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  1. Hey Fat, I dont have it right with me, you can google undersecretary of the VA's email addresss....
  2. Money was deposited this morning! Finally!! Process started in April and now is over at the end of August.
  3. UPDATE!!! Dump is done. Audit is done. Got a call from the VA and he said RETRO will be in the account in 7-10 days!!! Been in this since April since I spoke with the VA undersecretary.....
  4. Welcome to my world. :) I'm going through this right now...
  5. Spoke with DFAS. Audit will definitely be done by the 20th and will be in the next upload. VA rep says he will personally process it so the RETRO hits my account once he receives it. We will see..
  6. And I just saw my post went over 3000 views! Wow.....not to toot my own horn, but... TOOT, TOOT!!!!!
  7. Mountain... Yes, I am getting my monthly check. I am thankful for that. Yes, I would say don't hold your breath on the RETRO. For some reason, it takes longer for retirees to get ours. The VA rep isn't returning my calls anymore. I'm just calling him to follow up. DFAS is pretty helpful and they say it will be sent back in the next DFAS cycle dump in Aug. But then, VA tells me there's no timetable on how long they will take to cut the check. This is something I don't understand. If DFAS has done an audit and told you I owe them no money and have suggested you pay me the Retro, what else is there to do? Why does it take so long? This should be an automated process. If it comes back from DFAS, then it should be an automatic pay out to the Veteran. I am frustrated by Bureaucracy, especially bureaucracy that has no meaning...
  8. Ugg, Audit not finished yet. DFAS said it would be another 30 days...
  9. Congrats! Don't spend it all in one place...
  10. Yea, good luck...Like Rootbeer said, we just have to be patient!
  11. What angers me is, this is something that should be done automatically. This should all be done computer wise. There is no reason this audit should not have been sent electronically as soon as my rating was finalized. No one should have to punch a button to make this happen, it's only frustrating the veteran and causing stopping of work. After being a manager(officer) in the Army, things like this drive me mad. This whole "audit" process should be automated between DFAS and the VA. There are so many inefficiencies that need to be looked at.
  12. Just talked to DFAS. They said VA hasn't sent the paperwork to start the Audit. Now this sort of makes me angry. What takes so long? Shouldn't any "paperwork" have been sent as soon as my rating was done? The bureaucracy is mind-boggling...
  13. I'm waiting on my RETRO as well. I don't think my audit has been done yet, but I have to call the VA tomorrow to see if it has. It seems to me it just takes to long...
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