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  1. Hello everyone and a big thank you to everyone on this page for the posts that I have read while going through my process. I am currently rated at 100% schedular. Today I received a letter from the VA in the mail with a rating decision stating that I currently have a total service-connected disability, permanent in nature. I have looked on the VA website for info about the CHAMPVA but it seems very limited in detail. Does anyone have insight on that? Thank you for any reply ahead of time! Alan
  2. I had lumbar fusion surgery back in October 2015 and have been receiving temp 100% since that time. My initial time off work was to be 3 months but due to complications with my back and in my legs, it has caused me to be off work much longer and there is no news of if i will get to return to work. I am currently filing a claim for TDIU. My question is, how long can you claim the temp 100%? Have seen articles where people have claimed it for 3 months and where they were able to claim it for 6 month increments until they were able to get the TDIU approved. Any isight on this? Thanks
  3. I recently underwent lumbar fusion (L5-S1) and since have had major issues with my legs and feet. I am rated for IVDS and have bilateral radiculopathy as a secondary rating. Recently I was diagnosed with bilateral flat foot by the VA. I have an external doctor that will nexus the flat feet to my back and legs. My question is, I have looked into the va ratings but can't find anything specific to a rating percentage for flat feet. Does anyone know what the rating percentages are for them? Thanks in advance!
  4. Looking for some extra guidance. I go through a county VSO and they are a great asset to have but I always like to do my own research and last time i went in, the info i got from reading here and from the post i had helped out my award the last time. I am currently rated 10% for a lumbar strain. I am going through a C&P that is pending at this point. Prior to the C&P exam but after I filed, I had to have emergent surgery on my L5-S1 (i was falling constantly). In the claim, I filed for an increase in my low back strain, i filed for the bilateral leg weakness associated with the foot dr
  5. I am rated for a scar that was done in the military related to a mark they thought was cancerous on my head. With that being said, i had surgery on my knee to attempt to correct what i am service connected for. Because of this surgery, i have a large scar down the front of my knee. Since this was done after discharge from the military, can i claim the residual scar now? If so, should it be claimed as a secondary to the SC disability. Any insight on this either way and how to claim it would be much appreciated.
  6. I am getting ready to pull all of my stuff together for a new file but kind of confused about the va rating system for the lumbar back strain. I am currently rated 10% for a lumbar strain. Since that original rating, i have become worse. More herniated discs sine the original claim, constant pain and numbness down both legs, etc. So looking at the increased rating information, it is all based on ROM. Is this correct? If so, the other stuff thats been going on is not going to matter then? The physician that i see externally from the VA has created a nexus that all of it is intertwined inclu
  7. I am currently rated 10% for a lumbosacral strain in 2004. I am also rated for my Left knee and hip. I am currently in appeal status for secondary claims of my right hip and knee from my lower back. I was diagnosed with low back strain while on active duty so i understand that. I had an MRI that was used in the rating. It showed at the time L5-S1 disc herniation. Since that time, i have had 2 MRIs, with the latest showing a herniation of L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1 with herniation contacting the nerve roots. I have started injections into my back and it has become rather difficult to deal with t
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