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  1. I’m getting the awards and I’ll submit them for you to review real quick
  2. No Sir.. They made my effective date of SMC-L (March 24,2018) the same day that they made the 70% TDIU P&T to 100% P&T Scheduler of PTSD So do I have issues here then? With dates?
  3. Would the effective date be the June 27,2012 TDIU P&T based solely on the ptsd or march 24,2018 when he was increased from 70% to 100% ptsd P&T Scheduler? Thanks Taylor
  4. If a veteran has 100% PTSD/TBI , 50% Migraines, 30% Gerd, 10% Tinnitus and 0% ED plus Aid and attendance based on helplessness where should he be located on the SMC Chain? To give more info he was : 70% TDIU P&T (IU based solely on his PTSD)Effective Date : (June 27,2012) (date after being medically retired) Then received a 100% Scheduler P&T for PTSD with a Effective Date : (March 24,2018) He is already : (SMC-k, SMC-S, SMC-L SMC-L1/2 and SMC-P) would this be correct? And yes he lost the S when he got the L
  5. When I filed a notice of disagreement, in (June 2012) for a (50%) PTSD/Post Concussion Syndrome was then granted a (. (70%) PTSD/Post Concussion “TDIU P&T” in “August 2013” and received a (100%) PTSD/Post Concussion “P&T scheduler.” Wasnt the “TDIU” in “June 2012,” considered a claim for increase? If I was medically retired permanently, from service for the PTSD/Post Concussion Syndrome on (June 27,2012) would that matter as far as “effective dates” go? If if I was approved for the VA Caregiver in (2012) and didn’t know anything about special monthly compensation, to include housebound or aid and attendance in 2012! Could I possibly ask for effective date on SMC(l) based on the veterans grant of the VA Family Caregiver back in 2012? What about social security disability effective dates when they award you
  6. Would the effective date, go back to 2012, for PTSD, the day after I medically retired (06/27/2012) since I MEB from Army or is the effective date for increase, the date I filed for and was given increase in 2018? Thanks for the advice by the way!
  7. It's better to research something before opening the piehole and makingpronouncements that others may follow to their own detriment. The Google Search bar, or any search engine for that matter, gives you a wealth of information. In fact, Hadit has numerous discussions that encompass SMC in all it's iterations. Search and ye shall find. Or, you can be lazy and misinform others. Remember, a forum model like this has no filter to erase misinformation. You must be responsible. If you do not know the answer, it's best not to hit the reply button and expose your ignorance or harm others. Here's a quick study on SMC that will hopefully help newcomers to better understand the ins and outs of SMC
  8. Just to look back at this response and it’s incorrect and given off wrong information to other vets, who may be looking at this site for guidance. You stated that I didn’t have a attendee for aid and attendance in particular the SMC-t rate.. However, under further review, the main reason the SMC-T rate is so high, in monthly income is to keep the SMC-T vet out of nursing home care, so that he or she would be able to afford to pay a nurse or caregiver to assist the with in-home care.... Furthermore, it actually makes a VA Claim for SMC-T considering he or she meets the other qualifications for the T rate even more of a candidate if they are living alone, as this is the reason the amount is so high for T rate. And your description above, that the Veteran has to basically be a vegetable, in order to receive aid and attendance is inaccurate as well.... Who changes the vets diaper? Can you heat up a hot pocket in the microwave? Maybe, for extreme cases, sure! But not for every case and not for most cases, that a veteran that applies for aid and attendance would need that level of care in order to be approved for SMC. 88
  9. I realize you can’t get both at the same time but what got me even thinking about SMC-S was some past post from this group. Saying if you got a 100% Schedular or a TDIU P&T for PTSD/TBI issues and that was sole purpose of being TDIU was do to mental health you should have been awarded SMC-S or at least notified on the decision letter about the SMC-S, I believe that’s how I understood some higher ups saying it, on past posts. So if that’s true, then in 2012, when I medical retired and got TDIU P&T for PTSD/TBI combo based solely on mental health and nothing else. I should have been awarded the “S” then but I did not receive the “S” until 2017 so yes even though I’m “L 1/2” now, that would be 5 years of backpay to TDIU P&T date (06/27/2012 to 11/28/2017) for disability solely based on the reason I was unemployable. But my ratings were messed up from the start of retirement as I received a 50% rating for PTSD/TBI in 2012 I just seen my paperwork from 2012 when I medically retired, I made $1102 a month to take care of a wife and 4 year old daughter and I was in and out of inpatient and outpatient therapy, it took a year and a half to get my ratings straightened out, I was even accepted, Once again into the TBI clinic, where they then told me and my spouse at the time, now ex-spouse about the VA Caregiver program, and I was approved for tier 2, because the TBI and mental health doctors said I needed my spouse with me, I had to sign a waiver from the VA that I wouldn’t drive as they felt I was being over medicated and a risk to myself and other. I was in bad shape back then or as I’m told. So I blame the VA to a certain degree for my marriage of 8 years failing, as we could not focus on me getting better, but putting food on the table and keeping the power on, because a service member who spent 8 weeks in the hospital from a IED Blast, and a year in speech therapy, at the TBI clinic, because I had now developed a studder from the blast and they had to teach me to speak again a Purple Heart recipient,Combat Infatryman badge and ARCOM and lets not forget the VA Raters already seen my SSDI award that was awarding me for PTSD, TBI, Migraines and adjustment disorder and SSDI was 100% completely based on Military medical records the same medical records that VA gave me 50% rating, yes those records. I didn’t even get the treatment I should have gotten and deserved to get because I was judged on this useless rating “ohh he’s only 50% rated, he’s not that bad, but first and foremost at that point money was not the issue i was already losing if not lost it anyway in 2012 it wasn’t about me getting any money I wanted ratings to reflect my injuries from the battlefield. A service member who is 50% rated PTSD by VA would not be so bad off that they had to be airlifted from a war zone, and medically retired, a service member who is 50% PTSD, does not fit no where close to being approved for PTSD/TBI from SSDI and let’s keep in mind I was only 26 years old in 2012. So in the middle of 2013 they finally got somewhat of my ratings straight and I got TDIU P&T at 28 years old. But my ex wife and I already resented leach other, from arguing over finances. And the last thing I want to say and that’s it, I just needed to vent, about how great the VA has been, the reason I was given a 50% PTSD rating, was not because of my last 2 years of medical records that I they didn’t even look at, I know they didn’t, because If they would have, I would have been SMC-L 1/2 back in 2012, not 7 years later, the VA Raters gave me a 50% rating based off my last GAF score and I know they did as most PTSD veterans, I had been given 100’s of different assigned GAF scores, ranging from 30 to 65 score, just depended on my mood that day and the final exam GAF score the doctor wrote down 58 for my GAF and everything I had been through in hospitals and therapy, speech therapy, was all dependent on a GAF score, don’t let people tell you they know longer based your percentage on GAF scores some of them still do the last ones, as we lost 17 service members from our 2009-2010 rotation in Afghanistan with infantry 101st airborne division. I have more friends in Arlington National Cementary than I care to remember. Now that’s its 2019, I’ll say the VA treats me good, I’m surprised, Being broke with a family in 2012 making $1k a month to being single and alone making $7k a month now. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply. My question would be, if I’m TDIU P&T, for a disability that was the cause of me being medically retired from service permanently, since (2012), the day after my medical retirement with a 70% TDIU P&T and increased to 100% P&T scheduler, for same disability that I was put on TDIU P&T for, would 2018 or 2012 be the effective date of increase, to 100% P&T? Thanks.
  11. If I was awarded 70% TDIU P&T in 2012, for solely based on PTSD/Post Concussion Syndrome, should I have been awarded SMC-S based on that? Does being medically retired for PTSD/Post concussion syndrome on (June 27, 2012) do anything for effective dates, that I might be awarded now, Like aid and attendance effective dates or when my TDIU P&T Of 70% PTSD was increased in 2018 from 70% to 100% PTSD with a effective date of 2018 not back to my original claim date of medical retirement? I’m SMC- L 1/2 by the way Thanks!!
  12. I know what “complete” means. That wasn’t the question though.
  13. VA Request 9 : “Stage 3 Development” complete mean? thanks, taylor
  14. So for the ones that said I wouldn't be approved for A&A, I was approved for ( SMC-L 1/2) Based on Aid and Attendance. The (1/2) step came from my additional ratings totaling (60%) that were not used on the award of (SMC-L). So I was (70%) (PTSD TDIU P&T) I asked for a Increase of the( PTSD) and received the bump to (100%) PTSD and awarded A&A . I'm not sure how the TBI got so confused, at no point did I say or ever claim TBI or A&A Based on a TBI. I was not given a C&P for the (PTSD) Increase or the A&A Claim either i was approved just off my medical records and doctors notes. Thanks again
  15. I just got approved for SMC-L and increased from 70% PTSD TO 100%PTSD TO then award SMC -L I actually got awarded SMC L 1/2 Because of my remailning 60%
  16. a little update... I went to ''pending decision approval'' yesterday and where it said SMC-S It now says from (11/14/2017 -3/23/2018) and my claim for A&A and PTSD increase was on 3/23/2018? Any ideas on why it would now have a ending date for my SMC-S?
  17. When you have “one” Disability that gives you the TDIU for Rating purposes,it is considered a 100% Rating, that’s why the SMC-S is awarded to TDIU with one Disability that got them on IU...
  18. (30% Migraines), (30%Gerd), ( 10%Tinnitus), (0%ED)*********** ******Rounded up is 60%.********* Then the PTSD is 70% which was the only reason and it’s specified ONLY reason I was put on TDIU P&T For PTSD on my VA awards letter. Which will award the====== ************”SMC(S)”************* ******0% ED=**** “SMC-K”******
  19. I was medically retired from the Army in 2012 after being Injured in a Roadside bomb in 2010 received Purple Heart, but had to spend the next 2 years in Fort Campbell, going through medical TBI,PTSD day in and day out. Army rated me originally 50% as the VA rated me 50% for PTSD in 2013 had a review from DOD Army as my PTSD was (TDRL) “temporary” went to Fort Benning for Review, my mother drove me and after that review, they set 100% PTSD (PDRL) “Permenent” I get “ tricare for life” or pretty much anything any retiree gets. Sorry, a bounce a little all over the place, just try and bare with me. So in 2012 when I finally got home my wife was complaining of serious differences in me and wanted me to be closely monitored with mental health or group therapy, my PTSD Rating is “PTSD with Post Concussion Syndrome” I assume from the blast... They recommended me to go for review with a VA doctor, to see if the Caregiver was a fit for me. And I ended up with “Tier 2”.. They said because at the time, I had a NOD against my 50% PTSD Rating which would eventually turn to 70%PTSD TDIU P&T. Like I say I don’t know all the wordings for every thing, but I do know that’s what I got since suicidal ideation and past issues they may have signed off off on it do that. Remember this was in 2012 after medically retiring, they did not want me to take my own medicine due to self harm, I had to sign a agreement with the VA that since I was so medicated that I would not drive, these are all things my Caregiver stayed with me to make sure. Now Social Security Disability awarded be back to 2010 they said my disability’s for SSDI were PTSD,Adjustment Disorder, Migraines and Traumatic Brain Injury. All those disabilities they listed were military related.
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