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  1. See the document attached was sent to me this week from the VA. What do I need to do about this? Advise please VA doc 2015.pdf
  2. Can I get reimbursed for TOEFL testing I paid by myself by Voc Rehab? Can Voc Rehab pay for my GRE testing ?
  3. See the document attached was sent to me this week from the VA. What do I need to do about this? Advise please VA doc 2015.pdf
  4. I was granted 100% for MDD. What are my benefits? Not P&T though, will be reviewed after 6 years. Does my wife qualify for CHAMPVA? Thank you friends.
  5. Thank you Berta and Buck52 for your advise. I appreciate. I will get an IMO and file as secondary to my SC hip.
  6. Thank you Buck52 but it's been more than a year the first decision was made. Looking at the content of the link, I can't file NOD / Appeal the decision.
  7. I am 10% service connected for Bursitis (Hip Impingement) on my left hip in 2012 after leaving the military. My left hip pain/injury got worse, to the extent that it affected my ability to work offshore. The VA did MRI and later or recently diagnosed: 1. Sclerosis bilaterally 2. Extensive Cartilage degeneration / de-lamination 3. Labral tear and recommended hip arthroscopic surgery or procedure which is due next month August 2015. Should I file all 3 diagnosis above as secondary to my left hip, Bursitis? Thank you in advance for your guidance and help.
  8. Thank you for your response Chuck 75. One of the questions I'd ask is did/does your work aggravate or make more serious your in service injury/condition. The problem with this is that the examiner may state in an opinion that it did/does, and that a percentage between in service and after service exists. IF so, it's likely that an attempt will be made to minimize the in service percentage. My job does not aggravate my service-connection condition rather my service-connection is affecting my ability to do my job. This would be my answer to him... what do you think? As to income, medical bills can have value in offsetting income under specific circumstances, usually pension related. A C&P exam is basically to determine the seriousness of a condition/disability... If this is the case, then I should go with every evidence to show the C & P examiner as regards to how my service-connected disability has become so serious that it has affected my ability to work and has caused me financial problems and my employing saying, since you can't go offshore to work for us because of your service-connection disability then go on Short Term Disability till you are fit for full duty. What do you think?
  9. I have a C&P examination coming up next week for my PTSD and Left Knee, Hip coming up next week. My service-connected injuries caused me to be out of job temporarily. I am currently on Short Term Disability, my company said they don't have Light Duty job for me that I should continue on Short Term Disability until after my left hip surgery and I am fit to return to full duty. I currently right now get $799 bi-weekly base pay, no overtime at all compared to making $2600 bi-weekly working offshore as a field personnel. I stopped going offshore since last year April 2014 because of my left hip injury that has is now worst than what it was initially diagnosed when I was in the military and would require left hip arthroscopy procedure / surgery to correct the labia tear, though the surgeon told me he doesn't guarantee that the surgery will take away my hip pain/discomfort forever. My questions are; 1. Do I need to go with my psychiatry doctor / social worker / orthopedic / surgeon / physical therapy VA and Non-VA hospital visit documentations, I mean progress notes, MRI CDs, etc for the C&P examiner to see? 2. Do I have to make copies of these documents and give to the C&P examiner to keep or I should just go in with the originals for him to view and give me back after the examination? 3. I have letters of un-paid bills, medical bills, etc that I have not been able to pay regularly due to my drop in income, my wife just had a baby. She is not working. Do I have to go with these bills for the examiner to see how my service-connected disability injury is affecting my inability to pay my bills and brought my family financial hardship? 4. How do I let the VA compensation department handling my hip injury claim know that my injury is permanent that surgery won't provide a solution to it according to the surgeon? Do I ask the surgeon or orthopedic doctor to document it? Thank you in advance for your answers. I appreciate so much.
  10. Thank you for the response JR Reihs. I appreciate! I already have VA compensation application in for my left knee (Secondary to my left hip injury) in process and I would also do same for my lower back pain.
  11. The VA surgeon who would be performing a procedure on my left hip come August 2015 said "cartilage" cannot be replaced in my left hip, that the surgery won't take away all my pain, probably reduce it. That my hip injury situation is permanent. Does this change my initial evaluation of the hip which is 10% to a higher rating? He also diagnosed "Sclerosis bilaterally" Can I get disability compensation for this new diagnosis ? Does anyone have this diagnosis? what would be the rating? Thank you in advance for your responses.
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