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  1. Recently got 10% rating for tinnitus and 0% for hearing loss, but I had claimed on some other things they flat-out denied. I'm planning to appeal, but it would be helpful to see my medical records, since I know these things were treated while in service. The question is, how do I get a copy of those records? Can anybody enlighten me? Thanks for the help, fellow vets.
  2. So as my hearing gets worse, I can re-claim? I had guessed they would deny based on the additional loss being age-related.
  3. Bronco, thanks for the info. I worked the numbers and don't come up with the same result you did. Left ear speech discrimination 84% with 55 avg dB loss. Right side 92% with 50 dB loss. On the Puretone Threshold Average table, that generates a I for the right side and II for the left. Taking that to Table VII gives a 0% rating. Am I calculating wrong? If those numbers are right, I'm guessing my next step is to get an outside hearing test to VA standards and use that as a basis for appeal? Maingun
  4. So I jumped through all the hoops with the C&P exam and got 10% rating for tinnitus (thanks to you guys on this forum), but my hearing loss was rated at 0%! The determination letter gives me all kinds of numbers: Left ear 84% speech discrimination, dB loss 15 at 500 Hz, 25 at 1000 Hz, 50 at 2000 Hz, 65 at 3000 HZ and 80 at 4000 HZ Right ear 92% speech discrimination, dB loss 15 at 500 Hz, 15 at 1000 Hz, 50 at 2000 Hz, 65 at 3000 HZ and 70 at 4000 HZ The letter says the hearing loss was service-related, but is evaluated at 0%. I assume that means the loss doesn't rise to the level of a disability, which is a big load of BS. I've been dealing with this ever since getting out of a tank turret. So what's the best way to appeal? Should I go to a private audiologist and get myself tested before appealing? Or just go straight to the appeal process?