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  1. I was wondering if this sounded right. We had a meeting with my fathers SO. They told my dad he basically is getting compensated well. That filing the new claims for the IHD the Parkinsons and the worsening of the Neuropathy. Would not benefit him at all. Only in the event of his death my mother would get compensated if he passed from sac disabilities. Dad also Inquired about the Aid and attendance he filed over a year ago. It's not in the system they said. So my dad asked how to get it. The person at the SO told him that he should wait and see how this goes. It don't feel 100%. For some reason with the crap the SO told us. And reluctance to file. I told him that my dad has the neuropathy in his arms from the elbows down on top of all the other stuff my dads compensation is Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date diabetes mellitus, type II with diabetic nephropathy and tinea pedis 20% Service Connected Agent Orange 02/2004 early peripheral neuropathy, left lower extremity 10% Service Connected 02/2005 early peripheral neuropathy, right lower extremity 10% Service Connected 02/2005 hypertension 0% Service Connected 02/2004 peripheral vascular disease left lower extremity 20% Service Connected 12/2008 peripheral vascular disease right lower extremity 20% Service Connected 12/2008 posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)/major depressive disorder 70% Service Connected 10/2008 Plus SMC L I don't know why I am not sitting easy with what the SO said. My dad also had the DBQ's filled out by the dr's and submitted them.
  2. Enlarged Aortic Root Ihd?

    Hello Everyone. Today we will be going to speak to my Father's SO. I have been busy getting together all of his paperwork. We filed the Parkinsons Claim June 22,2015. We are 1 month out and its still not showing up in the EBenefits page. So I am going to bring that up. We have a copy stamped that they received it as I had personally Delivered it. What happens if they say they dont have it in their system. But I have that stamped copy? We are also filing for all of his medical records. Since my last post my Father has been having some issues where we needed to get into the Private Cardio. I cant get the DBQ until Friday. Which is past our appointment today. But I am asking them to file the IHD and bring in the evidence once I have it most likely on Monday. He had Shortness of Breath and also Severe Swelling of the lower Extremities. The Dr did an Echo, EKG and labs. He has stents already. They found that he has an Enlarged Aortic Root. They are watching it because of all of his other Medical Conditions from the AO. They want to watch it. Has anyone had experience with this. When I look up Enlarged Aortic Root and AO exposure I come up dry. Not like the other conditions. Also his Neuropathy has gotten much worse. We will be submitting that DBQ today as well. Here is my original post. Berta I have been busy collecting all of his medical records. I want to see what the SO says today. Then see how to proceed. I talked to his private Neurologist about getting a IME he said its very costly. So I am going to see what happens. I had found page after page of stuff in his medical records which I have. So I am just waiting to see how to proceed. Especially after collecting everything. We have had a very rough last couple of weeks. Worrying about his health, and Dr appts, tests,
  3. New Diagnoses Agent Orange Exposure

    Thank You everyone. I have picked up my Dad's Cardiologist records today. I went thru all the records on my healthy vet. Then I went thru records that they mailed him. The healthy vet is defnitely not a complete medical file. I highlighted stuff I also went thru and wrote up a word document of page refrence what was said etc. Let me copy it here This is a work in progress. So please excuse it I removed dates and changed names for dr's. Current Benefits: SMC SL Rating Date 2008 and 2014 Diabetes Type II ,Diabetic Neuropathy, Tinea Pedis Service Connected Agent Orange Exposure 20% Rating Date 2004 Hypertension Service Connected 0% Rating Date 2004 Early Peripheral Neuropathy Left Lower Extremity Service Connected 10% Rating Date 2005 Early Peripheral Neuropathy Right Lower Extremity Service Connected 10% Rating Date /2005 Peripheral Vascular Disease Right Lower 20% Service Connected Rating Date 2008 Peripheral Vascular Disease Left Lower 20% Service Connected Rating Date 2008 PTSD 70% Service Connected /2008 Total rating 90% with Unemployability bringing to 100% Service Connected VA Problem List ( this is the sheet that says his current conditions) Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage SCT 74474003 Date 2015 Parkinsonian Features SCT 304535004 Date 2015 ( When I see this its not 100% saying Parkinsons. Unless I am mis reading something. But my father has been 100% diagnosed with outside Neuro) Bells Palsy ICD- 9-CM 351.0 Date /2013 Ankle Fracture ICD- 9-CM 824.8 2013 Seborrheic Dermatitis ICD-9-CM 690.10 2013 Ischemic Heart Disease Code 414.00 2012 <----- Right here it says 2012 they know he has had it. So Im not sure if he can claim back? Unspecified Psychosocial Circumstance ICD-9-CM V62.9 2012 Coronary Atherosclerosis of unspecified type of vessel,native,or graft. ICD-9-CM 414.00 Spinal Stenosis in Cervical Region ICD- 9-CM 723.0 2011 Vitamin D Deficiency ICD- 9-CM 268.9 2011 with an earlier mention 2008 Sleep Apnea ICD-9-CM 780.57 2011 Leg Pain ICD-9-CM729.5 2010 Shoulder Pain ICD- 9- CM 719.41 /2010 Depressive Disorder NOS ICD-9-CM 311. 2008 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ICD-9-CM 309.81 2008 Hypertension ICD-9-CM 401.9 2006 Chronic Low Back Pain ICD-9-CM 724.5 2008 GERD ICD-9-CM 530.81 /2006 Diabetes Mellitus Type II or Unspecified ICD-9-CM 250.00 /2006 Diabetic Neuropathies ICD-9-CM 250.60 /2008 Medical History Cardiac stents 2012 Ankle Fracture 2013 Pg 164 Dr Tremors, Declining health, 2014 Page 238 Dr notes about Caregiver ( was saying that I am my dads caregiver) Pg 518,519,522, Mentions Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm 2008, 2008 518 Mild Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease is present. 2008 Page 511 Possible COPD Dxc 2013 pg 240 progress note . Talked about falls and caregiver 2013 p 264 Le Bilateral Hand Tremor, Fall, Cannot Drive. /2012 p 511,512 LE Eval for Shortness of Breath 2011 p515,516 MRI of the Brain without Iv Contrast Indication Progressive Unstable Gait and Falling /2011 p 516 Radialculpathy Consult Requests. Pg 5 2013 Provisional DX Essential Tremor Pg 6 201313 Veteran With Parkinsons is referred from PCP for weighted utensils/cuffs to address tremors and functional status. ADL Status MOD I, with difficulty. Pt demonstrated mild tremor with wt utensil. 2013 pgs 19,20,21 1 pg 21 I notice that he has preserved,and brisk reflexes in the legs. This is inconsistent with just a Neuropathy. 2 Neuropathy Also his Neuropathy is most likely related to Diabetes and Vit B12 3 Gait Problems He has had multiple PT Evals in thee past. Staff Physician 2011 2011 PT consult pg 23 Fall with required stitches in chin 2011 PG 211 PCP saying deemed disabled and is not able to be employed in any meaningful manner. 2011 pg 222 call to nurse with no feeling in legs. Legs tremble and falls pg 223 Leg Weakness Bilateral, Leg Weakness, worsening unable to walk 2010 p295 Cpap Clinic DX Obstructive Sleep Apnea These are what I have so far. I need to go thru the Cardio Records. Get the records from outside Neuro. Also the rest of the VA med records. I have scoured over these night and day.
  4. Possible To Have Private Dr Do Ime/imo?

    Thank You everyone for your replies. I will discuss this with my father. We have an appointment towards the end of this month with the VSO. Also he sees cardiologist this week as well as Neuro. Berta I will be looking at your other reply.
  5. New Diagnoses Agent Orange Exposure

    How do you know if they are Permanent and Total with no more exams? Also for the unemployability, he has to send back a signed form stating he has not worked I believe its every year. Would he still get unemployability if he is over the 100% mark. He has heard from other Vets that if you have numerous conditions. They told him they get 100$ Sc times 2 because each is 100%. I have never heard of that before.
  6. Hello Everyone, I had wanted to know if anyone has successfully had their own private Dr do an IME or IMO? My father's Neurologist has experience with the VA. He was a Neuro there for sometime. We have to go back this week for the results of my Father's EMG. But he is also seeing my Dad for Parkinson's. I have been scouring over my Dad's medical records. I have found many issues within them. I had another post in one of the other forums which explains it all. My Dad is requesting the records from VAMC since he was first evaluated for Agent Orange exposure. I wanted to ask the Dr if he would do an IME/or IMO since he has experience in this field, also with the VA. I am also having my Father's outside medical records printed up. He has a lot!!!!!! from falls, heart issues. I do have the Discharge summaries, saying what he was treated for. But would like to get the most important records. Here is a link to the original post Also he will be filing to get his file of claims from the VA as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. New Diagnoses Agent Orange Exposure

    Ditto what does this mean?
  8. New Diagnoses Agent Orange Exposure

    I couldn't agree more. My dad receives care. Im thankful for that. But I am also thankful that he has other insurance besides VA. So he has the ability to go outside of VA. I have seen to many times where vets could not get the care. Now I am seeing the effects of them not listening to my dad about his issues, along with me saying clearly. He sees Mental Health for PTSD What I find ironic is they bill my Dad's Private insurance for it. Yet it is 70% SC. He has had more social workers then I care to count. He had a really nice one who would actually listen to him and talk with him. This last one was a horrible WITCH to put it nicely. My Dad was talking about his frustration over the transportation denial. Only to listen to her say that doesn't effect your mental health. Or when he said he was depressed because of not being able to get around. She said that had nothing to do with it. Bull Hooties it doesn't. It has everything thing to do with it you don't think a Vet who has lost the ability to be independent. They are basically stuck in a Wheel Chair or Limited Mobility because of their conditions caused by AO exposure. I was in the room with him. When she told my Dad that. He said well then why do I bother to even talk to you? Why do you even ask me How I am doing? I said can you explain to me what you do exactly? Because you are billing my Dad's private insurance. Yet you don't even let him get a word out. You immediately say that has nothing to do with your mental health. I told her flat out. It does. I said imagine you are in my Dad's shoes how would you feel not being able to get in the car, and go to the store. Or you need someone to help get you off the toilet, or help bathing. Yeah you better think about that and see why Vet's are suffering from depression. On top of the PTSD.
  9. New Diagnoses Agent Orange Exposure

    What does this mean? Hopefully that will put him at 100 schedular or PnT and not need IU. Sorry new to all of this.
  10. Good Evening Everyone, I have been browsing this site for a few hours. I did not find answers to what I have questions for. So I am hoping someone can advise me. My Father served in the Marine Corp In Vietnam from 7/1967 to 5/1970. It was determined that he was exposed to Agent Orange. Along with being on a registry for Camp Lejeune for water contamination. My Father wears AFO leg braces for the Neuropathy. He was falling a lot and I had discussed with his Primary Care Dr a few years back that I felt my father had the beginning stages of Parkinson's. The Dr sent him to the Neurologist at the VA. Which they did a EMG, along with a MRI. They found that my dad had really bad Neuropathy. He could not even feel them shock him. He also had filed his claim for PTSD. Which initially they had denied, he appealed. He finally got it. But after seeing QTC Dr they tried to say my Dad was incompetent to manage his affairs. Which I had taken my Dad for 2 different evals to prove competence. So that did not go thru with the Fiduciary. My Father's conditions make it where he can not drive. He had an accident because he could not feel the brake pedal. My Dad has lived with me for the past 8 years. He manages all of his own money, medication refills, everything. He just needs help to get where he is going. Because of the physical limitations. Fast forward to 2015. After he got his claim for PTSD about 3 years ago my Dad was having chest pains. I took him to the Emergency Room where my father was found to have 2 major blockages in his heart. They did 2 Stents. There were still some more blockages they could not get to them because it was not reachable. I want to say they diagnosed him with CAD which I found VA referes to this as IHD. I believe he also has COPD I am waiting for his medical records. He has quite a few disc issues in the Cervical, Thorasic, and Lumbar areas. Along with the Siatic Nerve issues. My Dad was receiving VA transportation but since they say he no longer qualifies for this. With the new regulations. But he is unable to drive because of no feeling from the waist down. We were in to see his Cardiologist a few months back and he asked me how my dad was. I had told him my concerns that he was falling a lot. That I cannot leave him at home alone. Because of the falls.We are with him 24/7 My dad has fallen and broken his ankle he was complete and total care for 3 months. He also fell before that and broke his toe and had a huge laceration. When I had addressed the issues a few years back with PCP, he said the Neurologist said all of this was from my Dad's Neuropathy. I have addressed it multiple times with my Dad's PCP about the worsening of his symptoms with nothing being done. My Dad was finally diagnosed by outside Neuro with Parkinsons. The funny story is this Dr we did not know at the time had worked previously at the VA. I took my dads records into the office with me. He asked questions did the testing. He did another MRI to check for any issues that could cause this. He put my dad on some Trial medication with a follow up a few weeks later. My dad was falling at least 5- 6 times per week. Not small falls very hard ones. He had all the symptoms of Parkinsons. The medicine helped my dad in the past few months has only fallen 2 times which is a major improvement. So we cant chalk all of my dads issues up to the Degenerative Disc issue, Neuropathy. The medicine would not have worked. My dad had another EMG done with same Dr and his neuropathy is so severe. We follow up next week with him for results. Sorry for the long winded history. I just thought it may be helpful. If they look at the new diagnosis will we have to go back for an appointment with QTC? Went to VA when we were into see PCP we told him of the new Diagnosis.. He said wow I know you had mentioned it a few times in the past. So with me mentioning that would they back date it? The Neuro said my dad has had the symptoms all along but the VA said it was the Neuropathy. Which is not fun either. The VA now sends my dad his meds for the parkinsons. On top of all of this my dad also had a Upper GI bleed, from the medications VA had him on. It tore his stomach up. My dad has an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm as well. They have done nothing for it. Just watching it. The outside Neuro has filled out the DBQ saying he does have Parkinsons. His Motor Manifestations are Stooped Posture Moderate. Balance Impairment Severe. Bradykinesia Moderate. Loss of Automatic Movements Mild, Speech Changes Moderate. Tremor Yes Right Upper Mild. Left Upper Mild, Right Lower Not affected, Left Lower Not Affected. Muscle Rigidity Yes R Upper Moderate, L Upper Moderate, R Lower Moderate. L Lower Moderate. Depression he marked Yes and wrote PTSD. Cognitive Impairment None. Loss of sense of smell None. Sleep Disturbance Moderate. Chewing None. Urinary Problems 2-4 is marked Constipation no. Sexual Dysfunction Yes Mild . Financial Responsibility he marked dad in his judgement is competent. Then does the veterans parkinsons impact his ability to work he put Yes. Unable to walk because of Postural Instability. My questions are 1 with him already being at 90% SC, with Unemployability making it 100%. Does he have a claim to compensation for the following Diagnosis's Parkinsons Diagnosis. IHD or CAD ( I will check his records and see exactly what it says) Sleep Apnea Severe Peripheral Neuropathy ( it says on the report Length, Dependent, Predominatly axonal peripheral neuroapthy. 2 Sensorimotor median neuropathy across the right wrist consistent with carpal tunnel syndrome. Acute C8-T1 radialculpathy on the right. Chronic L2,3,4 and S1-S2 radialculpathy on the right. Acute on Chronic L4-5 radialculpathy on right. absent responses of the lower extremity sensory nerves. In short his Neuropathy has worsened. Hypertension Drop Foot Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ED ( You guys will know what that is) My dad gets a lot of swelling as well retention of water. Which he is taking meds for. The person down at VA we had stopped in to get the clothing allowance form. We had asked a question. He said my fathers case when he pulled it up he had no clue why he wore the AFO's we told him the Neuro had ordered them a few years back. He said well if it was correctly put in there he would have seen why. He also said that if my dad wears those. Then he should be getting more compensation. ( He briefly explained how it all worked) We have an appointment to go and talk to a rep there about my dads case. We did submit the DBQ for his Parkinsons. The Dr will fill out a DBQ for the worsening of the Neuropathy. Should I take a DBQ to the cardiologist? My dad takes blood thinners for life with the heart issue. He also gets very short of breath. But is not on O2 yet. He gets also SMC (I) My father had applied a while back for Aid and Attendance when he broke his ankle. The PCP at VA filled out the paperwork. To date we have heard nothing. I cannot even see the claim status on the ebenefits. Nor do I see the Parkinsons claim My Dads conditions says below that this is all service connected to Agent Orange. Will we have to go and see numerous Dr's if he files for benefits for these since there is a trail already? The guy we spoke to at Clothing Allowance said there are some grants that will modify or add onto a home for him to have accessibility. We own our home, but it is in our name. Will my Dad still qualify for these to make things accessible for him. or do an addition of a downstairs bedroom for him? Below are his ratings. Disability Rating Decision Related To Effective Date diabetes mellitus, type II with diabetic nephropathy and tinea pedis 20% Service Connected Agent Orange 02/2004 early peripheral neuropathy, left lower extremity 10% Service Connected 02/2005 early peripheral neuropathy, right lower extremity 10% Service Connected 02/2005 hypertension 0% Service Connected 02/2004 peripheral vascular disease left lower extremity 20% Service Connected 12/2008 peripheral vascular disease right lower extremity 20% Service Connected 12/2008 posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)/major depressive disorder 70% Service Connected 10/2008 Thank You for all of your help. I will honestly say that it is an honor to take care of my Father. But it is also the hardest to see his decline with his physical abilities. My Dad has always been my best friend and Hero. Thank You to each and everyone of you for your Service and Sacrifice for our Great Nation. Welcome Home!