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  1. no SMC S....i am in prep for notification on ebenfits for smc L ( a&a)...i will let you all no the out come...
  2. i understand that....but can i get smc L being 100% iu and p&t??? va has said i need a&a but was not 100% at the time and wanted me to do a form 9 and wait years ....no......so i filed a new claim i am now 100% iu can i get a&a now if i meet the rules???
  3. can i get smc L if i am 100% iu and p&t?? va pcp filled 21-2680 form the va said i need..rated 100% iu p&t for cmt(pn) camp lejeune water hazard
  4. my iu nod dro is at 788 days now in florida st pete is messed up....voc rehab saying not feasible,,new qtc exam for inc saying severe added to nod dro,,smc a&a that a va pcp filled out waiting for nod dro to get done.....just more games with the va waiting,,waiting,,,waiting,,........
  5. nod dro iu claim now at 781 days waiting in florida..been on s.s. sense 1994,,voc rehab saying not feasible,,new qtc exam saying severe,,smc a&a that va pcp filled out and said turn it in and at 80% cmt(pn) camp lejeune water hazard .....and i wait..i guess they are hoping i die and go away......usmc
  6. iu nod dro 724 days now in florida st pete....voc rehab saying not feasible,qtc exam saying severe,smc a&a denied,,sha and sah grants denied...all added to iu nod dro claim just sitting waiting....called 1800 peggy, wh new number ,202 number ....nothing....hardship denied also............
  7. jboyd

    smc a&a

    va pcp filled out my 21-2680 form....just waiting for iu nod dro claim to get done in florida i am at 701 days now...been on s.s. sense1994 for my cmt(pn)...
  8. jboyd

    smc a&a

    va letter denying my claim...this is what the letter says.... you indicated that you require regular aid and attendance of another due to your service connected charcot marie tooth diease type II of the bilateral upper and lower extremities. although the evidence shows you require assistance in the regular activites of daily living.you do not meet the scheduler requirements to entitlement to this benefit. in addition,your service connected disabilities are currently on appeal.... i have a iu nod dro that is 698 days old now in flroida..not worked sense 1991 and been on s.s. sense 1994 the va has this also......i am 80% cmt(pn) camp lejeune water hazard.....i filed a nod dro to keep the date..is there anything else i can do besides wait?????/
  9. IU currently rated at 80% cmt(pn) camp lejeune water hazard,,, right now i am rated this 20% right arm,,20% left arm and 20% right leg,,20% left leg ...had new qtc exam saying severe cmt(pn) that would put me at 100% by itself.. but that was added to iu nod dro...am i currently employed ?? no not sense 1991 been on s.s. sense 1994 for cmt (pn).... hardship lol septic tank collapsed dont have money to replace ..have to take down trees replace tank it adds up..so about $10,000.00 is what i was told..smc a&a was denied also ..not 100% yet and letter said waitng for iu nod dro to get done.. but i do qualify for a&a....
  10. i am at 693 days in st pete florida for a iu nod dro.....i was told maybe another year or longer..just my experience here in florida...
  11. i am at 690 days waiting for iu nod dro to get done in florida....hardship was denied, smc a&a that a va pcp filled out and i sent in was denied.....i am tired of this game....i have called the wh number ,202 number, the 1800 peggy number,.....nothing told to wait..the va said it would be another year to get done maybe????? backlog...lol
  12. nod dro iu claim 678 days in florida..thats messed up....
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