseburg immediately terminated all mental health care. The VA then terminated all PCP care. I have demanded via paperwork to see a patient advocate for two years with no response. The government opened self scheduling up so I scheduled myself. Days later in my record appears a Choice Program referral for 180 days, but VA Roseburg refuses s to assign an PCP, mental health provider, or PACT team at all which makes a Choice referral worth toilet paper. I called the Choice program and they said this simply will not work even if I did want to use it. Without a VA assigned team nothing will be paid for because in a way Choice is like a prescription for care and must be authorized at some point by a VA provider. I called VA hotline in D.C. Three days later after I called D.C. for help the Roseburg crew changed my "Choice" authorization and made a cheap shot. Copy and paste from my record book. Three days earlier no mention whatsoever was made of misconduct and in fact I have not stepped foot on VA property since the article and since they terminated care: "Type of Service/Procedure: Evaluation and Treatment Chief Complaint: Veteran is not comfortable with VA care. He has fired multiple providers and has harassed providers to the point they refuse to see him. He is verbally aggressive and sexually inappropiate. He brings reporters to his appointments. We have been unable to come to an understanding with the Veteran. Number of Visits, Frequency, and Duration: This authorization covers services associated with Mental Health Consult for the above named patient for 180 days and 27 visits. Authorization for care is set forth as follows: Authorized for Mental Health evaluation and treatment to include an average of three verbal supportive individual and/or group therapies per month for 180 days for total of 26 visits. Veteran may be able to return to VAMC as determined by availability of services." The clinic a mile away from my home is brand new and the reason the first authorization (which made no mention of sexual or verbal misconduct) was issued was that VA now allows a vet to schedule online which worked great and found me an appointment in just weeks. They cancelled the appointment made and put in a referral for Choice instead which I then called VA hotline about resulting in the new authorization accusing me of shit. In the cancelled section of the appointment I made they put, "This appintment was cancelled because you telephoned the clinic and asked for cancellation." Lies on top of lies on top of lies. I live 1.25 miles from the brand new VA facility in Eugene and less than a mile from a second mental health facility. I am an ordained minister. I fired nobody - the newspaper reported massive malpractice and additionally I stumbled upon and reported the drug distribution scheme Roseburg was engaged in on the street corner of 8th and Pearl in Eugene. The VA police investigate I got the report by FOIA. They got multiple confessions to multiple stashes of drugs being stored and dispensed as well as multiple CSA violations. Additionally the Circuit Court of Oregon, Judge Cynthia Carlson, issued a Restraining Order against VA to cease "molesting" my healthcare. I have also filed multiple Privacy Act violations one of which necessitated "technical support has been given to Roseburg to achieve compliance." These actions have now resulted in termination of all VA PCP and mental health care and a Choice authorization that is worthless. I reported them to VA hotline and of course then two days later instead of the authorization reading diagnostic codes for the problem to be treated (PTSD) they changed it to the quotes above to cheap shot this minister. My friend is a reporter and goes to all my VA and non VA helathcare meetings except groups of course. As a minister of my church I too am a reporter for my church paper. I have been accompanied on EVERY visit by my friend on fear of further false allegations and the reporter has never witnessed such things by me. No previous mention in my record book either as I am always described as soft spoken and compliant. To date not one VA employee has forbidden my friend the reporter from entering with me except once: when Chief Paperman of VA police Roseburg interogated me over the drug allegations I made he insisted that the reporter not attend the interrogation. In that interrogation I handed him the pills dispensed of the wrong dosage, outdated, and still in the envelope. When VA claimed I threatened somebody the police also generated a report: Disposition: It has been verified by VA police that no outstanding threat has been made against VA personel or property by patient (Dennis). Closed." My own previous VA mental health provider placed into my record, "... this patient has never threatened anyone that I know of..." in response to her bosses claims. After I turned them in for dispensing drugs (they were even passing out prescription nicotine patches on the corner) at first VA mental health staff claimed that I had taken my own meds and placed them into the envelope and attempted the felony crime of presenting false evidence in order to try to frame them. My own suicide prevention counsellor tried to toss me under the bus. In fact Chief Paperman warned me that if I was making up evidence I would be imprisoned and went on to say if the charges were true the perps were looking at huge fines and jail time. Fortunately my defense against mental health folks claiming I set them up was that the envelope contained pills not of my dosage, PLUS they fingerprinted the envelope and had the handwrtiing analylized and all fingerprints except mine were VA mental health folks as was the writting.They got the written confession from two mental helath folks - then I got booted lolz. In that report the police end it by entering the line, "By order of the Chief of Staff the evidence siezed has been destroyed." No matter I guess because it was documented but destroying evidence before any trial??? And just a week after the bust? What they DiD NOT do was place another bogus Cat One flag into my record which after 23 interviews with me by the press was also revealled and printed about and was placed upon me these years back now immediately and for their own stated reasons of "...you notified the CBOC that a Restraining Order had been issued." as a causitive reason to place the Cat One flag. The newspaper story uncovered all this and forced removal of the bogus flag. Now two years later they still refuse PACT assignment. Look carefully - they say "...he may be able to return to VAMC for care..." Even if these cheap shot charges could be fully validated there is no law in the land allowing VA to abandon a patient and refuse medical service - NOT EVEN a PRF can do that legally although in practice it really does. I have severe chronic PTSD and am down from 16 pills a day to control symptoms to zero pills per day. They even cancelled my nitro glycerin for my heart. There is no shortage of clinical staff at the new VA clinic one mile away and they even boast of same day walk in service! They justify Choice by refusing care permanently for me which of course technically means I cannot get care in thirty days and this was the ONLY criteria satisifed for authorizing the referal. Complete curruption because they manufactured a circumstance to fit a criteria. It is pure fraud. Repeated IRIS contacts for PCP or MH care have been responded to with this line by VA Roseburg: "All episodes of care are being provided through Choice for this veteran". The Choice program supervisor said that it is impossible to do this legally. There is no law in the land that my close friend the reporter who also has a medical power of attorney, and a limited power of attorney during care, that can exclude me from care because they do not like being told on in the press a nd they do not like the occupation of my designated healthcare companion. VA Roseburg on the heals of the damning letter to the New York Times alleging them tossing high risk patients to get their numbers up has tossed me too and now cheap shots me with allegations three days after I call the hotline??? VA hotline says this is illegal. Choice Program says this is illegal. OIG called back for info and are launching an investigation of willful patient abondonment. They seem to be hoping my heart wont take it I guess but my God what power on Earth does Roseburg wield to cast such harm across patients like me and the doctors who wrote the NYT also alleging rampant intimidation? I have lost all VA care and now as a patient must battle again to get the medications that are life saving. The doctors say they are now fighting for their licenses after false allegations too. How can America let VA do this to their patients and doctors at Roseburg so freely? My own Congressman, Defazio, said on the congress floor last October (youtube video) that, "Roseburg VA leadership is completely dysfunctional", because I aint the only one they are hurting like this. The Chief of Staff, a pediatrician from India is married to the Chief of Surgery (also from India) and their Chief medical officer is a dentist from Kenya. THe Chief of surgery has been reported three times for substandard medicine and each time they fire the doctors reporting him with similar allegations as they placed on me which can be career ending for a doctor. Mr. President, you said you would fix this if you had to do it yourself. Sir, I sure haven't heard you travelling to Roseburg recently. Are you going to let American vets down at Roseburg? Should we ship in leadership from yet another country and see if they will obey American law, or just hang onto the pediatrician from India, her husband from India and the dentist from Kenya for our senior leadership and let them dispense their own version of America? Yours truly and may God Bless, Rev. Dennis Semper Fi
  4. They will not agree to be recorded. Without a doubt. What the newspaper didn't quote in the recorded phone conversations was my question, "Why do we have to meet face to face? Why can't you just send me the letter?" His response? "Because this is too sensitive for telephone communications, and (he went on) communication is 85% body language and 15% verbal. We want to make sure we communicate clearly..." In other words, no paper trail, and no recordings. There was much the paper did not report that is sleezy here.All the morphine I was being prescribed? I never met the doc who did it. I asked, and they said, "you will get no medical advise from this clinic" and closed my secure messaging to her. She continued to prescribe life shortening doses of morphine for months, and to this date I have never met her. There is a rat here.
  5. The Veterans Administration response to the publishing of the story of horrific care as posted above in the link; copy and paste from my record, put in the day after the paper published my story "Due to the history that patient has had difficulty with his interpretation of information provided during clinical encounters, it is advisable that clinicians see him with an additional provider. /es/ KATHLEEN DALY, MD Psychiatrist Signed: 08/03/2015 11:17" In all the years that VHA has treated me for illness, this is the first mention that I have cognitive problems interpreting information during clinical encounters. In fact, I always ask at the end of every session if I have been polite, compliant, and receptive of care, and to please note that in the record before I leave the room, please. Sure, they have removed the bogus flag so I don't need a Federal Armed agent in the room now, but they have implemented a lifetime now of a stranger in the room whenever I seek mental health care with my provider. Can anyone tell me exactly what the phrase, "...difficulty with his interpretation of information..." means? Isn't my interpretation of information a First Amendment right? The Supreme Court, in Roe V. Wade, affirmed that patients have a supreme right to privacy with their provider, without government interference. I assert that having whatever cleaning staff is available or whatever guy is walking around cannot possibly be a theraputic measure and can only increase the anxiety they are treating me for. I cannot fathom what they hope to accomplish with an off the books record flag that now can only serve to alarm future diagnostic techinicians, and portrays false information in response to public criticism of VHA. This is the Scarlet Letter.
  6. My dealings told in the story and by me are just with the Roseburg OR, known as VARHCS. The calls made to my home that I recorded, legally, were made from the Roseburg Hospital, and the Doctor claimed he was authorized to enter into "negotiations" by the current Chief of Staff of Roseburg, at the moment of this post. However, I have received back denials from Chiefs at VISN-20 regarding the appeals that got forwarded. From VISN-20 the reasoning for denying a removal of the bogus flag was "...even casual comments like the one you made are taken very seriously." Remember, a Cat One PRF is reserved for the most violent among us that pose an immediate threat to the personal safety of those around them. A casual comment like the one you made......earned me an armed escort into every place, even the latrine (stall doors open). Even into the examining room, because of a ...casual comment like the one you made... worried yet?
  7. Here is a link to a story that was years in the making. It is how I got "flagged" as violent. The VHA told my congressman and entered into my record a PRF letter that accused me of threatening murder, when in fact, the man involved with the incident was 21 years older than me, I did not know him, and I have never been accused of knowing anything about it! I did use profane language on a voicemail, and a very strong sentiment about what should be done with the writers of prescription drug laws, but in honesty the police investigated that message and concluded no threat had been made. closed. PTSD patient and Marine veteran Dennis Parker battles for ... Now let me tell you something I learned after many days of fighting a bogus Cat One PRF, which in case you don't know classifies you as an Extreme Menace and has the definition that the likelyhood of the flagged person "...harming personel in the initial moments of the encounter..." are extreme. I will tell you how to start. 1) Appeal the decision in writing the day you learn of it. Send it by signed certified receipt to the Chief of Staff that sent it to you. State, if true, that you have no intention of harming anyone, and make your case. Stick to facts because the rest is just fluff. It will be ignored. As for me, I chose to send my appeals in both handwriting, typed text, graphics included (great word processor), and included copies poster board size in a shipping tube so that a committee could easily read the material set onto a display stand. Lay out the appeal with as much creativity as you can, and include hearts, symbols of peace, flowers, and so forth, if you wish to communicate that you are peaceful. Remember, there are no limits on the number of pages or the graphics you can use to illustrate your appeal. 2) Make a Privacy Act Request to the Freedom Of Information Officer (FOIA) at the facility that issued the flag. Call the front desk and ask for the fax number and mailing address of the office that handles Freedom Of Information Act requests. They will be glad to give it to you. I use an online FAX service which lets me send a free fax every day from my computer or iPad. You only pay if you want to send more. REMEMBER - they WILL accept faxes, but make sure an image of your signature accompanies every request. You should make three seperate requests; A) "I am requesting all Personal Record Flag letters be sent to me, that are contained in my permanent medical record." (Remember, sign it) B) "I am requesting all Personal Record Flag letters be sent to me, that are contained in any system of records, or any location electronic or otherwise, except for such letters that have been entered into my permanent medical file." (Remember, sign it) C) "I am requesting a hard copy of my complete permanent medical record." (sign, sign, sign hehe) You can label them all FOIA requests because even though the medical record can be requested as a Privacy Act request, MAKE SURE TO REQUEST IT UNDER FOIA. They must honor FOIA as Privacy Act requests if they are for medical records. The two request A) & B), if honored, are a horrible Catch-22 for the VHA. Either answer, can (and does) cause them a major HIPPA problem, and the proof is your own medical record. Trust me. The newspaper who covered my story about VHA abuse took two issues to catalog a huge string of abuses, and I am told a third story to document the dispensing of medications to the mentally ill vets outside of the mental health clinic (in order to save their lives) will run shortly. Yes, just by asking questions it became obvious, and has now been confessed to, that so many mentally ill vets were being flagged here in my town that the mental health clinic was handing out drugs to get them by (just like they did for me), when these nasty PRF flags are placed. PRF flags kill veterans. make no mistake about it at all. this must stop. The paper said that after years the VHA mysteriously called me out of the blue to "negotiate" removal of my PRF flag. I will tell you when they did that, after years of learning about HIPPA, Filing Civil Rights Complaints and learning about them, and contacting the OIG which seems kind of pointless; the call for negotiation came when I made the two simple requests above, in A) and B). My history with them put them on guard and when they realized why I was asking these two simple things they wanted to make it all better pronto. Any guesses why? HIPPA experts, can you see the problem they have? NOTE: The PRF flag was removed from my file after I made the requests in A) and B), but the VHA will not respond to either of those FOIA reqeusts with either the documents or an explanation why no documents are returned. Yep, they are refusing to comply with a FOIA request....(remember what i said about Catch-22 and the HIPPA law - this is a hint hehehe). They have also refused to comply or respond to Privacy Act requests to amend my permanent medical record. Does this not concern others besides me? No Fear. No Shame. Semper Fi.
  8. PTSD patient and Marine veteran Dennis Parker battles for care from the Veterans Health Administration This story is really the tip of the iceburg in what they did. In order to keep vets alive, that clinic shown in the article was passing out drugs to vets that had been flagged. Myself in particular. I posess the Uniform Official Report showing thier internal investigation, confirming the practice with a written confession, and discovery of a cache of drugs. Not sure why the paper ommitted that - I'm betting their police contacts asked them to be patient in reporting that as I am told this is a big deal. I can send a scan to you if you like showing my own sole point of contact and suicide prevention coordinator lie to Federal Agents about it, suggesting that my mental illness would lead me to such a memory - until they produced an envelope given to me with pills in it. Her handwriting. She broke down, poor thing. I tried to keep her name out of it, but when VHA Washington DC rep told me that I could be prosecuted for accepting those pills, I decided indeed to tell the local VHA police who had done it. She in turn confessed and her first words acoording to the report," ...I wasn't in this alone..." Anyway -- the article shows some mighty icky government stuff. But I'm a mental health patient - I cant really understand what's happening, right? Semper Fi
  9. I am not a legal begal, but the idea that VHA employees are somehow imune from law is prevelant, in my experience. For instance, after the original Cat One behavioural flag was issued, all my meds got terminated. Fearing that I would suicide, the mental health clinic tapped into their own stockpiles of drugs to tide me over until I could get it resolved. So my Suicide Prevention Coordinator took Wellbutrin pills of nearly the correct dose from a doc in the clinic and gave them to me on the corner of 7th and Pearl streets in my home town. A FOIA request revealled that once VHA learned of this they conducted an internal investigation that revealled one written confession, one verbal, two dozen seperate prescription drugs, at least one Controlled Substances Act drug (clonazepam), and one "VA Secure Prescription Tablet in purse...". But wait, it gets better... After the investigation, the report was sent to the Chief Of Staff. The one who triggered all of my issues, but certainly could not have known Behavioural Health was bypassing him, decided not to inform local and State officials, or ANY agency of what the police say are multiple felony crimes spread out across a network of VHA employees. These facts are not in dispute, nor is it any longer disputed that VHA intentionally entered misleading information into my personal health record (and the Privacy Act has mo statute of limitations for criminal violations). However, throughout this entire ordeal, and there us WAY more, again and again this vague idea that VHA was above laws keeps coming up with them. My last MST PTSD counselor at the Vet Center, aware of all I just shared said, "But we are Federal employees. State laws dont apply." I see that attitude echoed in accounts of encounters at VA all the time.
  10. I am 100% sc PTSD patient. I was forced off of VHA meds because I was tagged as a Cat One Violent patient. All meds, and even my suicide prevention group was terminated overnight. I cut my arms open. Spent time in the mental ward after meds were stopped. My solution, as an Oregonian, was to turn to our medical marijuanna dispensaries. Oregon just ammended the medical marijuanna law to allow "extracts" of the plant as well as legal dispensaries to obtain it, but more importantly, added one more medical condition to the list of presumptive conditions that automatically qualify a citizen for a card and huge discount in application fees; PTSD. Oregon has recognized the significant benefits reported by PTSD sufferers, by adding this to the qualifications. Before, only certain cancers and generally painful diseases were covered, but Oregonians are not afraid of the reefer madness boogyman. We KNOW that in one form or another, this drug calms us down. I too do not sleep and am up from about midnight till dawn, also diagnosed with Severe Restless Leg Syndrome. I cant stop moving without meds or intolerable shooting electric pains jolt through my legs. I tried many forms of the mmj drugs available. 5 years running I have had a card for pain (sc artheritis throughout spine, severe ambulatory pain). Here is what I found about mmj products for PTSD; 1) Of the 2 strains, Indica and Sativa, Indica is the strain I seek. Sativa strains are well known for the "Cheech and Chong" effect, and helps facilitate a sense of euphoria and vague confusion. Sativa strains are a disaster for me. Ramps my anxiety and irritability up, not down. I stay with Indica only. This jives with a whole lot of anecdotal evidence from other anxiety patients. 2) Dried leaf has very little medication like effects on ptsd, irregardless of type or method ingested. Oregon requires all dispensary products to be lab tested. We know the product is clean and what potency. The product I use to great effect and never plan to discontinue is called an extract. Specifically, this product is know as "shatter". Shatter is lab tested between 70%-90% thc. THC is the psychoactive component. I normally either use a vaporizer which "boils" the THC mixture into a steam vapor, or I smoke it on top of a little dried plant. Vaporizing preserves 100% of the THC vs. smoking (combustion), and is vastly more potent than smoking like quantities, thus is more cost effective by a factor of 5 at least. Smoking is more convenient. I will say this; this is incredibly potent medicine. It takes about the size of half a rice grain vaporized to dose me in the mid morning, then a few time throughout the day. Sweet slumber at night, though the drug is not a miracle cure. Now for first hand info. The taste of the shatter can determine the correct type. The ones that have a decidedly fruity smell and taste are spot on for treating anxiety. My favorite is termed "Pinapple" shatter and tastes and smells vaguely like that fruit. If it tastes sort of "mediciney" or a bit like menthol, then the extraction process, or the herbs used, just do not impact my emotional state as positively as, for example, Pinapple shatter does. Those with experience smoking pot but not this stuff do not know the smell. Only a fellow vaporizor patient of shatter would recognize it and it leaves no odor on the user. Paranoia and other anxieties associated with smoking leaf are not present in the purified form. Relief is within seconds of inhaling. There can be a 15 minute transition period that is unpleasant, but not always, and it always passes in about 15. During that phase, I at times can swing very low emotionally. With practice I am aware that this will pass, but again, this stage depends on the "strain" of shatter that is available. I recommend from experience to sit in a quiet room to medicate. Preferabbly nobody else around. I find no comfort in sharing this time with others, though I use the vape in public often when I am out. No odor. Nobody cares. There us no secondhand smoke because there is no smoke. I risk a citation, a $50 fine, for using it in public view. I have not heard of that citation ever being issued. Shatter works hands down far better than ANY of the other drugs they prescribe for PTSD, and the PTSD condition was added because of voluminous anectdotal accounts of relief from PTSD symptoms. Just make sure you have a quiet and comfy spot to use the stuff for the first time. Preferably in a corner of a dark room with a blanket...be ready to sleep that first time - for about a weel lolz. After that, I became aclimatized to the drug (much faster than psych drugs), and that initial "high" does not manifest again. Semper Fi
  11. And now they removed the Cat One Violent designation. It was placed onto me by VHA, because (in their own words on the letter) a Circuit Court judge issued a Restraining Order against a VHA employee, naming me as the protected person. That decision on their part, it turns out was a colossal mistake. I did not roll over. I stood up. They took away every prescription, group session, and all medical and dental services, because I went to court, and the judge agreed they represented a continuing danger to my safety, and BOY HOWDY, was that judge right. You simply would not believe the five (I said 5) PRF letters to me in the 3 years that followed was concurrent with 19 interviews with press, and a whole bunch of Freedom Of Info Act requests, and multiple recorded conversations with VHA officials (passed along to law enforcement). It nearly killed me. I nearly killed myself over it. I am told, with the lifting of the PRF has had the effect in the press of putting the final touch on a convoluted story of VHA corruption. 6 weeks or so. A VHA official told me recently that state laws did not apply to them as federal employees. Let's see if a Circuit Court judge agrees with this, because I do not remember in civics class being told that anyone is above the law...the State Police detective involved doesnt seem to think so either
  12. I honor the courage you have shown in this. Well done.
  13. It has been 3 years since the CBOC vet community clinic's manager was served with a protective resteaining order to cease "molesting" myself. He was ordered by Circuit Court to stop all activities that interfered with my care. 4 days later, according to Freedom Of Information Act info I obtained, he convened with the Chief Of Staff, madder than hell, stating in the minutes of the meeting that I lacked proper respect for staff, referring to the Reteaining Order that forbade him from doing just that! The Violent Patient designation was applied so they could terminate all services, which they did. However, the psychological clinic across town refused to stop me from getting my meds, countering in effect the Chief Of Staffs ban on local service for me thwt resulted when their guy got served with the RO. So they began issuing written prescriptions to me for morphine and other needed drugs. I had to pay for them at the local pharmacy, but at least I could get them.....UNTIL.... I ran out of a crucial psych drug. Fearing that I would suicide without it, the suicide prevention coordinator directed me to meet with her outside the clinic after hours and supplied me with that drug. Wrong disage, but enought to get by on. She committed, by doing so, several felony crimes, but moreover, gave up the names of others doing this also to save fets from VHA retribution. FOIA docs revealled a criminal investigation showing a major illegal supply chain operating from the clinic. When I took that info to Oregon State Police, and informed VHA I had done so, the list of felony crimes they perpetrated against myself exploded exponentially. Big time cover up attempt and complete lockout of myself from VHA. TODAY, 3 years later, 5 letters to my vongressmsn, 4 Chiefs Of Staff, 6 PRF record flah letters, and countless civil rights complaints later, FOIA requests, and 19 interviews in that time frame to the press who has documented all this extensively, I learned that my PRF has been totally removed!!! They tried last week by telephone to get me to agree to an off the record set of limitations that included no communication with VH?a unkess directed by VHA to fo so. I told them that this Marine does not sign away his rights. I told them enough talk, and that if the Chief Of Staff wanted to abrogate my rights as a US citizen then he, by God, was gonna have to put it in writing and sign his name to it. A few days later I see in my record he rescinded the Cat One Violent Patient designation from me. THE PRF IS GONE!!! All I had to do was endure without medication to stand tall for my rights. I told them I would never be able to look my brothers and sisters (veterans) in the eye again if I sold out my rights for personal comfort. I climbed Mount Mother Effer as a young man wanting desperately to be a Marine, and going without PTSD drugs and pain management is a joke next to thst challenge. I did lose my way a bit. Attempted suicide. GAF of 5 as a guest in the psych ward. Losing all psych drugs hit me hard, so I decided not to live. It was a mistake. Today I choose life, and screw them guys. Story to run in about 8 weeks. There is a massive volume of info the press has. This story will foster change. This is a big deal what they did. Semper Fi
  14. In hopes that this is the correct site, and this is the correct forum, upon permission from the site moderator I will post the tactics, methods, and stratagems that I have employed after being incorrectly labelled, and with malicious intent, a Category One Violent and Disruptive Patient. Commonly known as a Patient Record Flag (PRF). I have made extensive use of the Privacy Act of 1974, and the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), and stand ready to present the official documents verifying what you will not believe without documentation. You just will not believe it. The PRF in my case was originally issued by the Manager of the Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC). According FOIA documents obtained by me, along with the official letter from the Chief Of Staff, in an act of shear either stupidity, or arrogance said precisely why they had so labelled me. What did I do, according to the official letter sent me by Chief of Staff, and the minutes of the DBC that got me labelled as a Violent Patient? FACT: I went as a private citizen to the Circuit Court building about a five-ten in walk from my apartment. Filled out a simple to fill out form regarding some disturbing telephone calls made to me by the clinic manager, who threatened to terminate my care (100% schedular vet), if I did not stop FAXing complaints about chronic medications shortages. The Judge, under a State Statute issued a Restraining Order To Prevent Further Abuse, naming myself as the protected person, and the CBOC manager as the Molester. This was possible in my State, because of a seldom used version of the Restraining Order mechanism that allows a disabled person to beg the court for relief if they become threatened by anyone within state boundaries with the discontinuation of medical care. Please note that this particular statute was available to me ONLY because I qualified as a "Person with a disability". The RO was obtained legally, and with merit of fact. NEVER LIE! This gives the enemy the means to defeat you. Details will follow upon approval by admin, so place and names and exact legal statutes will be withheld until I am granted permission. FACT: The VHA in official letter to me, and confirmed by FOIA documents, placed a Category One Violent and Disruptive PRF overtly onto me with the stated reason that I had obtained a Restraining Order to Prevent Further Abuse which named me as the protected person and the CBOC manager as the "molester". (Act Name - statute will follow later). Please note that a Restraining Order is issued by a Circuit Court Judge. So, they issued a PRF because a Circuit Court Judge ordered them to cease "further molestation by the protected person" Please note this is nowhere near a simplistic case as just those two initial facts. It grew into a colossal Civil Rights abuse, Criminal Abuse, and a whole lot of other types of illegal abuses. FACT: They picked the wrong Marine to pull this on. That is enough for now. It is going on 3 years now and the "keystone cop" antics that ensued trying to cover up that first enormous judgment error of their part might be deemed hilarious if not for the fact that people have died because of this stuff. I have completed 19 interviews with the press over an extreme example of government gone horribly astray, story nearly about to break. I have multiple documents sent to myself and my congressman trying to explain away the treatment directed towards me. The Oregon State Police (yep, for facts and proof not listed yet, they confirmed to me that VHA employees involved in an incredibly convoluted case was of "...a magnitude and scale we have never seen before." They have referred it to the State Attorney General for prosecution, and pleaded with me two years ago to be patient and not go to the press with the material facts until they make public the indictments, for fear the perps will become alerted. This is big time stuff. What they did, and in three years over this my local VA facility is now on Chief Of Staff #4, and virtually every one of the players in this tawdry affair have been booted for life from government service. WHAT I WILL NOT DO IS POST SPECIFIC NAMES OF VHA PERSONNEL! This is not the time in our country to stand up out of a sense of vendetta. We cannot do the honorable thing if we disregard the individual rights of these people and be willing to stand tall for them too! Besides, the list is growing beyond my measure to report on. This is a big thing. I am a Marine. A Marine is not the Judge, or Jury, and we damn sure are not serving our country to bring harm upon our fellow citizens. I am 100% rated. I have nothing to gain monetarily nor will I accept any blood money in return for withdrawing my efforts. Beyond that moral code, as a practical matter focusing on just singular incidents and narrowing the scope to that will go nowhere. My stratagems successfully, though painful to me, work. I am of the opinion that when you see my evidence, you will agree and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I raise my glass to you in hopes that the light you see is not the headlamp of the train! I will stand up for what is right until my last breath. I am a United States Marine. I can do no less. I will leave this post now with the oft quoted phrase from that text The Art of War, by Tsun Tsu, "He will prevail who knows when to fight, and when not to." Semper Fi
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