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  1. I am wondering what the proper procedure is for revoking my vso's poa and representing my claim myself. I contacted my regional VA office in reference to the matter and they informed me that I needed to fill out a form 21-22 and fax it in to the office. I noticed that form 21-22 is the power of attorney form for adding a vso which I do not want to do. I looked at the form 21-22a (for adding an individual) but think it would be silly to fill out a form to give poa to myself. I really don't want the VSO that I am currently involved with to have access to my records. I understand from doing
  2. Thanks for the replies! I figure the doctor probably copy and pasted the wrong CFS opinion for the Medical Opinion Summary because he filled out the DBQ questions stating that I was unable to work due to CFS etc... Do you think that I should try and contact the Doctor to make him aware of this or should I go through my VSO? Fwiw, I filed for Gulf War related issues, Chronic Fatigue, Joint and Muscle Pain and Skin Problems. I have not received a diagnosis for any of these issues prior to the C&P exam.
  3. Hi All, I recently went for my C&P exam and would like your opinions on what percentage of rating I may receive. The C&P was completed by a VA Doctor at a VA Facility. I know it is long, but I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance. Name of patient/Veteran: 1. Medical record review ------------------------ [X] Other, describe: VBMS, CPRS, Civilian Records 2. Medical history ------------------ a. No symptoms, abnormal findings or complaints: No answer provided b. Skin and scars: Skin Disea
  4. For you guys and gals with muscle / joint pain. Do you find yourself having to stay sedentary in order to keep your pain levels down? The doctors want me to exercise and I try to explain to them the situation that I am in and they appear to be clueless. Also, are any of you guys experiencing something like I am. I can pick up my chihuahua which weighs about 7pds and cradle him in my left arm for about 15-20mins while I am outside talking to my neighbor across the street. When I put him down my arm muscles are sore, but the following day (and 3-4 days after that) my arm will be in so much
  5. Moth balls work pretty good at repelling snakes. I am located south of San Antonio and have to deal with my fair share of snakes, scorpions, tarantulas (like apocalyptic amounts), javelina, cougars etc... hope you get your dd214 squared away.
  6. Hi john999! No, I did not seek treatment from the VA or from outside sources except for the accute stomach pain that I believe ended up being my gall bladder which has now been removed and from which I have been relieved from all of the intense accute pain. As far as all of my other issues, I found myself in the beginning not bothered enough by the symptoms to bother with seeking treatment, I had finished college, was making really great money with awesome benefits and basically rode that situation to where the wheels fell off and my body couldn't take anymore. For what it is worth, I hav
  7. I will try to be as quick as possible, I served on active duty onboard ship from 1986-1989. I injured my lower back on a work detail in early 1987. The docs really didn't do too much for me except give me some tylenol or aspirin as they had the attitude that I was bothering them. They did log the incident in my file however. I have been going to the VA for treatment and after a recent MRI, it shows that I have DDD, a bulging / torn disk and facet joint issues. I suffer a great deal of pain and have sciatica that runs down to my left ankle about 90-95% of the time on rare occasions, it tra
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