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  1. Thank you pr and pete. I am still a little confused though. The link that pete provided pretty much says no, right? Unless the id card people consider multiple enlistments like the VA does. Its not a necessity for us, but the wife asked about it because we are close to a commissary again. Thank you all for not judging me for the bcd. Long story short, all of my docs, military and civilian said that my problems were due to PTSD. Unfortunately, the military wasn't trying to hear any of that so bcd it was. Thanks again.
  2. Hey everybody. I have a 100% disability rating and I understand that this rating normally entitles the vet to an id card for the commissary, bx, etc. However, my last enlistment ended in a bcd from a court martial. I had 3 good enlistments prior to that one. I'm not proud of this fact, but I would like to know if we are still entitled to get id cards for the commissary. Thank you all.
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