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  1. Hello, both pregnancies occurred on active duty and during both I had fibroid tumors. The tumors reduced in size and didn't pose a problem immediately post delivery but created problems later that was not correlated at the time with fibroids. Post separation, i submitted a claim for the fibroid tumors and it was denied in April 2014 because of lack of documentation. I did not submit an appeal due to a busy life with new job and family. Approximately nine months ago, Sept 2014, I started having symptoms of what I thought were early menopause (unpredictable and long menstrual periods, and with lots of pain). I didn't do anything about it for months, thinking it would settle down during the menopause process. Finally, I had enough, went to a GYN who did an ultrasound and explained that the fibroids were back. As a result of the discomfort and constant blood loss, I decided to have a hysterectomy. I am working on submitting both the fibroids and hysterectomy for VA disability and wanted to tap your expertise on what you think may happen. Thanks All!