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  1. You may find something here. http://25thaviation.org/id277.htm den
  2. Is it possible to read the first post first in a topic without having to scroll down to the bottom and than start reading and scrolling up?
  3. Let me add my congrats also.A win sure helps bring down the stress level. den
  4. Glad you finally got what you deserve and showing it does pay not to quit or give up when dealing with the VA. Unfortunately the PTSD never goes away but maybe you can learn to control it a little,at least your war with the VA is over. den
  5. If your uncle tied up while in Vietnam he can request the deck logs for the ship and date. den
  6. Den

    I Won

    Your award only goes back to the date you reopened your claim. den
  7. I got the pamphlet the other day and after reading it a couple of times i don't see anything that has changed.Most of the guys i have talked to already have NODs filed.So it don't mean nuthin.IMHO. den
  8. I'm glad to hear the good news now relax and enjoy.It seems like the award letters are starting to pick up it's about time. den
  9. Relax and enjoy you deserve it ......den
  10. After the treatment of your cancer the VA will re-rate you on residuals if there are any.This is normal practice with VA. den
  11. I agree with Moe on this why screw things up,let the decision be made and then go from there,don't fight imaginary things....just my opinion. den
  12. My friend got divorced and his disability check wasn't garnished but when the judge was advised that he got it he raised the amount the guy had to pay.They got you coming and going. den
  13. You qualify for the life insurance but i can't comment on the rest. den
  14. If your claim doesn't go the way you want you can get and file an ime with your notice of disagreement or add new evidence with a DRO. den
  15. You are going to need a diagnoses of ptsd from a shrink or physcologist for your claim to move forward. den
  16. My Dad is in the Jacobetti nursing home.They take his diability for room and board or what ever it is called.I think that money and ss go before they nail your private monies. Stop in at the home and talk to the people there they are great. den
  17. http://www.ptsdpeace.org/what-is-ptsd/i-am-ptsd.html Check this out there's much info....den
  18. Congrats.......a win is a win is a win,we don't get enough of them. Take a little time to relax and enjoy life you and your wife deserve it. den
  19. No paper work unless your rated 100% or iu&pt then you have the application for life insurance.Also need to call the 800 number to start direct deposit. den
  20. Berta iwas just looking for the" rate your SO" info that was on the old board,but that was some interesting info you sent. Terry i'm done with my case but was looking for some info for a friend.I'm from the UP of Michigan.I had an excellent SO from VVA he told me what he needed and i did the leg work.Like everyone says there is no better advocate for your case than yourself. den
  21. I'm trying to find the ranking of service officers in Michigan but the feature doen't work.Anyone else have this problem. den
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