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  1. I was wondering if this sounded right. We had a meeting with my fathers SO. They told my dad he basically is getting compensated well. That filing the new claims for the IHD the Parkinsons and the worsening of the Neuropathy. Would not benefit him at all. Only in the event of his death my mother would get compensated if he passed from sac disabilities. Dad also Inquired about the Aid and attendance he filed over a year ago. It's not in the system they said. So my dad asked how to get it. The person at the SO told him that he should wait and see how this goes. It don't feel 100%. For some r
  2. Hello Everyone. Today we will be going to speak to my Father's SO. I have been busy getting together all of his paperwork. We filed the Parkinsons Claim June 22,2015. We are 1 month out and its still not showing up in the EBenefits page. So I am going to bring that up. We have a copy stamped that they received it as I had personally Delivered it. What happens if they say they dont have it in their system. But I have that stamped copy? We are also filing for all of his medical records. Since my last post my Father has been having some issues where we needed to get into the Priv
  3. Thank You everyone. I have picked up my Dad's Cardiologist records today. I went thru all the records on my healthy vet. Then I went thru records that they mailed him. The healthy vet is defnitely not a complete medical file. I highlighted stuff I also went thru and wrote up a word document of page refrence what was said etc. Let me copy it here This is a work in progress. So please excuse it I removed dates and changed names for dr's. Current Benefits: SMC SL Rating Date 2008 and 2014 Diabetes Type II ,Diabetic Neuropathy, Tinea Pedis Service Connected Agent Orange Exp
  4. Thank You everyone for your replies. I will discuss this with my father. We have an appointment towards the end of this month with the VSO. Also he sees cardiologist this week as well as Neuro. Berta I will be looking at your other reply.
  5. How do you know if they are Permanent and Total with no more exams? Also for the unemployability, he has to send back a signed form stating he has not worked I believe its every year. Would he still get unemployability if he is over the 100% mark. He has heard from other Vets that if you have numerous conditions. They told him they get 100$ Sc times 2 because each is 100%. I have never heard of that before.
  6. Hello Everyone, I had wanted to know if anyone has successfully had their own private Dr do an IME or IMO? My father's Neurologist has experience with the VA. He was a Neuro there for sometime. We have to go back this week for the results of my Father's EMG. But he is also seeing my Dad for Parkinson's. I have been scouring over my Dad's medical records. I have found many issues within them. I had another post in one of the other forums which explains it all. My Dad is requesting the records from VAMC since he was first evaluated for Agent Orange exposure. I wanted to ask the Dr i
  7. I couldn't agree more. My dad receives care. Im thankful for that. But I am also thankful that he has other insurance besides VA. So he has the ability to go outside of VA. I have seen to many times where vets could not get the care. Now I am seeing the effects of them not listening to my dad about his issues, along with me saying clearly. He sees Mental Health for PTSD What I find ironic is they bill my Dad's Private insurance for it. Yet it is 70% SC. He has had more social workers then I care to count. He had a really nice one who would actually listen to him and talk with him. This
  8. What does this mean? Hopefully that will put him at 100 schedular or PnT and not need IU. Sorry new to all of this.
  9. Good Evening Everyone, I have been browsing this site for a few hours. I did not find answers to what I have questions for. So I am hoping someone can advise me. My Father served in the Marine Corp In Vietnam from 7/1967 to 5/1970. It was determined that he was exposed to Agent Orange. Along with being on a registry for Camp Lejeune for water contamination. My Father wears AFO leg braces for the Neuropathy. He was falling a lot and I had discussed with his Primary Care Dr a few years back that I felt my father had the beginning stages of Parkinson's. The Dr sent him to the Ne
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