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  1. My claim closed today ( A reconsideration) - A little off topic but does anyone here have experience with monitoring changes in ebenefit benefits summary or letters to see if the % changed? I guess Im asking if the time it closes should i see it reflected in these places or is there a lag.
  2. For me a reconsideration made sense. I saw the reason I was denied and thought new (corrected) evidence would resolve. For me it has taken about 3 months to get the reconsideration completed to the point of "preparation for notification" today. I'm in a financial hardship and struggle with homelessness. I have hope and don't think I lost much time. My next step regardless of findings is to order my "c" file, seek out an attorney, and file a NOD. Im having a little difficulty on the attorney. The VA web list attorneys in my state, when I reached out to a handful non were doing VA work anymore or maintained that qualification (whatever that is). I don't have any advice. I will come back and report the result as a learning. My case was expedited so my timeframe is probably not typical.
  3. I have a claim that was reopened for reconsideration...with new evidence. Its now at prep for notification per ebenefits. Note the screenshot.
  4. Please don't feel sad for me, Its a choice I chose. I had a bad week this last week. I had a job lead that paid $70/hr. My mind went from hopelessness to grand thoughts....wild swings not good for me. The job was mine, I know the hiring manager. I did not get it because I failed background checks. I had a divorce in 2012 that I didn't handle well, I had 2 back to back dui's I was broken at the time. Thats why Failed the checks, even though I disclosed them The same week I got the denial from the VA, I was broken. It took me about two days of being flattened but I slowly got up and now fighting again. I have capabilities, I'm scared, even If I got that job, Id be scared. $150k / year....Im capable. I know in my heart I just chose to stay away from things and live my lifestyle right now. Someday I may change, This job came out of the blue, I wasn't looking for it, it found me. But even though I didn't get it, it gave me hope and to reconsider my situation, I had given up to some extent.....it told me not yet you still have fight. So from that news gave me the courage to investigate the ROR. Im at peace and living exactly as I want for now. I have a huge debt and was hoping for VA closure...it didn't happen. So from there., it now looks like bankruptcy, extended camping. I think Im ok. Im rambling but reflecting on my VA visit today. A few things are rattling in my head. 1. Its easier to deny than approve 2. The VA has timeframes they are trying to meet, they will sacrifice quality to hit metrics I had 2 instances that reenforced this, A. Initially they were going to do a partial decision on the minor portion of my claim and defer the major portion. Key evidence I stated, they never requested docs from my Dr, and for the USN never followed up to get. ...so decided to make a decision wo this info. Sad. They were clearly just trying to hit a metric B. I gave them a approximate date for my stressor ( I was off 90 days) they took my approximate date as literal and did not even look in a window of time around that date. When I spoke to the VA rep today I was taken back by their opinion but since Im interested in the final result ignored my feelings. They said to applozie for my incorrect approximate date on my 21-0781 and please reconsider based on new evidence. I know the person was just helping (telling me to connect the dots and spell out the story so a monkey could follow). But that defense of the rater applying no effort to just look at a window around the approximate date irks me. Im sorry all just very emotional, I needed this to come thru and thought it was a done deal. I was more worried that my direct deposit info was not shown on ebenefits than the thought of denial .Im still in the recoup mindset and recovery / response. Im off camping for awhile so limited access.
  5. Asknod - Can you point me to the law requirement. Where can I read about it?
  6. I'm flagged homeless. "Certified" by the va ...great....sad...I hate Labels. They offered to setup me up in their program at a place in Phoenix for homeless....but just visiting made me run. I'd rather live in the woods. Not safe in my eyes ( I fight many demons. While they promote sober and safe environments my time spent in-patient at a domiciliary tells me otherwise) The longest wait time for the initial claim was as I understand out of control of the VA. They have to request information from the USN. I took it they can't control the response time of the USN, there are things in their control and others where they rely on others that are not. I've never used a vso or lawyer maybe time I should I might be more awear of these details, my initial claim would have been more exact on the stressor date.
  7. I made it to the Phoenix VARO today and asked about the Reconsideration process. I submitted a 21-526EZ and new evidence. They were very helpful i like working with a guy named Dennis in that office. He guessed it will take 5 months or so, faster than appeal for sure. Also had the paperwork to request "C" file but was advised to wait on requesting it (they are using it, if I request they pack it up and ship to St Louis to copy and end out, then send back to VARO) I would be delaying my reconsideration. Thanks for all the advice.
  8. Yes I have PTSD c&p exam to support PTSD, I also spent time inpatient at VA for PTSD. All agree and diagnose me with PTSD, that's not the issue. The rater just needed to tie my stressor to and event. I was not combat related ( Cold War) so they just checked if my sub was at sea when I indicate the stressor occurred. I gave an approximate date that was off 3 months, they used the approximate date to literally I have va domiciliary dr diagnose me with Cronic PTSD, I have a c&p exam indicating I have PTSD. Va docs are on hand and not an issue. Confirmation of stressor is the issue. I was told that confirmation was not required but mine is not combat related so maybe has to be Confirmed. I was at sea I'm a top secret location, so I omly need to prove the boat was at sea and I was on it. The location will never be disclosed. I got that info.
  9. "The proper method to solve this is to take all the evidence showing the correct time of your deployment to the VARO and sit down with the rater who made the initial decision. You have the ability to correct the problem without beginning a substantive appeal." I like this approach. It takes me some effort to get to the VARO although close (transportation, print capability of docs, ect), I want to show up prepared. Ive been a few times in Phoenix and speak to the reps downstairs. The raters are somewhere on another floor, Ive never spoke to one. Can I just ask to see the rater that worked my claim? I believe in face to face, solving issues on the lowest level. I think my information to the rater would be good. I just never knew I could interact with the rater. Baton Rouge went bump in the night...I saw this up close...
  10. Thank you on the info Gastone. I understand the NOD requirements, and yeah I know simple and VA don't belong in the same sentence. I just started searching the forum on how to complete a ROR, not sure of the right form to request or submit new evidence. Im lucky (as you can be) I live 30 miles from the VARO, I plan to personally go and submit. I have one thing working for me (supposedly), I'm homeless and flagged for it in the system, so any fast lane that might exist, I may be able to take advantage of it. I know enough to keep my VA system expectations very low...although my health care has been very good and the people are good, can't complain
  11. My proof is from this link, it shows the deployment history of the U.S. Key west. The key dates for me are the dock in holy loc Scotland ( disappear) then show up in Norway. I also have a copy of my performance review that talks about my performance while on deployment in this period....pretty solid...I was there. I don't have buddy statements, http://www.uscarriers.net/ssn722history.htm From Feb. 7 through June 10, 1992, the Key West was deployed to northern Atlantic. Port calls to Holy Loch, Sctotland (Feb. 18); Bergen, Norway, (April 13-17); Rotterdam, Netherlands, (April 20-24); Brest, France, (April 27-30); and Port Canaveral, Fla., (June 1-3). Participated in French National Exercise SUROITNORMINEX '92 from May 13-22.
  12. "Were you on the USS Baton Rouge? February 1992? No..same mission, different boat and story. I walked past that boat in Norfolk while it was in dry dock in that timeframe...what a mess. A scanned not sure how to post. Here is a copy / paste of scan...sorry for format you reportedan eventon a deploymentto the North Atlantic at a top secretlocation off the coast of the USSRunderthe Atlantic lce while aboardthe USSKey Westin 1991. The recordsfrom the shipslocation carneback to verifu this incident andthe logs indicatethe ship was in port Norfolk, Virginia for upkeepduring fhat time- We did not find a link betweenyour medical condition andrnilitary service. 3. Serviceconnegtionfor fdzures" grand mnL Serviceconnectionmay be grantedfor a disability which beganin rnilitary serviceor was caused by someeventor experiencein service. A disability which beganin serviceor was causedby someeventin sewicemustbe considered "chronic" befbreseryiceconnectioncanbegranted.Althoughthereis arecordof treatmentin servicefor seizures,grandmal, no permanentresidualor chronic disability subjectto service connectionisshownty theservicemedicalrecordsordemonstratedbyevidencefollowing service.Therefore,serviceconnectionfor seizures,grandmal is denied. The evidencedoesnot showa currentdiagnoseddisabilify. 4. En6tlement tq nonservice-connectedpension. The Deparffnentof VeteranAffairs grantsnonservice-connectedpensionto veteranswho have a permanentdisability that preventsthem from securingand maintaining substantiallygainful employment.T[e havedeterminedyou aredisableddueto your left elbow strain , but you do not haveapermanentandtotal disability, which is generallyrequiredfor nonservice-cotulected pension.A permanentandtotal disability existsif you havea singledisability ratedat 60 percent ormore,ortwoormoredisabilitiesth'athaveacombinedratingof 70percentwith atleastone disabitity ratedat 40 percen! andyou areunableto follow a substantiallygainful occupation asaresultofyourdisability.Disability ratingsarenotadditive,meaningthatwedonotsimply addthe disability ratingsfor your disabilities to reacha $umtotal. Instead,we considerhow a person'soverallabitity is affectedfirst by themostdisablingconditionandthenby theother, iessdisablingcondition.Wethenroundthecombinedpercentagetothenearest10%-Wealso consideredyour disability with other factorssuchasyour age,andeducationalandoccupational backgroundto determinewhetheryou areunemployableasaresultof your disability under the eiception to the rating requiroments.However, we determinedthat you arenot entitled to pension.
  13. Hi All, thanks for any advice! I have claim for PTSD that was denied. The stressor was not combat related, it happened during the Cold War while I was deployed in a submarine under the artic ice. I gave the VA an approximate date of stressor and was off about 3 months. I was denied only because the submarine was docked at the approximate date I provided in 1991. I have evidence to support the stressor date now in 2/1992. VA acknoleges PTSD just the stressor date is the issue. I've read about reconsideratiions. But not sure it's a real VA process. I can file NOD... When denied and you have a simple issue ( improvement on date stressor ).whats the best (fastest) way to get this reviewed? I'm a homeless vet and have that flagged on my claim so it helped a little with speed, but not care or quality. I'm a little disappointed I gave them an approximate date of deployment of 11/1991, and when they pulled my records from the USN they took it as absolute and could not see the deployment in 2//1992.