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  1. Update August 30, 2016  6:07 am

    Things have moved along slowly but workable. In my last post I had seen the Nurse Practitioner on my first C/P Exam. And his report denied my claim which the Review Officer when we talked denied my original claim for medical discharge. And he denied that on Friday and on Monday he called me back and told me he was able to approve me for 20% disability with 10% per knee for osteoarthritis. Which still puzzles me to this day why he denied my claim for bilateral patella femoral syndrome and then turn around and give me a disability rating for traumatic arthritis and be service connected.

    To move forward I did go see the DRO in person and told him about the false claims the C/P Examiner put in his paper work. And I was granted another C/P Exam. Well first off my problem is that it was done at the same facility, by a another C/P Examiner that did not like the fact that I told on her co-worker. Secondly the doctors in the back where trying to fill her with wrong information as she accused me of hurting my knee in a different place after I got out of military. And claimed that is when I had knee surgery, but she did not stop there she went on say that i did not have any knee surgery in 2001 that I only had one knee surgery be cause there was no medical records for that surgery.

    And in her exam she in one answer would say that I was not limited in ROM. But two questions later her response was that I limited due to ankylosis, and other reasons. My question to her and the DRO which said he was standing behind the nurses statements, is why change your mind so much. And for the sake of argument please read through your responses and answer them truthfully, don't  just pencil whip it and hope it goes through as failed. I was amazed at her report as she did everything she could to disqualify me from any benefits, as she claimed I was turned down for disability in 2003 and was told I was not eligible for any benefits. And I am thinking oh my where did this information come from as I am the claimant and that is not about me. She even claimed they made a erroneous error in granting me disability for arthritis.

    But I had to go back and see her on my back as I claimed my back healing was affected by my leg problems and caused me to walk with limp and tilted my hips and caused damage to my spine. Anyways the DRO has made his decision and denied an increase in disability rating and denied my other claims. He has just issued a SOC ( Statement of Case ) and now I am trying to find someone to help me write out what things are wrong and need to be corrected before sending it off to the BVA.      

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