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  1. Recently awarded 70% for Bipolar Disorder, granted TDIU, proclaimed P&T, with correct claim date determined. I must Thank all of you for keeping my hopes alive over the years, when darkness set in. I must publicly thank Bergmann & Moore, LLC of Bethesda, Maryland, for without their perseverance and capabilities, I would not have had any measure of success. Professional in every way imaginable. I can not say enough about their latest hero, Fatima. Fatima, thanks for being rational, thoughtful, knowledgeable and thorough! Mr. Bergmann and Mr. Moore, you two rock!
  2. Thank you for your service. Your story is both heartbreaking and very common. Where to start? Starting is different for each person. I'd say you've already made the first step by seeking knowledge. Here is a short list. 1. Create a list of what ails you, and whether or not it keeps you from working. the items that keep you from working will help you when you apply for SSDI for each item on the list, determine if any of those items started (or was made worse) by your military service. If so, you may have a case with the VA. 2. If you have ailments that keep you from working, AND, you have enough SSA credits, apply for SSDI online at http://www.ssa.gov 3. If you have items that were possibly service-connected, gather up all of your in-service medical records (order them if necessary), order your service records, obtain your DD214 if you don't already have one. locate a local VA Service Office for immediate assistance and review. 4. In your particular case (attached to the 2nd Force Amphibious Recon, during the period 1986 - 1992, you may have rights pertaining the water contamination event at Camp Lejeune. Please see https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/camp-lejeune/ for more information.
  3. I don't think the VARO itself is underwater, as the VARO is on a slight rise. However, delays may be caused by the VARO staff not being able to get into work, or taking leave to tend to their families and property.
  4. HI John, Hadit.com is certainly the place to come with your questions. Lots of real help here. If you have a job, you do not qualify to Non-Service Connected benefits, other than VA medical care, and then only under certain conditions. You will need to contact the VA to determine your eligibility, if you haven't done so already. Generally speaking, the Veterans Benefit Administration will compensate you for medical defects if that/those defects can be shown to have had it's beginning (onset) during your time in the service. In most cases, proof of in-service occurrence must be proved through your Service Records, including but not limited to your in-service medical records. If your issue(s) do not correlate directly to your service, but relate to some other documented injury, then that may be considered "secondary" to the original injury. For instance, your liver issues may be connected to some other disease you first encountered in service. During boot-camp, you may have injected with some inoculation using the "jet-gun" technique/apparatus, where the blood from a previous recruit may have been inappropriately shared with you, causing HPB, HPC, or some other disease. Over the years, this disease may have affected your liver, and now, you have a serious condition. All of these "assumptions" must be proven in order to be effective in your case. When in-service records do not provide adequate clarity on your issues, there are ways to overcome this lack of clarity. TexasMarine
  5. Progression to the money should happen very quickly. However, if your retro pay amount is greater than $25,000 you may have to wait a couple of weeks for additional funds approval signatures.
  6. I would appreciate any feedback on my upcoming claim for Hepatitis "B". I have a clean enlistment physical, to include NO tattoos. I was inoculated in boot-camp, using jet-guns, and yes, blood was flying everywhere. While at my first duty station, I was given antibiotics of some sort, to fight the HPB. (1980). While at a duty station in Kansas City, I received a letter from the "Community Blood Bank of Greater Kansas City", stating that I should not give any more blood on blood drives, or otherwise, because I have the HPB antibodies. I still have that letter. (1987) On remaining in-service physical, it is noted in the checkboxes that I have or have had Hepatitus. (1991 - 1992). The VA notes contain references to the HPB and they are trying to "rule-out HPB" as the cause of other ailments, including CKD (kidney disease), fatty Liver disease and ED. As soon as my claim (with BVA) is adjudicated, I plan to file for HPB, even if it gives a 0% rating, hoping that I could later file as secondary, for the other ailments, for which I'm hopeful will result in some level of rating. Is my plan reasonable? Should I wait until the VHA "determines" that HPB was the cause of the other ailments? (and file them all at once). Do I still need a DBQ? An IMO? Or is the documentation I already have sufficient?
  7. Yes. All the time. Now, at 58, I certainly can not re-up. And because of my disabilities, I would not have be eligible in the past, at any age. I spent 13 years in the MC, and not a day goes by that I don't think about it, and feel cheated somehow by getting injured. Best years of my life were spent in the Corps. As the old saying goes though: " I'd give a Million Bucks to go back in. But even 2 Million could not get me to do it ALL again."
  8. went down to see the VA man ...

    he said son, don't you understand?

    ---Bruce Springsteen, from "Born in the U.S.A."

    1. pwrslm


      I had a brother at Khe Sahn fighting off the Viet Cong
      They're still there, he's all gone

  9. Like I said earlier, you case sounds like it could "pop" at any time. I also like the sweet sound of the word "expeditiously". The VA "may" wait for the EDD to be adjudicated before releasing your case for payment. Though I have seen, and been led to believe that once an affirmative decision is made regarding the major issue, the ratings board gets started, and then viola, retro is paid. From the experiences of those cases I read on this board, the rating specialist usually act quickly, and the disbursement office even quicker. Here's a double-handful of "Hope" for your expedited success.
  10. I would say "hearing scheduled" as opposed to "pending hearing request", but frankly I do not know.
  11. Looks good! Back from the AMC is always good. That status is usually a "black hole", taking upwards of 9 months to navigate. So, good for you on that count. "With VLJ" is a status usually reserved for that point in the process where a decision to approve, remand, or deny is made. That status most likely won't be accomplished until after you have your hearing. Once "With VLJ", the case can still be sent to the AMC for processing, so, I caution you not to get too excited at this point. The AMC is like a special RO specifically for the BVA, and they, like any RO, can take it's sweet time administrating your claim. In addition, you can get many updates while "With VLJ". I seen timelines that included up to 10 "With VLJ" status "updates". And those are just from folks here on Hadit.com. Having said that, the fact that the VA Secretary has shown interest in your case most likely will cause your case to be processed most expeditiously. I sure hope that holds true for you. Good luck to you! And Bravo for keeping up the good fight.
  12. While I'm not yet approved for 100%, and am living off a SSDI pittance, I am very grateful for the VA for what it will provide me one day. Tis true that no veteran should go without, think for a moment about all of the enemies we've vanquished, or countries where we've retired their fearsome leader(s). Those <insert country here> soldiers don't get a single cent for their disabilities. They're not compensated for limbs lost in battle, nor PTSD (which I'm sure they have), nor any of the ailments we veterans are exposed to during war or otherwise We live in a country where at least there is a VA. Now, do I like the way the VBA treats us? No! Do I like that we have an adversarial relationship with them? No! Do I like hearing about corruption and ineptitude at the VA? No! I am just glad we have a VA.
  13. The RO (Houston) will have to rate you. Then the process moves pretty quickly, unless there is a retro payment over $25,000, in which case additional signatures are required. For retros over $100,000 the number of signatures can be pretty high, likely 6 or more. For each signature, you have someone reviewing the decision and the rating. But, if you've been service-connected, the hard part is over. Godspeed to you and yours.
  14. Hey Buck, No such thing. You need to file for everything (for DIC purposes) because you must protect your spouse. Don't you think for one moment that it is "wrong". If it was wrong, truly wrong, there would be no avenue for you to file on. The path to file is clear, and legal, therefore not wrong. Jmvho TexasMarine
  15. I really don't think the NSC disabilities help nor hurt your case with SC disabilities. They (NSC) are just disabilities (recognized by VA) that you may have claimed in the past but were not proven SC. The VA tracks them for "pension" purposes for one thing. Let's say your only income was 100% SC, and they took that away or lowered your rating to the point where you were making less than $1K per month. You would certainly qualify for VA Pension or a portion thereof to bring your total income up to the amount designated for that year, say $1400.
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