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  1. Berta I'm hoping you might have an idea about where my FTCA claim went to. I was assuming after the VA attorney was finished with my FTCA claim at the Fargo North Dakota office that it would be transfered to Minneapolis to the Regional Counsel. I was just informed it was instead sent to the Cheif District Counsel in Milwaukee. I think that's a office of the general district office, but not sure.
  2. I knew this would start and it has. I called a nurse practitioner I've been talking to for a few years. We've got along very well, but yesterday she was very nasty and short. I knew if I filed a claim that I'd probably have retaliation from the local VA providers.
  3. Thank you Berta. That helped greatly. Back in 2005 with my father's death we settled in one day. I knew I screwed up badly. Won't happen again. Thank you again.
  4. Thank you Berta. Berta how long should I maybe expect negotiations to last ? Hours, days or weeks? I don't want to be hasty to settle or drag it out. Sorry for bugging you again.
  5. TexasMarine you are correct. Should've said not lowballing the hell out of me.
  6. Thank you Berta. The Malpractice occured in South Dakota. South Dakota has non-economic damages capped at $500,000. I've seen the ridiculously low amounts widows have settled wrongful death cases. Early on in my case they wanted my tax returns from last year until I told them I wasn't seeking lost wages and told them I didn't see no reason for them needing that information. The only purpose I see in tthem really wanting that info is to lowball poor people. Berta was there a lot of back and forth when you negotiated? I'm wondering how long I should wait to respond to their offer and how much to lower my demand. I don't want to be a pushover and don't want to come across to rigid and not willing to negotiate. The negotiations part is going to be far harder than any other part of this claim. I just hope they negotiate fairly since I have no attorney.
  7. Now the hard part. Trying to put a value to my case and negotiating a settlement. Having a wrong diagnosis and being treated for 7 years. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Long story but turns out I never had multiple sclerosis. I was treated with one MS drug that caused my liver to have problems for a short time. Then was placed on Copaxone which is a MS drug that's injected daily. Gave myself around 2000 injections. Those injections feel like getting stung by a wasp. The way I was diagnosed is the problem. How does someone put a dollar value on something like this. Thinking I have a disease that could potentially kill me, be blinded, end up in a wheel chair and so on. I thought this could've happened for 7 years. If not for a private neurosurgeon doubting the diagnosis I would still think I had MS.
  8. Surprise surprise. 2 days before the 6 month time to investigate my FTCA claim the VA attorney contacted me this morning. She said she recieved their peer review last Thursday. She wants to know in addition to my pain and suffering was there any other losses such as lost wages or medical bills.
  9. Thank you Berta. That's what I was afraid of. Getting multiple peer reviews until they find one that sipports their defense
  10. The regional office keeps saying "next" week the peer review should be done. They've said it for over 2 months. Should I be concerned with the delays?
  11. How long does the Office of the General Counsel have to reconsider my FTCA claim ? I know the regional counsel has 6 months but don't know how long the general counsel does
  12. My FTCA claim is into its 5th month. The VA paralegal investigating the claim said that she's only waiting for the peer review to be completed. She said it's supposed to be completed in the next couple weeks. I have additional medical information. Should I try to send it in now or should I wait? If it's not denied and negotiations begin I see no reason to send it. If it's denied, should I have the claim sent to the Office of the General counsel for reconsideration with the additional medical information? Berta I settled a wrongful death claim for my father's death. My user name back then was otey217. I'm fairly comfortable with the FTCA claim but not beyond the Regional Counsel level.
  13. Berta if I'm denied or lowballed by the RO would you recommend that I appeal that decision with the OGC? We talked back in 96-97. Back then my username was otey217. Back then it was for the death of my father.
  14. Now the VA Regional Counsel said that there was a delay in the Peer Review. Hoping they're not getting multiple peer reviews until they find one that supports their side.
  15. After waiting 4 months I was told by the VA attorney that the peer review should be done within 2 weeks and then I should know something. Is Berta still around. Haven't been on here in about 9 years. Berta if your still around, if they deny me at the regional counsel how do I ask for a reconsideration from the Office of the General counsel? I had a successful FTCA CLAIM when my father passed away but have kinda forgot some of the ins and outs of this.
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