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  1. Sorry, not what I meant. I've been 100% TDIU since 2009, I think. It was a while ago. I put in the claim that got the radiculopathy a few years after that. As for the CUE or what have you at the first exam, because of all of the other things going on currently (I've got several issues on remand from BVA right now), they wanted no part of me... A lot of work involved for little or no return on the appeals currently in play. Now, if someone was willing to fight for me going back to exit from service, that would be different. There's a huge potential for retro there, IF it rises to the level of a
  2. Thank you, kanewnut. (you, too, GBArmy) I find your responses at least encouraging. I hate to keep bothering the senator, as there have been several times he's helped me already. I just don't understand why an organization that is supposed to stand for doing what is right encourages and defends those who lie and cause harm to the veteran. I've had them attempt to provoke me in the hopes that I would lose it, say or do something out of line, and get locked up. There are sick people in some places who seem to get kicks out of hurting others. Then a veteran kills himself and everyone acts n
  3. Please forgive me for not explaining. Attorneys gets nothing if you're already 100% and there's no retro to pay them with, so either you pay them or they ask you to politely move along. I can say this because I've already been turned down by several attorneys for this very reason.
  4. I'm so tired of fighting them. They know it. They lie. I'm sick of it. Here's my situation: I filed a claim several years ago now, and the VA closed it. They never notified me. They claimed they did and that I missed the window of appeal, but I contacted my senator and, guess what--the VA conceded that it had closed my claim without notifying me. They reopen the claim. I wait. They send me to an examiner. I wait. They grant me a rating and service connection for radiculopathy both legs, 10% each, but they give me a connection date of when they reopened the claim, not when I filed original
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