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  1. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    So for the ones that said I wouldn't be approved for A&A, I was approved for ( SMC-L 1/2) Based on Aid and Attendance. The (1/2) step came from my additional ratings totaling (60%) that were not used on the award of (SMC-L). So I was (70%) (PTSD TDIU P&T) I asked for a Increase of the( PTSD) and received the bump to (100%) PTSD and awarded A&A . I'm not sure how the TBI got so confused, at no point did I say or ever claim TBI or A&A Based on a TBI. I was not given a C&P for the (PTSD) Increase or the A&A Claim either i was approved just off my medical records and doctors notes. Thanks again
  2. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I just got approved for SMC-L and increased from 70% PTSD TO 100%PTSD TO then award SMC -L I actually got awarded SMC L 1/2 Because of my remailning 60%
  3. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    a little update... I went to ''pending decision approval'' yesterday and where it said SMC-S It now says from (11/14/2017 -3/23/2018) and my claim for A&A and PTSD increase was on 3/23/2018? Any ideas on why it would now have a ending date for my SMC-S?
  4. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    When you have “one” Disability that gives you the TDIU for Rating purposes,it is considered a 100% Rating, that’s why the SMC-S is awarded to TDIU with one Disability that got them on IU...
  5. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    (30% Migraines), (30%Gerd), ( 10%Tinnitus), (0%ED)*********** ******Rounded up is 60%.********* Then the PTSD is 70% which was the only reason and it’s specified ONLY reason I was put on TDIU P&T For PTSD on my VA awards letter. Which will award the====== ************”SMC(S)”************* ******0% ED=**** “SMC-K”******
  6. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I was medically retired from the Army in 2012 after being Injured in a Roadside bomb in 2010 received Purple Heart, but had to spend the next 2 years in Fort Campbell, going through medical TBI,PTSD day in and day out. Army rated me originally 50% as the VA rated me 50% for PTSD in 2013 had a review from DOD Army as my PTSD was (TDRL) “temporary” went to Fort Benning for Review, my mother drove me and after that review, they set 100% PTSD (PDRL) “Permenent” I get “ tricare for life” or pretty much anything any retiree gets. Sorry, a bounce a little all over the place, just try and bare with me. So in 2012 when I finally got home my wife was complaining of serious differences in me and wanted me to be closely monitored with mental health or group therapy, my PTSD Rating is “PTSD with Post Concussion Syndrome” I assume from the blast... They recommended me to go for review with a VA doctor, to see if the Caregiver was a fit for me. And I ended up with “Tier 2”.. They said because at the time, I had a NOD against my 50% PTSD Rating which would eventually turn to 70%PTSD TDIU P&T. Like I say I don’t know all the wordings for every thing, but I do know that’s what I got since suicidal ideation and past issues they may have signed off off on it do that. Remember this was in 2012 after medically retiring, they did not want me to take my own medicine due to self harm, I had to sign a agreement with the VA that since I was so medicated that I would not drive, these are all things my Caregiver stayed with me to make sure. Now Social Security Disability awarded be back to 2010 they said my disability’s for SSDI were PTSD,Adjustment Disorder, Migraines and Traumatic Brain Injury. All those disabilities they listed were military related.
  7. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

  8. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

  9. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    Also, my mother lives with me now, when she didn’t back then, do to my wife and mom not getting along. A lot of the same questions that were on the VA Caregiver, were on the A&A form, so I don’t see why it’s not impossible to ask for the 70% PTSD TDIU P&T increase to 100% and after the 100% is awarded, to then award A&A based on the 100% Rating for PTSD. This is something I should have filed for along time ago, since the army has already awarded me 100% PTSD (PDRL) since 2013 and social security disability awarded for PTSD since 2010 as well, 100% CRSC as well
  10. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I was medically retired in 2010 for PTSD and received a 50% PTSD, 10% Migraines, 10% Gerd and 10% Tinnitus. For a 60% Combined Rating from the VA, when I was put on the VA Caregiver Program Tier 2, my wife received $1175 a month I believe. Then in 2013, I backdated of the PTSD increase to 70% back to my June 2010 medically retired date or the day after retired date also awarded the TDIU P&T with that increase. So I was actually put on VA Caregiver with a 50% PTSD Rating, which was way underrated, but still put on VA Caregiver Program. One would think, it would be more complicated getting the VA Caregiver then A&A since, we had to have a nurse do home visits, every 3 months, and they constantly checked on appointments. My wife had to attend some caregiver courses as well.. Do you have to do, any of those things once awarded A&A?
  11. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    What do you mean how have I managed to date? Has someone replaced what service’s?
  12. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    The PTSD DBQ states “Total Occupational Impairment, I was already approved for the VA Caregiver from 2013-2015 for PTSD but when my left me and she was my caregiver the caregiver stopped and I never followed back up with it. Like I said I’m SMC-S. If that’s different from S1 then I have just SMC-K & SMC-S. I was approved for social security disability in 2012 as well for PTSD and Migraines and then I was medically retired from the Army Permantly (PDRL) with a 100% PTSD Rating from the Army and 100% CRSC I was injured in a roadside bomb and Purple Heart And we lost 17 guys, so my records reflect we were in the middle of a very Violent area of Afghanistan.
  13. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I’ll let you know how I qualified. My PTSD 70% TDIU P&T since I was put on IU P&T based off the PTSD they consider that a 100% Rating for SMC-S purposes the other 60% came Migraines 30%. Gerd 30%. Tinnitus 10%. There is my rounded up to 60% combined to satisfy the SMC-S Housesbound Statutory. Maybe you misread it, or you don’t know how there are 2 ways to get SMC-S and being on unemployability
  14. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I forgot to add that I already have SMC-S and SMC-K. I was told you need one Disability a straight 100% not TDIU to receive A&A
  15. taylor88be8

    PTSD increase A&A added

    I have been TDIU P&T for over 6 years well since I medically retired from the Army for PTSD on June,26,2012 (PDRL). My current ratings are 70% PTSD. ,30%Migraines 30% Gerd 10% Tinnitus 0% ED combines total of 90% I was awarded VA Caregiver from 2012-2014 until my wife left me them I lost Caregiver question is if apply for a increase in my 70%PTSD and I have a DBQ signed rom a medical doctor stating “Total Occupational and Social Impairment” and the same MD filled out the VA Form 21-2680 A&A Form stating I need it. I’m also on SSDI since 2012 for PTSD as well I already have SMC-S and SMC-K What are my chances for any of this? Thanks

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