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  1. Greetings to all. I am an employee at a VA Med Center... who's production has decreased due to multiple medical conditions... I have submitted a fully developed claim. On ebennie is says this: Status of Your Claim GATHERING OF EVIDENCE Submitted: 04/21/2015 (Compensation) Estimated Completion: 02/21/2016 - 08/27/2016 The time it takes to complete you claim depends on factors like the type of claim and the type of disability claimed. The estimated dates are based on a statistical analysis of historical processing times for similar claims. Some things you should know: Historical data may not accurately predict current conditions. Your claim may take longer. Dates may change as the statistical analysis is updated. Some claims will take longer than the range of dates given as they are based on an average. Submitting the supporting documentation that has been requested quickly and electronically is the surest way to get your claim decided as quickly as possible. Disabilities Claimed: major depressive disorder secondary to bilateral knee condition (New), headache condition (New), adjustment disorder (New), pseudoarthritis with sacralization of L5 (New), right foot plantar fasciitis (New) Representative for VA Claims: DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS Current Status: Gathering of Evidence It also says this... Submitted Type Status Updates Actions 04/21/2015 Compensation Gathering Of Evidence Requested Documents are Past Due Development Letter Sent Upload Documents View Documents On the Unsolicited Evidence page it says this: What We Have Received from You (unsolicited) You submitted the following unsolicited items that may or may not be required to expedite the processing of your claim. Description Received VA 21-526EZ, Fully Developed Claim (Compensation) 04/21/2015 Copy of VA Problem List from VAMC 04/21/2015 Copy of DAV informal claim transmittal letter date stamped 5-30-14. 04/21/2015 Copy of STRs from the veteran. 04/21/2015 Copy of STRs from the veteran. 04/21/2015 Can someone tell me what it all means... and BASED UPON YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND/OR EXPERIENCE... is that an accurate ESTIMATION DATE (Estimated Completion: 02/21/2016 - 08/27/2016)? Also... based upon my current rating of 60% combined for my knees... and the information I've provided here... what are the chances I'll get all the way to 100% service connected... and what information do I need to get a medical retirement from the VA? Please advise... and thank you in advance...
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