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  1. :o Can I go to the VA emrgency dept. to get a tooth removed WAKO
  2. Well here I go again. Getting another shot in spine, this time they said, we will put it MORE to the right, where the pain is, and increased pain meds? Any thoughts? B)
  3. :o Well I did get the shots and it went pretty good. However the bulging disk was on my right side with the pain, they gave me the shots on the left, I told them and they all said it would be fine. It does feel better but still have the pain on the right, will see the DRS. in two weeks, think I have to go thru this all over again ????
  4. B) Thanks to all who replyed. I feel better about going now as some of you went thru it already. I will see if this releives the pain and let me stand up stright without pain and to put on socks more easily.
  5. :) Next month I am going for cortisone shots in my back to releive the pain. Had one in my thumb the other day for a trigger finger. Got a local shot before cortisone shot and very painful, after that I was a littel concerned about the ones I will be getting in my spine. Getting it at the VA hospital, and have to go to surgery, they said, they use a xray to guide the needle, so as to not hit any nerves to cause any permenent paralisis. What do you guys think on this, any info would help. :) WAKO
  6. Does anyone on this board think that the new investigations at Walter Reed, will have any effect on the claims that have been put on hold for so long. Just waiting for my determination. WAKO
  7. :) Hoppy: "it don't mean nothin" I am still going thru the paper work on my claim, Nam, 65-66, draftrd and did not know I entiteled to even go to the VA for help for my medical conditions. Vet frinds rold me to go and get checked out, this was in 02, have been going ever since, and the paperwork and getting the medical documents and filling out the stresors forms are making me think about what happened, Welcome home WAKO
  8. B:lol: www.25rh8da.com Berta. Went to this site and found someone that was on the ship at the same time, even had photos on the ship. got his r-mail and am going to drop him a line. Thanks again Wako
  9. Yes, thanks for the reply and the help, yes it was the city of Quin Nhon. And the site you sent were very helpful. The other reply with the 1st Cav., you might have run into part of my unit that was with the !st Cav. at Ane Kea, the 20th Med. Det. Just trying to find the men that I ran into my tour. I can't recall any names even the guys in my unit. Wako
  10. Anyone on this board know or have beed on board the USNS Gordon, first big buildup at the start of the NAM war. Left Frisco about Sept. 1965, those on board were the 25th Div. Speical Forces teams(5th), and many small setup units. Anchored in Okinowa for a beer blast after about 24 days on the very rough Pasific ocean, anchored off the coast of Nam, Quin Nohn. Looking for any of the brothers that were on board. Wako
  11. Just went to the IL VSO and had a very good meeting. He looked over all the forms and paperwork that I had to send in, he made copies of all,and asked about the PTSD forms and asked is that all. I was taked by surprise, and said no, the form only has two incident #, he told me to fill out as many of that I could trmember,and that it will be painfull to do, but DO IT. He asked about power of Atty., he said he had to by law, I told him not as of yet. I then asked him about the % he would get from my award$, he said not a cent???. On this site I have read many complaints about the VSO ripping the
  12. :o :o Thanks pete53, for the uplift, other replys didn't sound to encouraging, but this one gave me a NEW lift. I am metting with him on friday, talked to him on the phone, he is a nam vet medic also, and when I said i will see you then, he said,"welcome home bro." I just hung up and broke down. WAKO
  13. Cavman, yes it has been filed, in the prosses of filling out the other forms they(VA) want including the stressers and the IU, I am on SSDI now and from 2002.
  14. :o Sent a letter to the Gov. of IL, about my claim, got a call from his office and want to meet with me and bring all the papers that I have, and also asked if I had a power of atterney, I said no, he said that is a the first mistake. He said they will have one appointed, at no cost. ?, is this good or bad?????????????? WAKO
  15. Vike 17 Yes, I have filed a claim for PTSD and DMII, and now they want more info on many things, and many of the things I cannot even recall. The paperwork is awsome. I thought they past a law about reduced paperwork! I am making an appointment with a VSO at Hines VA Hosp. I have been going there since 2002, many Drs. and therapy. Thanks for your repley. Wako
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