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  1. Ah they have water samples from each building! I would state if the conducted the survey correctly! I would request water samples results from the freedom information act! They have reports from each year when the law came into effect!
  2. Did you hire a lawyer! most of the time you need a lawyer to win! Ninth circuit court case Oregon! One federal department says you are disabled the other must consider you disabled.
  3. I would talk to immigration! Also I would explore duel citizenship! There are a lot of American military expats living abroad! Some have retired visas and working visas! Every country is different! I would start with the American embassy in Germany!
  4. 300,000 dollars x 10 dimes = 3,000,000 dimes! He received a benefit! Medical is a benefit! If not all veterans would not have a copay ! Come on man! I will not get in the weeds! Just keeping it 100%
  5. He should have not gotten the time or day because their was a veteran that sever never got that time to receive care! How, many appointments cancel, claims denied! Veteran died before receiving care called a benefit! It’s not an argument! It’s a fact!
  6. Some die before getting their claim is approved or denied! Come on man
  7. However, they listen to his war story! Yes, took a needed dime and time from someone who needed it who served! Did he deserve that dime!
  8. This is sad! The VA give people that really severed many years hell filling claims! However, they are more open to war stories! SMH
  9. If submit the form he will shorten the time to be considered and complete the process
  10. https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/vba-21-8940-are.pdf
  11. If you get retired pay you better read before you act. Just saying
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