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  1. I made mistake on Bill number. It is HR 553 “Military surviving spouses equity act”
  2. I tried a search for this topic but search locked up so I apologize if this subject is already on here. There apparently is a petition being passed around to sign to have this bill fail. The house bill S 623 is trying to offset Sposes DIC with SBP benefits. If this is true it would be a big hit to many spouses and needs to be addressed in Congress. I’m posting this for your information if you are in or might be in this situation.
  3. Just a side note. Your view on TDIU is indeed honorable if you ever become unemployable you won’t have to start from beginning. You already seem to have everything done. To TDIU from where you are could be as easy as submitting a letter from your Doc explaining that you are indeed unemployable and filling out application. Good luck to you.
  4. I am at 90% being paid at 100% for TDIU. The VA is covering my dental. With all that’s going on with your high ratings have you tried TDIU? That’s my suggestion FWIW. Good luck
  5. Hi all i now have a 90% disability rating with 100% T&D due to back pain (40%) depression (50%) and neuropathy in both legs (20% each leg) and bladder (20%). Things have gotten much worse with leg strength (neuropathy) and depression for me. My question is would it be worth the effort to apply for increase rating to 100% or just leave things as is. I am 63 and on full Social Security disability. From everything I’ve read I’m not a candidate for another review from VA because of age and no chance to improve conditions. Thank you for your help.
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