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  1. My fiancé(soon to be wife) has insurance through work as a nurse. I was recently granted P&T status and now qualify for it. I was wondering what benefit there is to putting her on ChampVA after we get married, if any.
  2. I too was recently called in for a PTSD reexamination. I shared the same fears you have right now, but in reality, it went well. I was very nervous, anxious..but fortunately, the examiner provided a safe, comfortable environment for us. Just go in there and be brutally honest about your symptoms, don’t leave anything out. As buck mentioned, describing your worst day is common..it gives the examiner a look at the true severity of your limitations. At the same time, be concise with your answers; try not to drag any one story out for too long. You want the examiner to accurately document any and
  3. If it involves saving money, I’ll surely look into anything available. Retirement is a big fear of mine since I can’t contribute to an IRA with VA funds...something that needs to be addressed, the current regs are very outdated... Yeah, I wasn’t aware of that at all...it really is good news. And I think you’re right..I have had several appts cancelled this year due to covid.
  4. Got it. I’ll mention it to her and see if she’s interested. When you say you used your wife’s vehicle, I’m assuming you meant sales tax relief? Is that something different? I wasn’t aware you could use the homestead exemption for a vehicle also...I do see that it can only be used once a year.
  5. It’s a huge relief for me...I’m getting married soon and it will be very nice to contribute educational benefits to my wife and her children(eventually). Fiancé is a nurse who has talked about getting her masters for years...I can see this benefit giving her the motivation she needs! I feel this sorta makes up for the way I can’t contribute all the time due to the negative effects of my SC condition...which really does bum me out. I also think it’s smart to do everything now instead of later, that’s for sure. But part of me says that I can already be treated for these things at the VA
  6. I reached out to him on the matter. Basically, it could go either way, I guess. Could go either way, according to brokensoldier244th. But I still can’t see how the VA could use marginal income to propose a reduction...I stand firmly by that. Thank you, Berta! What a wonderful story, I’m so glad it eventually worked in your favor. Rightfully deserved from what I can tell. My decision packet just arrived and indeed included “basic eligibility to ch.35.” Looks like they granted P&T status to the PTSD w/ Major Depression. I’ve been telling my therapist for years that I don’t
  7. At the end of June, I noticed a claim had been opened for my SC’d PTSD, currently rated at 70%. Little background, I was rated at 70% for Major Depression back in 2010. I filed for TDIU and it was granted later that year. The VA re-examined the Major Depression in 2015. They changed my diagnosis to PTSD with Major Depression, but continued the 70% rating. IU remained intact. Fast forward to present day, the VA decided to reevaluate the PTSD (just shy of 5 years since my last C&P). I attended an exam, it went well. Doc was nice and made me feel comfortable, which was a r
  8. The VA examines self-employment on a case-by-case basis, I believe. If you have a good argument for how your self-employment position works around your SC disabilities, it could very well be viewed as “protected.” Regarding a “trial period,” the VA must be able to show sustained improvement over a period of 12 months before considering a proposal for reduction. Let’s say you attempt to work and 6-months in, have a mental breakdown that forces you to halt operations. In this case, the VA would NOT have grounds to reduce because the employment was not sustained, therefore, continuing t
  9. Buck, I hear you.. But I strongly disagree with your rationale in a few spots. First of all, when referring to PTSD, a 70% rating does not reflect “total occupational impairment” - that’s reserved for the 100% scheduler rate, which I don’t meet. And in my case, all P&T means is that they don’t expect it to improve substantially(I tend to agree here). On the other hand, TDIU is granted when a veteran cannot maintain “substantially gainful employment,” such as working a 9-5 job during the week...right? Not being able earn enough income working a regular job is the entire basis around t
  10. Buck, this is why vets remain living in fear though. Most of the time, it isn’t even about the income, it’s about feeling useful...having a purpose...contributing to something, etc. The VA has made it quite clear that marginal employment(income less than fed. poverty line) shall NOT be considered gainful employment. Shouldn’t we feel safe operating within the bounds of what we’re being afforded? Telling vets they shouldn’t work PERIOD while receiving IU seems like a scare tactic often used by the VA, VSO’s, etc. In my case, self-employment via home office computer could even be considere
  11. I do understand that concept. There would be no way I could hide my symptoms at an outside job and no doubt, would tell them straight away. The work I’m talking about would be self-employment using the computer at home. I enjoy music as a hobby and sometimes get paid for the work I do. This income is reported to the IRS every year under hobby income. My yearly expenses usually equal around about what I take in, so it’s not like I’m profiting a whole lot. My thinking was expanding this hobby into a mini business someday, taking on more work and maybe bringing in 6-8k or something per year. Just
  12. I didn’t claim PTSD in 2015, it was what they decided based on my procedural 5-year C&P evaluation. My concern is the dates, as you mentioned. I had reached my 5-year protection for the depression, but they just change the diagnosis to PTSD, resetting my clock. Huh? By this logic, they could diagnose me with something else in 5 years and restart the clock again(Yada yada yada, previously diagnosed as PTSD, etc)...rubs me the wrong way. My condition has remained consistent and constant in nature this whole time(10 year period). But because they decided to label it differently, it takes away
  13. The only thing that I can think of... Let’s say 5 years down the road, I decide to attempt some self-employment of some sort. For the sake of argument, let’s say I make 6k that year from self-employment activity. The VA, technically, could call for a re-evaluation, even if the earned income doesn’t exceed the poverty line. BUT, what if they say, well, the exam shows slight improvement at times...maybe your condition isn’t permanent and total if you’re still making incremental advances. Now, I don’t think they’d have grounds to reduce based on periodical improvement, but I suppose the
  14. That’s great news! I seen that spouses have 10 years to use Ch. 35, but it doesn’t say how long dependents have. My youngest is only 4, so it will be 14-15 years before he’s off to college...hoping it’s not too late to use Ch. 35 when the time comes.
  15. Not sure, but the last time a VA nurse gave me one, my arm hurt for two months at the injection point. Started to wonder if something was wrong, but it eventually subsided on its own.
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