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  1. thanks for the reply. My approach is to get the pes planus connected to the MOrtons Neuroma (like you suggested) The foot injury occurred in the army, while on active duty. The pes planus is after the Mortons surgery. The change of gait occurred while I was on profile (18 months) and continued to this day. Because of the change of gait, I have lower back pains (non-skeletal) and problems with my knees. Since I live in Germany, I was treated by the germans medical system. The records go back only 10 years. I do have my GP, who I have been seeing, for over 20 years that is making the Nexus letter. I have been diagnosed with acquired pes planus. Again, thanks for the help
  2. I have been an avid reader and have contirbuted to this forum. I thought I would ask if anyone could help me with a personal question. I have been rated with 20% Mortons Neuroma and hallux rigidus (Total disabilty is 50%). I was in the field artillery, US Army, from 1982 thru 1986, The last 18 months of duty, the medical staff had me on numerous profiles because of foot pain. They thought, at that time, I was simulating and trying to get out of PT. (I passed all of my PT exams - but with a lot of documented foot pain afterwards). It wasnt until 6 months prior to my ETS that a LTCL diagnosed me with Mortons Neuroma. 6 Weeks prior to my ETS, the neuroma was removed. It took the medical staff 1 and a 1/2 years to find and correct the problem. The Neuroma was a result of a PT run in combat boots. Since then, I have had continuing feet, knees and back problems - relating to the injured foot. A: Injured foot: There is a change of weight bearing on each foot. Pronounced useage of the outside areas for the weight bearing. I have been diagnosed with pes planus, from 2 orthopedic surgeons. (They are in the german medical system - I live in Germany). They do not take the time with reading the Army medical records. Army Entrance exams mention nothing about pes planus. Sometimes, when I stand in one position for a longer period of time, (10 or 15 minutes), my injured foot develops severe cramps, originating from the big toe, thru the inside arch and then on to the calf. Very painful. It goes away after about 5 minutes. Same thing, at night, when I am sleeping. This happens once or twice a week. (Since I left the Army, I am an owner of a Nursery - quiet profession). THere is, also, a numbness in the 4th toe, which causes blood blister on the toe when I walk more than a mile. B. Knees: Since I have an altered gait, I have been having knee problems. Pain and weakness in the knees. Someitmes going up and down stairs, I have to catch myself - I feel that my knee or knees wont support me. I weigh, about, 210 lbs. I have 2 medical opinions that state that they say that the Mortons Neuroma contributed to the altered gait and the knee problems. C. Lower back pains: I have had, since I left the Army, continuous back pains. My MOS was 13B. Heavy lifting is recognized by a FAST letter. I had a Xray done, last summer, and the skeletal / bones are in good shape. My questions: has someone had similiar issues? Is it possible to connect pes planus because of the Mortons Neuroma and the resulting altered gait? Can I receive a secondary to the Mortons Neuroma, connecting my knee and back issues?
  3. UPDATE! I just received my hearing aid batteries and accessories. It was hung up at the German Customs. I found out the reason why. DALC had listed the contents as hearing aids and ACCESSORIES. The german customs wanted to know what the “accessories” were. I informed them, over the phone, that they were wind guards and they then released them. The custom agent suggested that they should put a detailed description of each item in the package. I did not have to pay any customs or taxes. It took 72 hours! Great job DALC!
  4. I hope that this is the right forum. I live in Germany, not retired, and have just received my first set of hearing aids. I have registered my hearing aids with the DALC and the FMP program. I received notice, via UPS that the package is being held up at customs, in Gemany, (Just ordered them yesterday!) I called the local german customs and was informed of the following: 1.anything valued over Euro 22.00 will be charged an added value tax of 19% a. this includes the postage! I will be informing the DALC and FMP program about this. The DALC said they would send a larger supply of batteries (in my case 3 time 60 batteries) to help me out. (I guess the value is $48 plus postage, so I am guessing around $60 or around Euro 50.00 So my guess is that I will have to pay a customs tax of around Euro 10.00) Does anyone have a different experience with this?
  5. I, too, have Tinnitus. I have my rating at 10% Tinnitus and 0% bilateral hearing loss (SC). I was in Field artillery from 1982 - 1986. We just had the mandatory orange 3 flange plastic hearing protection aids. Didn´t help much. The ringing is 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. It wakes me up every morning, around 3 or 4 AM. It gets louder, the older you get. I thought that it was just a symptom of getting older. I have had it for over 30 years now. I went to a German ENT doctor and they have a test for Tinnitus. After the first test, where you have to try and find the frequency of the tinnitus noise, when it was finished, I thought that they had "cured" the tinnitus. Really, the tinnitus noise was gone, for about 4 or 5 seconds - then it came back. I did have to go to another C&P for a hearing test. My ENT did not have the Maryland speech test. He was a german audiologist tho (The C&P). I have the Resound hearing aids (being fitted for them now) and they have a tinnitus mask built in. They are the In The Canal ITC. I have to wear them at night, when I sleep. It doesn´t cure the tinnitus, just distracts your brain from the tinnitus sounds with a white noise. It has helped me get a decent nights sleep, once in a while. There is a fast letter that lists all the service branches MOS and the probability that you could have incurred tinnitus. Mine was High probable. I have read that a high probable or moderate probable qualifies. It is hard to get a hearing SC loss. Since last year, I have been tested, and my ENT has prescribed me hearing aids. The loss is in the tinnitus range. A suggestion from me - when you take the Maryland speech test, dont guess at the words.
  6. I, too, live in a foreign country (Germany). I am new, as I have just received my 50% rating. I have contacted the FMP, a lot of times, to find out just what is covered. They will ONLY cover Service connected conditions. They will, also, cover hearing aids and batteries. No eye glasses. The policy is different and cut and dried. The people at the FMP are very knowledgeable and friendly (if you treat them like normal people) on the phone.
  7. I just received my rating, about 2 weeks ago. (50%) I was doing some research and any vet receiving compensation is eligible for basic medical package. This includes hearing aids and eye glasses. (No service connection required). (I have 10% Tinnitus and 0% bilateral hearing loss - service connected) I contacted the FMP and asked about their eye glasses policy and was informed that they will not pay for, or issue, eye glasses. I live in Germany. They could not provide me with a regulation. Their policy does not explicitly refer to eye glasses. Has anybody had any experience in this matter? The people at the FMP are great, and have been very helpful. Just this issue with the eye glasses. I have sent an e mail, requesting for clarification, with no luck.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I am pround to be an american and a Vet. I will never give up my american citizenship. Been here for over 32 years now and I dont see a reason to be a german.... Have a great weekend guys (and gals).
  9. Hi, I had just discovered your website, this week, and I am soaking up a lot of the great info on this website. I just started my informal claim, last March, and I am still in the process of obtaining documents and IMOs. I was a 13B, in 2/28FA, in Germany, and just now starting my claims. When I got out in 1986, I ETS'd, to Germany, and there was no briefing as to VA Benefits or claims, not to mention a service exit exam. I am married to a german fraulein and have had german medical (free) servies since I left the army. Thanks to this site, I had have my ears checked, from a local Otolaryngologist (Ear doctor). They have a test, here in Germany, that can establish Tinnitus. He has linked this, with a minor hearing loss to my MOS 13B with "most likely caused". If I hadn´t stumbled on your site, I would not have thought about this at all. I have some other problems, that I am still working on. Please keep up the good work! p.s. even though I am a registered member, I couldn´t download the pdf book from jonmacintosh....
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