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  1. In doing some research about Osteoarthritis I found it very interesting and yet very complicated when it comes to this subject. I am posting this as reference only and it is up to you or your doctor/lawyer or whomever is working with you. This is for research purposes only and is not considered as advice or guidance in your claim. This is a comparison of how the United States Veterans Administration looks at Osteoarthritis. And how the Canadian Veterans Administration looks at Osteoarthritis. United States Veterans Administration Guidelines and Clinical Practices for Osteoarthritis.
  2. **UPDATE** Dated: February 02, 2018 From: DVA.VBANOL@VA.GOV New Orleans VA Regional Office communications with DAV (Disabled American Veterans) @Berta Albert received this letter from the New Orleans Regional DAV Office yesterday. It was dated February 02, 2018 which was just over a week now. But it does have some good news about his claims, not everything good but it has all going in a better direction. Upon final approval from VA he will be increased to 100% for both PTSD and Temporary Total Disability. He also qualifies for SMC based on housebound criteria.
  3. Thank you Buck.... You are 100% Correct. Not one of us can predict what any RO or DRO will do or should do. We can only speculate and hope for the best outcome possible on any Claim. Just because it was approved or denied by one RO or DRO does not mean that it applies to my situation or others situation. All I can do is convey any communications or letters from the VA. And post them when I have more questions. Thank you all for your Helpful Advice and Tips..
  4. I claimed Tinnitus because i was a Combat Engineer that dealt with explosives and around Heavy Equipment 90% of the time. I don't know how they decided to make it as secondary as it is not secondary to any condition or claimed condition. I will look and see exactly what I claimed back in November. Then update.
  5. That is kind of what I am questioning myself. As the VA seems to be deciding what is secondary and not. I did claim for Tinnitus, but it was not listed as secondary to left knee osteoarthritis. Not exactly sure how they come to that conclusion, as my ear is not connected to my knee.
  6. Thank you sir for helping explain this to me. I guess I am way in over my head with this whole VA thing. This is a Wish List I filed: "Like it shows it is a Wish List" What you’ve claimed HIP CONDITION BILATERAL (secondary to left and right knee osteoarthritis previously denied as bilateral patellofemoral syndrome) (Secondary) CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (secondary to L knee osteoarthritis) (Secondary) TINNITUS (claimed as 2nd to L knee osteoarthritis) (Secondary) ASTHMA EMPHYSEMA & BRONCHITIS (claimed as 2nd to
  7. I wish i had definite answer myself. As I have been awaiting the outcome since November. In my last communication with the VA they denied my PTSD claim and in their stated that because I had Depressive Disorder Rating that they could only rate me under one condition. So I must await and see what they will for an increase to the Depressive Disorder, since they seem to want to rate me under it cause they could actually not increase my rating. Where as with PTSD they could possible have to increase it to 100%, but with Depressive Disorder they could find reasons to not increase. Such as he can ge
  8. Thank you @broncovet. I feel the same as you do about that. By definition Patellofemoral Syndrome is considered Painful Motion of the patella. And osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear in the knee. To try and clarify what happened is the VA RO put that I did not have Patellofemoral Syndrome when they Denied my Claim in 2015. After arguing with him for close to 30 minutes he said he would go back and see what he could do. That was on a Friday, then on Monday he called me back and said they decided to grant me osteoarthritis. Which technically it is the current condition, but t
  9. **UPDATE** I spoke to the VA today using the 800# to check on the status of my Claims. While speaking to the lady from the VA I mentioned about a C/P Exam on the 22nd of February 2015. Which was for Increase of Rating for Osteoarthritis. I have since the exam argued that she lied and made false statements. I was able to download a copy of the exam from vets.gov website. At the very end of the exam notes she made this statement: She confirmed what I have said for 27 years that I had it when discharged and it is service-connected. So I asked the lady from the VA that was
  10. When we missed the Appeal Deadline we were told that we had to start all over again as the Decision was Final and Closed. I started a Intent to File back in February of 2017 and did not finish that Intent until November 17, 2017. That is why he got a PTSD Exam and a C/P exam for the surgery he had on his left knee from it. I am asking if there is anything now or previously that would cause the DRO to have to issue a SSOC since he had the total knee replacement. All evidence that we have submitted up until the Appeal Denial honestly has not been considered. As all the RO says is that
  11. @Berta I do apologize as I thought I had control over this situation. To answer your question the time for the Appeal has expired. And we did not get a SSOC from the VSO local office. That is why I am asking since the time has expired and we did not file the VA Form 9 in time the Claim is now considered Final. Is there any way - reason - circumstance that you know of that I can search for to try and get a SSOC from the DRO? As I never come across this before and do not know if there is any way to get the Denied Final Decision Reopened.
  12. @Gastone @Berta @asknod Can i ask a serious if I may? My husband's condition "Depressive Disorder" and hopefully "PTSD" he has trouble understanding what the VA is doing. He also has trouble understanding what a "Deadline" is. As we missed the "Deadline" to file the VA Form 9 on time. My husband in his mind argued that he had one year to complete the process. I just read back through the SOC and yes at first it says you have 1 year, but as confusing as the VA makes it. It also says he had 60 days to complete and resubmit which is only mentioned later and not as defined clearly.
  13. @Gastone that correct the VA give me a 20% SC. They give me SC for "Osteoarthritis" under VA Code 5010-5260, and continued to Deny the In-service Medical Board Discharge for Bi-Lateral. They Rated me under VA Code 5010-5260 instead of the VA Code 5003-5099 This is exact wording that the VA used in my 2015 VA Claim for Compensation: 1) Service connection for left knee osteoarthritis previously denied as bilateral patellofemoral syndrome is granted with an evaluation of 10 percent effective February 2, 2015 2) Service connection for right knee osteoarthritis previously denied
  14. @Gastone I guess all of this is my fault. I just can't seem to be able to present my opinion. @Berta I do apologize for my stupid rambling. Hopefully I can find a lawyer to set down and help me one day. No more rambling from me, thanks all for the help.
  15. Thank you @Berta and @Buck52 I did submit from the orthopedic doctor who did the 2 knee surgeries. And then medical records from another Orthopedic doctor who said the same thing. My condition had progressed to a point where it is arthritis. We just got back from the C/P Exam today for my knee's. The examiner was from VES and he listened to my facts and listened why it was progression. He said he would include his opinion about the Bilateral Patellofemoral Syndrome and explain it was progression from it. Hopefully he will, he tried to get measurements for my range of motion but
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