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  1. Typically...unless you have a counter opinion that can trump it.
  2. There is nothing between 50 and 100%. You can get: Persistent day-time hypersomnolence ................................... 30 Travis
  3. Thanks for the info Flores. I actually called the clinic this morning. I am in the process of gathering my records and will be sending them out hopefully by Monday. They said that they are currently scheduling for the end of June, beginning of July. The lady sounded very nice. I am looking forward to meeting Dr. Ellis soon. Good luck on your claim. Travis
  4. Flores....if you don't mind sharing, how long did it take after initial contact with Dr. Ellis to: 1. Get an appointment scheduled 2. Receive the IMO BTW, that looks like a great IMO Travis
  5. I am considering using Clifford Vocational....does anyone have an actual opinion that they have done that you can redact personal information and post. Would like to see an example of their work. Travis
  6. rootbeer, if you have a VSO, you can request a copy of your QTC C&P exam results from them. As long as they have made a decision, they can go into their virtualVA system and just print them out. I have gotten copies of everyone of mine and my wifes exams this way. Good luck! Travis
  7. Look at your medications that you are taking. Opioid pain relievers as well as some muscle relaxers have been linked to both OSA and CSA. You will need an opinion from a qualified DR to link either one of those as a secondary. Good luck! Travis
  8. I personally would prefer a private doctor.....and just submit my documentation to the VA. I like being in control of what they have of mine. Travis
  9. Buddy letter certainly won't hurt. You will need a nexus letter from a Dr. to connect the Sleep Apnea with the Scoliosis, but it's possible. Travis
  10. We had a lot of other medical information, so the basis of his opinion was that "he concurs" with our personal doctors opinion and that based upon his representation before SSA office/claims, the amount of work missed makes me totally unemployable in the national economy. He also concurred with our personal doctor that my conditions are permanent and unlikely to improve. So, he opened with basic information about himself, how his opinions are founded/formed/framed. He recapped our medical records, stated his opinion, put in his credentials as well as his published papers list and signed
  11. We used Dr Anaise for a different IMO for a pending TDIU claim. He did a great job and we will probably use him again later on for another claim that we will be filing. I know that he believes in the connection between PTSD and Sleep Apnea. With his credentials, I think he would be hard to beat. Travis
  12. Did you apply for TDIU? If not, then I don't believe that they will award it....and if you're already at 100%, then TDIU offers no additional benefits. Travis
  13. The DAV has recently said that results of C&P exams are no longer releasable until after a decision has been made. We have tried multiple times to get copies of mine and well as my wife's with the same answer from two different DAV reps. Travis
  14. .....Also if you have having pains down and into your legs, that is rated separately. Travis
  15. Spine ratings depends typically on Range of Motion. If you can bend forward less than 30 degrees, that will rate you a 40%. Remember that they are suppose to note when pain begins and you should stop when you start to hurt. Ensure that the examiners knows that this is the point that it begins to hurt. If you are having flexibility issues, and certainly with pain, put in for an increase. Travis
  16. No. Irritation/impingement of the Sciatic nerve is called Sciatica. Sciatica causes the radiculopathy. you will only be rated for the radiculopathy, Travis
  17. Based upon ROM, it will be 40% for the DDD/IVDS If they also rate you for peripheral nerve issues (Sciatica), then it will either be: 10% on Left, 10% on Right...then you should get the bilateral bonus points as well 20% on Left, 20% on Right....then you should get the bilateral bonus points as well. The reason I gave you the range of either 10 or 20% is because the Raters will often go low, even though the examiner marked your issues as being "moderate". Travis
  18. I get the same thing and I am at 60%. It appears that it's just a generic placeholder and unless you have the commissary privileges, then the full letter doesn't show up. Travis
  19. Congrats.....yes, you are P&T. Until and unless you are notified by the State....I wouldn't give up my license. As far as working, if you were awarded 100% due to TDIU then, no working....or at least only marginal employment. If you are at 100% due to natural ratings, I believe you are free to work as much or as little as you would like. Travis
  20. I also had severance pay when I was discharged from the Navy due to a back issue, and the VA kept my monthly check until it was paid back. The rational behind this is that the Gov't already paid you for your issue. If you also get money from the VA for the same issue, then you are being compensated twice for it. Because of their reasoning, I believe you will have a hard time getting a waiver of the debt, as it's not "a debt" in the true sense. Killemall - I would think that the reason they are only holding that much out is that the are recouping the money on the severance for the issue that
  21. That is an amazing story....thank you for sharing it! Travis
  22. That was amazingly fast....Congrats on the victory....and keep fighting! Travis
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