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  1. I really appreciated all the advice that I received here so wanted to update this post on the result of what I decided to do. For a recap, I originally applied for compensation due to heart failure on 03/18/2015 and was denied. In the end, I decided to file a new claim instead of appeal. I filed the claim on 05/18/2015 but put it specifically under “arteriosclerotic heart disease secondary to hypertension (Secondary)” To reiterate all my medical treatment has been through the VA. On June 30, 2015, I had a P&C consultative exam with a different VA doc in a clinic I didn’t go to. I
  2. Upon discharge from AD 12 years ago I was awarded: Asthma 30% Hypertension 10% Tinnitus 10% Acid Reflux 10% I don’t know if I have to have a nexus/connection from a cardio doctor, by VA regulations and court precedent it seems that since my hypertension is SC the CAD is as well. In a VBA decision citation NR: 0304743 the board wrote: “…the Board determined that service connection was warranted for the veteran's hypertension on the basis that the disease had its onset during service. In addition, the evidence shows that the veteran has been diagnosed as having corona
  3. So, for full disclosure on my request for compensation: JESS This page is a continuation of VA form 526EZ. **************Continued from block 9 21-526 EZ New Claimed Disabilities: 1. heart failure Reopened Disabilities: 1. gout 2. type 2 diabetes **************End continued block 9 21-526 EZ Under Item 10, "list VA Facilities" I put: Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ: 01/01/2015-Present VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA: 01/01/2006-12/31/2013 I also submitted private medical records to support my gout and diabetes claims. Here is what the
  4. Hello again, I have been doing some more research and looking through my medical records. These are some pertinent facts that I have found. · 12 Mar 2015 - Cardiac Intervention Note o New onset HF, Ischemic CM · 04 Mar 2015 - Left and Right heart Catherization o Indications: Cardiomyopathy o Left Heart Catheterization § Summary: 2 vessel CAD § Dominance: Right dominant o Right Heart Catherization § ? o Final Diagnosis for Left and Right heart Catherization on 03/04/2015 § Subtotal (99%) occlusion in mid RCA § Subtotal (99%) occlusion in mid
  5. First, I want to thank everyone for their advice, it has been extremely helpful in trying to get my head straight, as far as this is concerned anyway. Today I found HealthVet web site and downloaded my medical records. I am not a doctor nor have I ever worked in the health care field so it is very slow going. I do not know most of the acronyms that are used. Google is my friend in this. J As I am at work I am unable to donate my full attention to the record, have just scanned the almost 300 pages over the last 5-6 hours. One of the things I was really looking for but could not find
  6. Ok, I am home. I scanned in the VA notice so I can keep all correspondence localized and re-print everything if need be. This is what the VA gave me as an “explanation.” · Service connection for heart failure is denied since this condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. · Your service treatment records do not contain complaints, treatment, or diagnosis for this condition. The evidence does not show an event, disease or injury in service. Service connection for this condition is denied on a direct basis, because we have not received evidence that your co
  7. I am away from home and do not have the denial notice in front of me, but if memory serves, it stated something to the effect that I did not evidence any symptoms of heart failure while on active duty. The denial seemed quite generic to me. For instance, when I applied for compensation I simply put ‘heart failure’ and trusted that when they reviewed my VA files they would see what I was diagnosed with. When they returned the denial, it still simply stated ‘heart failure.’ I was told after the ECHO that I had both hypertrophy and dilation of my left ventricle as well as an EF<10%
  8. I have a few question, but here is a little background first. I served in the Navy from 1993-2003. When I got out, I was awarded service connection and compensation for Asthma 30%, Acid Reflux 10%, Tinnitus 10%, and Hypertension 10%. I have a few others rated at 0% but do not remember them off the top of my head. In January/February of this year (2015) I went to VA medical with some complaints and was subsequently diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. To be frank, I am a bit unclear about all my diagnosis; it has been a bit of a trial for my family considering I just turned 40 I feel shellsho
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